Game Interface and Controls

Familiarize yourself with the game functions and controls.

Battle Style Icon: Displays the battle style (class) of your chosen character.
Character Status: Displays the character level, attack and defense power.
HP and MP Bar: Displays the character’s existing MP (Mana Point) and HP (Health Point).
SP Bar: Displays the character’s existing SP (Stamina/Spirit Point).
Chat Channels: Clicking on this will display all the available chat channels.
Periodical Service Icon: When activated, it displays the status of your periodical (premium) services.
Flag Icon: When hovered, it displays the bonus of the Flag War’s winning nation.
Event Icon: When clicked, it shows a list of current / on-going events.
Item Shop Icon: A button that will direct you to Item Shop.
Quick Slot: Skills, actions, items and other various icons can be saved and used through the quick slot. Preferences can be placed in accordance used through F1-F4.
Cabal Icon: When clicked, it displays a list of menu options to view.
Inbox Icon: When clicked, it displays the mailbox of your character.
Force Gem Icon: Displays your current Force Gem credits.
Ping Indicator: When hovered, it displays your current ping (ms).
System Message Window: Announcements are displayed on this system message window.
Mini-Map: Shows your character’s current location.
Character Status Window: Displays your battle style icon, level, and in-game name.
When clicked, it will display access to Personal Shop, Roll a Dice, Dance and Look for Party options.




Key/s Description
Arrow Keys Camera Rotation
W S Walk (advance / retreat)
Q E Walk (to left / to right)
A D Screen Rotation (to left side / to right side )
F1, F2, F3, F4 Skill Slot page navigation
T Quest window
Y Mercenary window
U Soul Ability (Runes) window
I Character Inventory window
O Options window
P Search Party window
Enter Enable chat typing / Sending chat
F Crafting window
G Guild List window
H Help window
J Background music player window
K Skill window
L Mailbox window
Z Change target
X Temporary inventory window
C Character Status window
V Mission War ranking window
B Buddy List window
N Cash shop window
M GPS / Map window
Space Pick / Loot Item
+ – (in Number Keypad) Camera Zoom in / Zoom Out
Ctrl + Right click link item to chat


Key/s Description
/n General chat
/l Shout
/w + IGN whisper or personal message
/m Megaphone shout
/p Party chat
/g Guild chat
/c channel chat
/t Trade chat