* Main Contents

1. Guild Dungeon

A. Guild dungeon ‘Flame Dimension’

i. Difficulty (Level)

a. It’s in 5 levels: easy/normal/hard/heroic/awakened
b. It resets to random level at 00:00 (server time) everyday
c. For each level, clear reward is different

– The level can be changed using force gem (to be updated)

ii. Entry limit

a. From 7 to 25 players

iii. Dungeon flow and monster information
iv. Guild dungeon process

a. To open guild dungeon:

– Dungeon master gets to ‘Trial Entrance’ via NPC Terren
– From ‘Guild Dungeon’ UI (tombstone shaped dungeon portal), select desired dungeon to open
– When dungeons open, members who are on-line will be informed by system message, guild chat and right corner below

b. Open cost: 1 Blazing Crystal



– Price: 4,000,000 Alz (Available in guild shop)
– Requirement: Guild level 6 above

c. Daily open limit: Total 30 times per 1 guild
d. To join guild dungeon party:

– Click ‘Join Party’ from guild dungeon UI and the character will be placed to Trial Entrance automatically
– Go to Trial Entrance directly then click ‘Join Party’

e. Join cost: 1 Blazing Crystal

– The item disappears when joining party, and it won’t be restored even if one leaves the party

f. Joined members can use/apply buff not being affected by total number of party
g. No additional member can join the party that entered dungeon already
h. To enter guild dungeon:

– Dungeon master clicks ‘Enter Dungeon’ button from guild dungeon UI
– Members in Trial Entrance with same channel will be entered in 10 seconds automatically
– If one fails to enter automatically or requirement is not met, click dungeon warp to enter manually

i. Dungeon entry limit

– Dungeon entry time limit: 10 minutes after dungeon opens
– If not entered within 10 minutes, the dungeon will be abandoned, the party will be dismissed and the entry item won’t be restored

v. Dungeon clear reward

a. Bless of Unity Lv.1

– All members will obtain it when dungeon is cleared
– Lasts 24 hours from the point which last party has cleared
– Stats




b. Cube of Blaze





– Party members will obtain it when dungeon is cleared and differential rewards will be given based on the difficulty
– Obtained cube can be opened from guild dungeon UI after 7 hour and 50 minutes
– Cube opens in order of looting and can be stored up to 3 maximum
– Unwanted cube can be deleted and it can’t be restored after (Next reward will be available for open in 8 hours)
– Can’t obtain while using personal trade, agent shop, personal shop
– Cube drops Essence of Chaos Guardian in certain rates

c. Token of Unity




– Drops with random items from Cube of Blaze and differential reward will be given based on difficulty
– Token of Unity are used for purchasing below items





vi. Tips for Dungeon

a. Color of monster’s dialogue can be used as guides

– Orange dialogue: Indicates patterns of monsters
– Red dialogue: Indicates phase change caused by boss HP
– Yellow balloon: Indicates key monster that has to be eliminated to go further
– Red balloon: Indicates regular dialogue

vii. To dismiss the party after dungeon clear:

a. Dungeon master can disband manually
b. In 10 seconds after dungeon clear, all party members will be moved to Trial Entrance and be dismissed automatically

viii. Event items do not drop in guild dungeon

B. New area, UI and guild member rank system

i. New guild icon / menu located on bar below

a. Guild UI shows up when clicked













ii. Guild member rank system

a. New rank ‘Guild Admin’ has almost same authority with guild master
b. Authority based on guild member rank








c. Maximum number of guild manager is different based on guild level




d. Dungeon master

– Has authority to open guild dungeon
– Only guild master and guild admin can have this authority

iii. ‘Guild Dungeon’, ‘Guild Treasure’ tab in guild UI

a. Each tab displays available guild dungeons that are opened and guild treasure in progress with remaining time

b. Support UI shows various information about guild dungeon

– Displays opened dungeon, number of joined guild member and dungeon can be entered from it
– Displays Dungeon count time when entering Dungeon

iv. Guild dungeon area ‘Trial Entrance’

a. Guild member and characters above lv. 160 can enter this area
b. Can be entered via new NPC Terren (X:14, Y:65) from Bloody Ice

– New NPC Terren








c. Guild dungeon can only be opened from this area

2. Guild Quest ‘Mission Festival’ System

A. ‘Mission Festival’ tab and UI added in Guild window

i. Guild members can check personal/guild ranking, guild point and mission list information from Mission Festival tab
ii. When Mission Festival period ends, participated members can check reward information from Mission Festival tab
iii. Announcement will show 5 minutes before/after Mission Festival period to notify ranking calculation time













B. Mission Festival Period and Participation

i. Period

a. Mission Period (7D) → Reward Period (3D) → Event Close (On standby until next event)
b. Once a month, from after Friday update to Monday 9am

ii. Participation

a. Requirement: Lv. 150 above (Must be joined in guild before event runs)
b. One representative character per account can join guild event

C. Mission List and Detail

i. Mission List

a. Total 30 missions exist
b. Each mission has different time limit and guild points to earn

ii. Mission Detail


















iii. Mission Complete

a. When mission starts, it will disappear from the mission list that guild members share
b. On empty mission slot, new mission will appear after 30 minutes of cool time
c. Mission complete limit

– Each member can complete up to 7
– 20 Force Gem can extend one count, up to 2 maximum
– Abandoned or failed missions won’t recover mission counts

d. Ongoing mission can be abandoned
e. Guild point is earned when mission is cleared
f. Mission Instant Renewal

– Mission can be instantly renewed by using 5 force gem
– Its feature can be used by all guild members who are participating the event
– Renewal count is limited to 100 and shared among all guild members (May change in the future)

g. Delete mission

– Guild master, guild admin can delete mission
– Empty mission slot turns to standby status for recreation

D. Mission reward

i. All rewards will be sent via in-game mail (Unopened mails will be deleted on expiration)
ii. Guild level rewards

a. Guild level

– Guild level gets determined by total guild point earned among all members
– Total 12 levels exist by guild point distribution

b. Rewards based on guild level

– You can receive all rewards on level you reached (When you reach level 3, rewards from 1~3 are all receivable)
– On ranking rewards, only one of 5 star items can be selected/received
– Members who completed mission at least once will be rewarded
– Reward item list




























c. Badge of Unity

– Link weapon item that can be received for guild point/ranking reward by participating the event
– Stats




iii. Guild ranking rewards

a. Ranking calculation criteria

– Individual: Personal guild point → Number of missions that completed → Joined date
– Guild: Total guild points of top 100 members

b. Rewards based on ranking

– Only top 3 ranked guilds can receive
– Rewards will only be sent to top 100 users from top 3 guilds that have the most guild points in total
– Rewards will be sent via in-game mail automatically when event ends
– Reward item list









iv. Other rules

a. Members who leave guild during Mission Festival period

– One’s gained points will be gone
– Can’t participate the event even if rejoin the guild

b. Members who are not participating

– Can still check guild ranking, point, and mission status

3. New ‘Astral Bike – QW7’

A. Image






B. Requirement: Lv. 160
C. Drop information

i. Legendary box/cube in Forgotten Temple B3F
ii. Legendary box/cube in Mirage Island

D. Bike warehouse

i. Bike exclusive and personal warehouse can all be used independently
ii. Warehouse opens from QW7 and PW5 is same

a. Warehouse Keeper menu has changed from ‘Open PW5 Exclusive Inventory ‘ to ‘Open Bike Exclusive Warehouse’

iii. Bike Warehouse cannot be used

a. When bike warehouse is empty
b. From other bikes that don’t have warehouse feature

E. Upgrade

i. Cost for upgrade is same as original
ii. Stats for each upgrade level











F. Add slot option

i. Option can be given to selected slot using Bike Option Scroll (Ultimate)
ii. Cost for adding option



iii. Option / stats









G. Add epic option

i. Add epic option using Bike Epic Converter(Ultimate) (Can be used on +7 upgrade level and 2 slots above)
ii. Bike Epic Converter Box(Ultimate) crafting recipe




iii. Epic option / stats






iv. Destroy/Extract

a. Bike Option Scroll(Ultimate) can be obtained in chance 

4. Chaos Upgrade on Amulet

A. Chaos upgrade can be done on amulets after adding Chaos option using Chaos Converter

i. Chaos Converter can be used on unequipped amulets
ii. Applied amulets

a. Orphidia’s Amulet
b. Amulet of Resist +4, +5
c. Amulet of Pain +6, +7
d. Amulet of Guard +10
e. Vamparic Amulet +6

B. Can be upgraded up to level 15
C. Upgrade result

i. Success: Add chaos Level +1
ii. Failure: Remove chaos type (Original item will not be affected)

D. Upgrade information
E. Chaos Safeguard – Amulet

i. It can be requested via Craft Merchant Chloe in Port Lux



ii. Essence of Chaos Guardian – Amulet

a. Drops from final boss of Eternal Chaos Arena
b. Drops in ‘Cube of Octane (easy~awakened) for guild dungeon reward

F. Stats on each upgrade level






G. Chaos Upgrade Amulets can be sealed by using Chaos Seal Stone
H. New Category in agent shop.

i. Upgrade Items > Chaos Safeguard > Chaos Safeguard – Amulet
ii. Craft Items > Enchant Safeguard Material > Essence of Chaos Guardian(Amulet)

5. Legend Arena Change and Addition

A. New daily reward

i. Will be given based on daily play record of Legend Arena
ii. Will be given based on ranking of daily best score

a. Daily ranking refreshes every 2 hours from midnight
b. At midnight, rewards will be sent via in-game mail based on final ranking of the day before (reward mail will be stored indefinitely until it gets opened)
c. Final ranking of previous day will display from 00:00 to 02:00 everyday

iii. Daily reward will be given to top 30 characters for each battle style
iv. Daily reward by ranking







B. Season reward change

i. Season reward ‘Token of Baldus’ has changed to ‘Honor of Nevareth’
ii. Honor of Nevareth

a. Will be given at midnight on Monday when the season is over (Unopened mails will be deleted after 7 days)
b. 7D durational item. Character Bind

iii. For each battle style, top 100 users will be rewarded
iv. Season reward presents in rank 1~6, and it will be given based on ranking
v. Season reward by ranking
















C. Exclusive Buff

i. Obtains randomly when entering Legend Arena
ii. Attained buff only applies in Legend Arena and it will be disappeared when dungeon is finished or abandoned
iii. Attainable buff kind and chance

D. Gameplay Improvement

i. Season Target score increased to 5,000

a. Players have to score 5,000 at least to clear the dungeon

ii. Legend Arena’s time limit shortened down to 2 minutes

a. Boss monster’s attack pattern has been changed due to shortened time limit

E. Daily Entry Limit and Reward change

i. Daily entry limit for Legend arena has now changed to 7 from 5
ii. Daily reward can now be received at 3 / 5 / 7 (was 2 / 4 / 5 originally)

F. Legend Arena UI changed

i. Daily Ranking tab added on main UI
ii. Daily Ranking reward menu added in rewards list from main UI

* Additional Features

1. Added limitations on item dividing (Rolling a Dice or Immediate Settlement)

A. Changed to block receiving Special Giftbox item reward while distributing the items in a party.
B. Changed to stop auto-receive feature in Special Giftbox reward items while distributing the items in a party.
C. Changed to block using guild warehouse while distributing the items in a party.
D. Changed to block combining items while distributing the times in a party.

2. Added text balloon in Mirage Island dungeon
3. New Costumes Added









* Fixes and Changes

1. Changed Character Lv1~30 difficulty

A. Reduced Quest Mission Difficulties







B. Lowered the stat of monsters below Lv. 30 in Beginner village and Quest Dungeons

2. Improved random village coordinate function
3. Changed and added on Bike/Board functions

A. Separated Epic option and slot option by bike grade

i. Removed Accuracy and Penetration option from available slot option/epic option in Blue/RW3 Bike.
ii. Removed Critical DMG Resistance and Resist Critical Rate option from available slot option/epic option in PW5 Bike.

B. Added Bike Option Scroll (Ultimate) to drop when extracting some bikes.

i. Astral Board Card – K Red
ii. Astral Board Card – K Violet
iii. Astral Board Card – K Red Crystal Edition
iv. Astral Bike Card – PW5

C. Bike Parts (Ultimate) drop added

i. Legendary box and cube from Forgotten Temple B3F
ii. Legendary box and cube from Mirage Island

4. Improved Honor Medal

A. Changed Honor Medal info to account base.

i. Changed Honor Medal info to account base from character base.
ii. Honor Medal Info is shared by the account characters that have reached Honor Rank 20
iii. However, Honor Medal slot options are applied by characters

B. Reset Honor Medal Info

i. Reset Honor Medal Info for all characters with 1 or more Honor Medal points
ii. Honor Medal info that was applied to each character is sealed with the Honor Medal Seal Chest and sent by mail.

C. Honor Medal Seal Chest

i. Item that seals or apply the Honor Medal Info
ii. The item is tradable. Right click to apply.
iii. Honor Medal Slot options are not sealed, after sealed level is reset.
iv. Using Honor Medal Seal Chest with Honor Medal Info stored

a. When right-click seal chest, stored Honor Medal Info will apply to the account
b. The current Honor Medal slot info stays the same, only the slot option level changes by the Honor Medal info

5. Removed Bind-option on Cursed Ring of Dr. Mazel
6. Improved the view of Chaos Seal Stone in agent shop by types
7. Special Giftbox changes and improvements
8. Fixed an error of game disconnection when entering Panic Cave(Awakened)
9. Fixed an error of game disconnection when auto-potion was used at the same time dungeon was paused.
10. Fixed an error that could have killed the chat server while renewing character name
11. Fixed an error that changed Character’s birthday info and reset the gift-receiving info
12. Fixed an error that expansion icon was not correctly displayed when slot was expanded using Slot Extender.
13. Fixed an error that to Jing-na’s treasure chest in Forbidden Island(Awakened) dungeon had a total probability greater than 100%
14. Fixed an error that Gem of Liberation dropped from Legendary Cube – Pandemonium had option 0
15. Fixed an error that could have sent quest complete packets without killing the quest monster.

A. Fixed an error that NPC, which is available after certain monster is dead, was available even before the monster spawned.
B. Related NPC

i. Maquinas Outpost

a. NPC that summons ARM-05 Arma Obvit in Elaborate Information Network quest

16. Fixed an error that some attack FX was breaking through the floor

A. Issued dungeon and FX lists

i. Hazardous Valley (Awakened) : Meteor trap area (Awakened Troll Hunter)
ii. Pandemonium: Guardian Manticore’s Meteor Pattern (activates at HP below 50%)
iii. Forgotten Temple B3F: Shock area
iv. Mirage Island: Meteor trap area (Guardian Char Chor area)
v. Flame Dimension: Meteor Trap pattern (activates at Boss HP below 50%))

17. Fixed an error that skill train/untrained options were displayed wrong information
18. Fixed an error that required number of Force essence was not renewed while Force Wing auto-growth is checked
19. Fixed an error that male Merry Christmas costume appeared abnormally when equipped.
20. Fixed an error that some valentine theme objects were not alpha-handled
21. Fixed an error that pet training was possible on Anima Gem.