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As part of our efforts to cater to the needs of our loyal gamers we will introduce a premium Hack Support Program (Insurance system) for those who opt to subscribe to this special service.

  • Buy : Insurance Stone
  • Price : 500 Cabal Cash

There are certain conditions that need to be met before the compensation can be given. Kindly find the details below for your reference.

Restrictions (cannot be compensated):

  1. Lost Alz, Upgrade Items, Misc will not be compensated
  2. Lost Premium Items (Cash Shop Items will not be compensated)

Allowed (can be compensated):

Gamers can only choose 3 Items that will be compensated/returned per Insurance Stone (subject for investigation).

LIMITS to the following Parts ONLY:

  • Armor Parts
  • Weapon
  • Accessories (Amulets, Rings, Earings, Bracelets, Belts, Charms and Talismans)
  • Mounts (Bike and Board)
  • Quest Rings
    • The player can request for the reactivation of the quest for the rings. This request will not affect the 3 restoration rights.
  • All Compensation Items will be set to “Character-Bind”

Playpark reserves the right to deny compensation if the reported hacked items are erroneous (False claims)


  1. User ‘s account was compromised after July 27, 2015 and after the service was purchased by the user.
  2. Ticket/Report requesting for Compensation must be submitted within 7 Days from the day the incident was discovered.
  3. Users can only claim the lost items for one character if the user only purchased one Insurance Stone from the Cash Shop.
  4. Gamers can file a ticket requesting for insurance claims by visiting the Support System.
    • Report a hack problem / Hack Inquiry
  5. False Hack Claims will be denied and the account involved will be subject for indefinite block.

CABAL Hack Compensation Procedures

1. Gamers must submit an E-Support ticket containing the details of their Hack Case and agreement to the compensation plan starting July 27, 2015.

  • Ticket must be filed under the Report a hack problem / Hack Inquiry Category of the ticketing system.
  • Please follow the Ticket format to ensure that the details of the Ticket are complete.
  • Playpark Customer Support Team will return/close tickets that are incomplete.
  • Required Details: Account Information
    • Login Name:
    • Character Name:
    • Server:
    • Level:
    • Date & Time you last used your account Before the Incident: (Items still intact)
    • Date & Time you Discovered the Incident:
    • List of Missing Items: (Exact name and stats of item)
    • List of 3 Items to be restored (Exact name and stats of item)
    • Attach Two Scanned Government-Issued ID/s (for verification/validation purposes).
    • IMPORTANT: Please send clear and readable scanned ID/s.

2. Playpark Customer Support Team to check/validate the gamer’s claims

  • Requirements: Account should be validated (ownership verification) by submitting 2 Valid IDs or account used to file the ticket matches with the account hacked.

3. Investigation of Hack Case and tracing of lost items

4. [TICKET REPLY from PlayPark] Notice regarding the receipt of the Ticket and escalation for Investigation (lead time 14 working days MAX).

5. Restoration of Lost Items


  • Lost Items to be compensated will be set to character-bind
  • Lost Alz, Upgrade Items, Misc will not be compensated
  • If the gamer gets hacked again, gamer must have a reserved gem for the insurance.
  • Gamers can only choose three [3] Items to be compensated per Insurance Stone.
  • Hacked Items that were purchased by a gamer via Legal Trading in-game must/will be returned to the original owner (Alz will be returned to the character (Via GM Mail as Potion of Luck) who purchased the item)
  • Hacked Items that were purchased by a gamer via RMT (Real Money Trading) will still be returned to the original owner. We will not be liable for the failed transactions between trading parties, since we do not encourage gamers to participate in RMT.
  • Player shall keep his or her Account ID Password as confidential information known only to him or herself. In any case of negligence by player, Playpark reserves the right not to indemnify any loss of Account ID, Password, Items and/or Cash credit to the relevant player.

6. [TICKET REPLY from PLAYPARK] Ticket Notification informing gamers that the items were already compensated and the hackers were blocked.

7. Case Closure and documentation of compensated users.

* For requests that require their item/s to become binded for security purposes (Account or Character Binding), users may also purchase 1 insurance stone per three (3) items that they wish to be secured. This is a one-time request and is irreversible.

DISCLAIMER: Account owners must provide the Account Transfer fee to their Hack Transferred characters.

View our End Users License Agreement HERE

This content was originally published Jul 24, 2015.