Explore the world maps of Nevareth.

Starting Maps

As a new citizen of Nevareth, you will begin your journey in a hometown,

or starting map, which will depend on the battle style of your character.

The Home of Warriors, Force Shielders, and Gladiators

A militant colony that was built on a deserted coal mine land at the far north of Midreth continent. Because of the intense coldness, the colony has more undead monsters than animals.

NPCs: Prewitt (Weapon Shopkeeper), Simon (Armour Shopkeeper), O’Conner (Instructor), Keller (Core Alchemist), Fissher (Agent of Port Service), Deighton (Grocer), Henkoff (Officer), Miles (Guard), Eric (Guard), Sebious (Guard), Lady Yekaterina (Agent Shop), Hurdor (Bodyguard), Hursurf (Bodyguard), Flasha (Rune Agent)


Monsters: Nipper Lug, Rabbithorn, Scorp Lug, Lynxhorn, Zombie Maiden, Zombie, Lynxhorn Zombie, Lynxhorn Zombie Leader, Skeleton, Skeleton Warrior, Skeleton Mage, Babayaga, Hound Zombie, Pantherhorn Zombie, Ape, Ape Zombie, Ghost, Shade

Boss Monsters: Nippertrica, Devil Lynxhorn, Alphabisco, Cold Triple, Kalith, Mega Hound, Babimadon, Etoku, Pelcost Dungeons: Catacomb Frost, Chaos Arena, Legend Arena

Neighboring Map: Undead Ground

The Home of Force Bladers, Force Archers and Force Gunners

A militant colony that was built within a jungle in the Pastur continent. The native village has become infested by all kinds of monsters, and as you approach to deeper sides of the jungle, you will encounter more powerful creatures.

NPCs: Mitroff (Weapon Shopkeeper), Collins (Armour Shopkeeper), Kallua (Instructor), Nodaka (Core Alchemist), Nadler (Agent of Port Service), Libert (Grocer), Schuteberk (Officer), Henderson (Guard), Sean (Guard), Yul (Event Girl), Ahyidereun (Dispatched Officer)

Monsters: Mantis, Troglo, Troglo Fighter, Elder Troglo, Troglo Warrior, Dire Boar, Plant Toad, Bugzard, Pantherhorn, Plant Pantherhorn, Giant Spider, Huge Spider, Moscutter, Bitterleaf, Moscyther, Wriggleleaf, Moscutter Queen

Boss Monsters: Momento, Treiple, Poki Triple, Troglo King, Golden Toad, Spamaton Dungeons: Lake in Dusk, Hazardous Valley

Neighboring Map: Mutant Forest

The Home of Wizards and Bladers

A militant colony that was built on a deserted oil land in the Pheliz Desert of Huan continent. Ancient ruins have been discovered near the colony after it was built. There are many mutant creatures in various forms roaming around the colony.

NPCs: Mezias (Weapon Shopkeeper), Dion (Armour Shopkeeper), Gette (Instructor), Sullivan (Core Alchemist), Cox (Agent of Port Service), Eillen (Grocer), Dunhike (Officer), Tekki (Guard), Markus (Guard), Deeplers (Guard), Cito (Guard), Rasya (Dispatched Officer)

Monsters: Garlie, Giant Beetle, Red Garlie, Garlie Captain, Desert Fox, Desert Hound, Giant Snake, Huge Beetle, Armaku, Bugmander, Mummy, Mummy Blader, Mummy Warrior, Archionis, Archyterix, Clay Gargoyle, Antralug, Lug Queen

Boss Monsters: Garlelia, Teer Triple, Licoreking, Major Fox, Black Snake, Bugreil, Comoarchite, Entros Dungeons: Panic Cave

Neighboring Map: Forgotten Ruins


A place where you can teleport to:

Green Despair
Bloody Ice
Desert Scream
4th Gate


Explore more of Nevareth lands outside the three starting colonies.

A new colony, not far from volcanic Exilian Island. The island grew in size every day due to the volcanic activity. The land was established as a battle colony by the armies of the Tower of Wise Men.

Level Requirement: Level 50

NPCs: Eite (Weapon Shopkeeper), Agris (Armour Shopkeeper), Harper (Instructor), Yerte (Core Alchemist), Szulanski (Agent of Port Service), Hampric (Grocer), Morison (Officer), Porter (Port Manager), Levenson (Guard), Reison (Guard), Porus (Guard), Chloe (Craft Merchant)


Boss Monsters:

Neighboring Map: Green Despair, Port Lux Warp Center

The fifth special colony. Currently, it is known to be the most dangerous colony.

Level Requirement: Level 65

NPCs: Najaba (Weapon Shopkeeper), Ryeong (Armour Shopkeeper), Soyoung (Core Alchemist), Crowpar (Agent of Port Service)
Sally (Grocer), Village kid Solmea, Hyde (Guard), Ibank (Guard), Aniarc (Guard), Redujin (Guard), Opaeng (Guard), Stberry (Guard)

Monsters: Auto Cannon – Op, Auto Cannon – Op+, Hound S-01, Hound Sp, Mechape, Mechape+, Mechape Archer, Mechape Archer+, Mechmander, Mechmander+, Mechbuffalo, Mechbuffalo+, Electric Bird, Electric Bird+, Mechzard, Mechzard+, Auto Cannon – Ex, Auto Cannon – Ex+, Excavator Alfa

Neighboring Map: Port Lux Warp Center,Pontus Ferrum

Somewhere in Midreth, there is a frozen land, inhabited only by the dead.

Level Requirement: Level 80

NPCs: none

Monsters: Lihorn Zombie, Lihorn Zombie+, Bloody Lihorn Zombie, Ghost Blader, Ghost Blader+, Ghost Assassin, Zombie Fighter, Zombie Fighter+, Zombie Warrior, Zombie Slater, Zombie Slater+, Zombie Slayer, Zombie Knight, Zombie Knight+, Zombie Prime Knight, Beserker Ghoul, Beserker Ghoul+, Furious Ghoul, Vampire Servant, Vampire Servant+, Vampire Steward, Death Soldier, Death Soldier+, Death Seargent, Death Giant, Death Giant+, Death Giant Captain, Specter, Specter+, Elder Specter, Wraith

Neighboring Map: Bloody Ice

The biggest remains of the Honorable Age in the Huan Continent, not everything here is fossilized. It is rumored that these ruins are under the protection of a legendary hero.

Level Requirement: Level 95

NPCs: none

Monsters: Stone Beetle, Giant Scorpion, Fire Beetle, Two-Headed Hound, Lihorna, Sand Lihorn, Griffin, Cockatrice, Blade Peryton, Hexscyther, Reddish Cauda, Virulent Cauda, Distichous Mongrel, Ancient Cockatrice, Monakus Karion

Neighboring Map: Desert Scream

Amidst the predominantly desert habitat, the Engriff Mountains intersect the continent. It’s said that it holds a thick forest that is near tropical in climate. In the middle of that forest, there is a vast lake. People call it the Lake in Dusk.

Level Requirement: Level 110

NPCs: none

Monsters: Iron Golem, Bloody Orc, Bloody Orc Mage, Dark Gnoll, Dark Gnoll Mage, Bloody Harphy Slave, Dark Troll, Bloody Harphy Warrior, Bloody Ogre, Iron Gargoyle, Dark Minotaurus, Berderk Faello

Neighboring Map: Port Lux Warp Center

A forest full of deformed and mutated trees was discovered beyond Nostalgia Forest in the middle eastern part of the Pastur Continent.

Level Requirement: Level 125

NPCs: Strange Merchant

Monsters: Parasited Minota, Parasited Ogre, Lumberjack, Parasited Troll, Parasited Noll, Parasited Orc, Mossite, Mushed, Ectoflower, Ectoleaf, Viant, Armap, Branny, Lobatum, Entrita

Neighboring Map: Green Despair

A land of non-human beings that has existed long before the Age of Human arrived. Humans have code-named strange mechanical monsters of the land in the order that they were found. The place where the Metal Clan dwells.

Level Requirement: Level 140

NPCs: none

Monsters: ARM-01 Assasin, ARM-02 Canus, ARM-03 Inspector, ARM-04 Tricrus, FP-00 Penna, FP-01 Magnus Penna, MA-01 Trickor R, MA-02 Trickor KH, MA-03 Armun Rutil, MA-04 Armun Ater, MA-05 Armun Pallida, MA-06 Quadra, TA-01 Gravis Rota, UMD-01 Brachium, UMD-02 Cornus, UMD-03 Lautus Pluma

Neighboring Map: Fort Ruina

A place that is filled with nothing but darkness, located in the remote regions of Nevareth.

Level Requirement: Level 160


Monsters: Servant Gargoyle, Fallen Steed, Ceberos, Beholder, Dark Archer, Dark Shielder, Dark Spirits, Hellhound, Succubus, Incubus, Demonic Mayota, Demonic Alice, Demonic Jason, Manticore, Dark Kimzark, Keshapone Minisha

Neighboring Map: Port Lux Warp Center

A deadly zone where a large boss called Arcane Golem spawns and challenges any foes that will fight.

Level Requirement: Level 180


Monsters: Furious Refugee, Furious Refugee Warrior, Furious Refugee Hunter, Refugee Leadership Member, Refugee Leadership Captain, Mad Bandit Member, Mad Bandit Warrior, Mad Bandit Leader, Rejected Researcher, Rejected Scholar, Arcane Golem

Neighboring Map: Port Lux