Weapon Skins

Pixel Weapon

Retro Pixel Weapon


Cute Toy Weapon.

Bloody Skeleton

Weapon made with blood and bone. Overwhelms the enemy with its terrifying aura.

Cherry Blossom

A weapon crafted by ancient cherry tree bark.


Weapon decorated with Christmas decorations. Merry Christmas!


Ultimate Power of Demonite is in my hands!

Demon’s Bone

Horror weapon made of the devil’s bones.


Weapon rings with beautiful sounds.

Fresh from the sea

Weapon created fresh from the sea in Port Lux on that very day. Looks like a toy but it can be used as any other weapon.

Gold Dragon

Imperial weapon shining with golden dignity.

Guardian of Light

Weapon for Guardians of Light.


A weapon that is crafted especially for Halloween which started from one of the ancient Nevareth countries to drive ghosts away. Horrible shaped weapons heightens the festival mood.


Forged from the flames of Hell. Even the smallest flicker will melt you down.


A holy weapon which is made of special mineral. The mineral is very valuable because it is produced in faraway planet only.

Magic Engineering

A weapon specially crafted with magic and the latest technology.

Snow Ice

Character’s Weapon will change into snow ice.

Snow Star

Character’s Weapon will change into snow star.


Steampunk weapon crafted in Fort. Ruina!

Sweet Candy

Character’s weapon will change into a Special Candy.

Water Elemental

It is Water Elemental Epaulet of Great Holy Water Festival held in distant country in Ancient Nevareth.

Eye catching details and its color heightens the festival mood.