• Modification/change

1. Essense Rune – improved damage reduction ignoring skill

2. Drop change in some dungeons

3. Change in potion & material item maximum combination limit

4. Change in skill animation

5. Change in special box logic

A. Doesn’t require 2*2 inventory for each item, able to earn item if space enough to receive
B. When items could be combined, items will be received as combined condition

i. When user receives 3 bundles of 3 special coupon for round bonus, it is provided as 1 bundle of 9 special coupon

6. Change in moster ‘Exhausted Auretia’ in guild dungeon

A. New force code ‘Differential Damage Resist’

i. Differential Damage Resist force code added

a. Stat of differential damage resist will be used as standard damage as absolute damage resist

– When normal attacks, receives only standard damage

b. Additional damage proportional to casting time on standard damage

– 10% additional damage per 0.1 casting time

ii. Exhausted Auretia’s differential damage resistance is 1,000

c. 1,000 damage is applied when normal attacks regardless of critical authenticity
d. When Wind Blade skill (1.7 cast time) is used, 1000 + (1000*170%) = 2700 damage applied

B. Monster’s HP is changed from 300,000 to 600,000

7. Tab in guild activity tab is saved when guild window is closed
8. Change in Eternal Chaos Arena / Glacies Inferna Daily Entrance Count

A. Eternal Chaos Arena: Changed from 60 to 50
B. Glacies Inferna: Changed from 70 to 40

9. Patren’s appearance changed in quest progression

A. Appearing Quest

i. Awakened Lord of Destruction
ii. Seal

10. Temporary elimination of social skill ‘Dance2(Tell-me dance)’ due to copyright term expiration

A. When Dance2 skill is used, Dance3 is activated

/dance2, /dancing2, tell-me

B. Dance3 is used normally as before

11.Error fixed where normal items with bind characteristics on fields upper Mutant Forest
12. Error fixed where Warp Stone and Protection of Veradrix couldn’t be used in quick slot
13. Modified mission festival mission balance

A. Revised some mission’s requested quantity and time limit

14. Error fixed warehouse related error

A. Fixed error that guild warehouse was full when more than 218 items were moved from guild warehouse
B. Fixed error that server died when there were more than 954 items in the warehouse

15. Error fixed when the user could not connect to server when changing account during equipping certain amount of equipment
16. Error fixed when knock back attacks unmovable monster or gate, ‘miss’ occurs and could not kill

A. Monster option changed so monsters that might have problem with coordinate won’t get knock back
B. Targeted Monster

17. Error fixed where user is warped outside dungeon when leaving guild in dungeon
18. Error fixed where won character could not warp after guild war
19. Error fixed where marked client casting time of skill and real animation play time were different

A. Targeted skill

20. Agent related error fixed

A. Error fixed where soul core agent category couldn’t be searched
B. Error fixed where options of some registered item in agent shop were changed abnormally

21. Error fixed where Stackable item(including GM’s Blessing Holy Water) could be combined when there’s none
22. Guild rank related error fixed

A. Error fixed where guild rank information was shown abnormally

i. Error fixed where rank information was abnormally shown bringing guild rank information before mission festival related information
ii. Revised to bring guild member’s rank with mission festival guild member information

B. Error fixed where scroll wasn’t working properly when characters in weekly guild rank was more than one page (more than 13 characters)

23. Error fixed where unstackable item was applied abnormally in special inventory when looted
24. Error fixed where item bought by coupon was deleted on Monday 5am, not 3 days after date of purchase
25. Error fixed where scroll bar location was abnormal in personal tab of mission festival
26. Error fixed when male character is wearing ‘Steam Funky Mast’ , his neck is shown as skin color

  • Mission War

1. Separation of Mission War Section

A. Separation of mission war section

i. Applied to both Tiera Gloriosa and Memoria Chrysos

B. Separation of receivable Merit Medal/Honor Medal Score

C. Limits added to honor medal score / level sharing condition

D. Score/rank and winning streak/losing streak information initializes on the day of update based on section separation

2. Mission war balance modifcation

A. Mission war period of Tiera Gloriosa decreased from 50 minutes to 40 minutes
B. Renewed balance of guardian of mission war, structure and gold coin guardian

3. Mission war defeated nation buff ‘Revenge Force’ Upgraded

A. Parts of Defense/Resist Critical DMG/Resist Skill Amp. Value increased