The massive PVP battle between two nations, Procyon and Capella

What is Mission War

  • Also known as Nation War or MWar
  • Mission War is a massive PVP battle between two nations, Procyon and Capella

How to Participate in Mission War

  • You must belong to a nation: Procyon or Capella
    • To choose a nation:
      • You must be at least level 52
      • You must complete the Nation Quest from Morison Officer in Port Lux
  • Participants should be from Levels 52 to 199
  • Before the start of each mission war, system notification will prompt in the lower right of the game window. Click the check mark to enter the lobby.
  • If you are Level 200, you can choose to participate in two mission war maps (Tierra Gloriosa, Memoria Chrysos & Ingens Proelium).

Mission War Channels, Brackets, Entrance Fees

Nation War is divided into 5 tiers / brackets depending on character levels:

Tier Bracket / Level Entrance Fee
1 Level 52 – 79 50,000 Alz
2 Level 80 – 109 250,000 Alz
3 Level 110 – 139 500,000 Alz
4 Level 140 – 169 750,000 Alz
5 Level 170 – 199 1,000,000 Alz


Nations at War


Blue-colored epaulet/uniform
In TG, Procyon base is located at the lower left corner of the map


Violet-colored epaulet/uniform
In TG, Capella base is located at the upper right corner of the map

Procyon Uniforms
Procyon Uniforms
Capella Uniforms
Capella Uniforms

Mission War Schedule

Mission War Schedule Lv. 200

Map: Memoria Chrysos Map: Tierra Gloriosa Map: Ingens Proelium
Server Time Day Server Time Day Server Time Day
12:00 AM Everyday 2:00 AM Everyday 8:00 AM Everyday
4:00 AM Everyday 6:00 AM Everyday 10:00 AM Everyday
12:00 PM Everyday 2:00 PM Everyday 8:00 PM Everyday
4:00 PM Everyday 6:00 PM Everyday (Saturday Flag War) 10:00 PM Everyday


Mission War Schedule Lv. 52-199

Mission War Lv. 52 – 199
Server Time Map
12:00 AM Tierra Gloriosa
2:00 PM Tierra Gloriosa
4:00 AM Tierra Gloriosa
6:00 AM Tierra Gloriosa
8:00 AM Tierra Gloriosa
10:00 AM Tierra Gloriosa
12:00 PM Tierra Gloriosa
2:00 PM Tierra Gloriosa
4:00 PM Tierra Gloriosa
6:00 PM Tierra Gloriosa
8:00 PM Tierra Gloriosa
10:00 PM Tierra Gloriosa

Lobby Waiting Time: 10 minutes
Mission War Run Time: 50 minutes (Tierra Gloriosa), 30 minutes (Memoria Chrysos)


Bonus War (Flag War)

  • Every Saturday
  • 6:00PM (Server Time)
  • (Lv. 200
  • Winning nation will win bonus benefits for the week

Winning Bonus

  • All Map Drop Rate 10%
  • All Map Skill EXP 10% UP
  • All Map EXP 10% UP
  • All Map AXP 10% UP
  • Premium Exclusive Warp Point

Mission War Lobby

Procyon’s Lobby:
Tempesta Rosa


  • Ellin (Grocer) – Sells HP/SP Gears
  • Captain Duke (Warehouse Keeper)
  • Kyle (Contribution Officer)

Capella’s Lobby:
Spada Brillante


  • Kate (Grocer) – Sells HP/SP Gears
  • Madam Delia (Warehouse Keeper)
  • Olivia (Contribution Officer)

TRIVIA: Did you know that every time we stay and wait at Mission War lobby, you are actually inside an airplane that will bring you onto the grounds of Tierra Gloriosa after 10 minutes of travel time(actually the waiting time)?

Restrictions, Leaving and Reentering Rules

  1. Restricted actions or usage while in lobby:
    • Guild War
    • Leaving, disbanding guild, or guild master features
    • Personal Shop
    • Return Stone and Return Core
    • Rename card usage
    • PK
  2. Unable to view:
    • Character selection window
    • Normal maps in GPS
  3. Unable to enter lobby if:
    • The remaining lobby time is less than 1 minute
    • The character does not have the required Alz amount in his inventory for entrance fee
  4. Ranking and Participants information will be displayed in the Minimap
  5. Unable to do PVP if remaining lobby time is less than 3 minutes
  6. Leaving the lobby:
    • Only available by exiting the game or going to server selection window
    • Player automatically leaves the party
    • A new party leader will be automatically selected when a PT leader leaves the party/lobby without entrusting a new PT leader
    • 2-man parties will be disbanded
  7. Re-entering the lobby
    • Players can re-enter but the entry/waiting number will change
    • Cannot enter Mission War channels if channels are full
    • Cannot enter the lobby:
      • 1 minute before MWar ends
      • If the MWar ends earlier due to a Called Game (all bases has been occupied by a single nation)

Mission War Strategy Maps and Battlefields


Capturing Strategy Points/Bases

  • 2 home bases for each nation
    • Capella Base, Procyon Base
  • 3 small bases on north and south sides
    • N1, N11, N12 (N Lanes)
    • S5, S6, S7 (S Lanes)
  • 3 medium bases on each side
    • W10, E2, E3
    • W9, W8, E4
  • 3 large bases halfway and in between the home bases
    • Alpha Front, Center/Mid, and Omega Front
  • Defeat the Legacy Guardian to capture a base
    • Click the Legacy Barrier to occupy the base
    • A treasure chest will drop containing MWar potions
  • Force Towers can be built upon occupying the base


  • Also known as the Coin War
  • Killing the Legacy Guardian will able players to capture strategy point
  • War gates exist except for Strategy point (small)
  • Monsters will not move except Legacy Guardian (small)
  • Other rules are same as existing Tierra Gloriosa Mission War including entering/leaving/victory/channel change

Gold Coin System

  • When character dies, one Gold Coin will be dropped + 50% of character’s Gold Coin will be dropped additionally
    • Looting rules: only player who killed the character can loot / after 7~10 sec, other players can loot (not exclusive to same nation)
  • When neutral monster dies, player with last blow will have the priority looting rights
  • Player can deposit Gold Coins at Gold Coin Production Facility
    • Deposit time will be 15 sec
  • Personal score: 2 points per Gold Coin
  • Nation score: 20 points per Gold Coin

Nation Base

The headquarters of each nation. Players will be transported to their home base upon the start of the Mission War.

Sage’s Ensign

  • Represents the nation. If the Sage’s Ensign gets destroyed, the base will be occupied by the opposing nation.

Production Force Tower

  • Sells portable Force Tower Panels
  • Can only be found inside the nation home base
  • Indestructible and not available to build

War Gate

  • Main entrance to nation base
  • No restrictions are applied to allied members
  • Members of the opposing nation must destroy it in order to enter

Force Tower Panel

  • The panel can be used to build Force Towers
  • Normal and portable types are available

Resurrection Tower

  • Can be used by players killed by the enemies
  • Players will be resurrected at their chosen base
  • If there is no Resurrection Tower, dead players will be respawned at the home base, or the bases occupied by their nation

Warp Force Tower

  • Can be used by players to easily teleport to the Warp Force Tower’s location

Small, Medium and Large Base

Battlefield bases that is neutral (not occupied by any nation yet) when the Mission War begins.

Legacy Core

  • Needs to be destroyed in order to capture the base

Legacy Barrier

  • Barrier that protects the Legacy Core
  • Attack the barrier to capture the base
  • If a Legacy Guardian is defending the base, any attack on the Legacy Barrier is useless

Legacy Guardian

  • A monster that defends a base
    • Small Legacy Guardian – Small Base
    • Medium Legacy Guardian – Medium Base
    • Large Legacy Guardian – Large Base
  • Kill a Legacy Guardian to automatically shut down the Legacy Barrier
    • Once killed, click the Legacy Core to occupy the base and an allied Legacy Guardian will spawn to protect the base
    • Alz can be used to summon an allied Legacy Guardian

Force Towers

Towers that provide assistance to players in order to defend bases, buff allies, attack/debuff enemies, or resurrect/transport to a different location. It can be built using Mission War Points or Alz.

  • To Repair a Force Tower using Alz, click the FT and press R.
    • While repairing a tower, players cannot attack enemies until it is completely rebuilt
    • Normal FT can be repaired by Alz
    • Portable FT cannot be repaired
  • Force Tower sizes: Large, Medium, and Small
  • Force Tower construction
    • Can be built using Alz or Mission War Points
      • Party leader can build a Force Tower using Mission War Points
    • Building FT will be canceled if the character dies in the process
    • Can use HP pots while building FT
  • Categories:
    • Attack Type – Attacks enemies within the FT range
    • Buff Type – Buffs allied players
    • Debuff Type – Debuffs opposing nation players
    • Special Type – Resurrection FT, Warp FT

Types of Force Towers

Portable Force Towers

  • These are towers that can be built anywhere
  • Cannot be in close range with other portable FT
  • It will collapse after 3 minutes
  • Can be purchased at:
    • Mission War lobby – Grocer NPC
    • Battlefield – via Remote Shop (Hotkey: N)

Normal Force Towers

  • These are towers that can be built in FT panels located in bases
  • If the base is captured, the FT built in the bases will be destroyed

Mission War Scores and Rewards

How to Win / Victory

  • The team that scores the most nation points in 50 minutes wins

Higher Total Score

  • After the Mission War time is over, the nation with a higher total score wins

Called Game

  • When a nation captures all bases in the battlefield, the nation automatically wins, regardless of the remaining Mission War time

How to Earn Mission War Points

  • Large Base : 500 points
  • Medium Base : 200 points
  • Small Base : 100 points

How to Use Mission War Points

  • Only party leaders can use MWar Points
  • Use to build Force Towers
  • Use to Summon Legacy Guardian

Individual Scores

  • Press V (Hotkey: V) to view participant rankings and your current score
  • Minimum score in order to gain WEXP (War EXP) is 50 Points
  • To earn scores:
    • Kill opposing nation’s players
    • Destroy enemy Sage’s Ensigns
    • Destroy enemy Force Towers
    • Capture enemy and/or neutral bases
    • Kill Legacy Guardians from enemy and/or neutral bases
    • Destroy Legacy Barrier from enemy and/or neutral bases

Mission War Report

  • Mission War report is displayed after the war ends
  • Displays damage given/taken and its corresponding points