Every year, top Guilds from across servers come together and battle it out in the biggest and most prestigious in-game guild competition in CABAL PH – The Battle for GUILD PRIME. Widely recognized as the ultimate test of a guild’s strength, popularity and camaraderie, Guild Prime winners are legends in their own right.

Now on it’s twelfth year, Guild Prime promises bigger challenges and fiercer competition.

Guild Prime XII will run from June 25, 2020 to August 15, 2020.

How to Win

The objective is to gain as many Guild Prime Points during the competition period.

Collect the GUILD PRIME XII BADGE and exchange to NPC Yul for “Trophies”


Glacies Inferna
Acheron Arena
Devil's Tower
Devil's Tower (Part 2)
Flame Nest
Holia Windhill

GP Trophy Requirements

CategoryRequired ItemRequired QuantityAlz PurchaseExchangeGuild Prime Point
GUILD PRIME XII BADGE1001,000,000Guild Prime Trophy1 Trophy : 1 Guild Prime Point

Guild Prime Trophy Collection Prize

1st Place – (Character Binding)
  • 30D [Vehicle Costume] Steampunk Costume
  • 30D [WeaponCostume] Steampunk Costume
  • 30D [Costume] Steampunk Costume
  • 30D [Force Wing] Tentacle of Fatal
  • 30x Holy Water of Critical Strike
  • 30x Holy Water of Flawless Defense
  • 30x Holy Water of Vitality
  • 30x Protection of Veradrix
  • 30x Holy Water Lv. 4 GM’s Blessing
  • 20,000 Credits
  • GP Points – Will be based on trophy acquired


2nd Place – Character Binding
  • 15D [Vehicle Costume] Steampunk Costume
  • 15D [WeaponCostume] Steampunk Costume
  • 15D [Costume] Steampunk Costume
  • 15D [Force Wing] Tentacle of Fatal
  • 15x Holy Water of Critical Strike
  • 15x Holy Water of Flawless Defense
  • 15x Holy Water of Vitality
  • 15x Protection of Veradrix
  • 15x Holy Water Lv. 4 GM’s Blessing
  • 15,000 Credits
  • GP Points – Will be based on trophy acquired


3rd Place – Character Binding


  • 10D [Vehicle Costume] Steampunk Costume
  • 10D [WeaponCostume] Steampunk Costume
  • 10D [Costume] Steampunk Costume
  • 10D [Force Wing] Tentacle of Fatal
  • 10x Holy Water of Critical Strike
  • 10x Holy Water of Flawless Defense
  • 10x Holy Water of Vitality
  • 10x Protection of Veradrix
  • 10x Holy Water Lv. 4 GM’s Blessing
  • 10,000 Credits
  • GP Points – Will be based on trophy acquired

7v7 Arcane Battle (PK)


  • Must be composed of 7 members (Unique)
  • Own Characters
  • Part of Guild Prime Event

Create a team of 7 members in your Guild and participate in 7v7 Guild Battle as part of the Guild Prime XII event.
7v7 Guild Battle Challenge
Event Schedule: July 25, 2020

7v7 Guild Battle Mechanics:

Participating Guild: All Guild can join
Team of 7: Entry must form a team of 7 members, each member representing a different battle style or class

To Register:

Team captain must send an email to ph.cabalph@gmail.com containing the following information:

  • Email Subject: Guild Prime XII: <Guild Name>, <Server>
  • Guild Name:
  • Server:
  • Guild Leader
  • Guild Members (with their corresponding battle styles)


Email Subject: Guild Prime XII: <CM Team> <ALL>
Guild Name: TEST Guild
Server: All Server
Guild Leader: GM Test
FB – GM Test
WI – GM Test
FS – GM Test
WA – GM Test
FA – GM Test
BL – GM Test
GL – GM Test
or FG – GM Test

Deadline for submission:  July 17, 2020 @ 11:59pm

  • Wrong registration format is invalid
  • Guild Screenshot: The email must be sent with an attachment of an in-game screenshot of all the team members with the Captain saying “<Guild Name> for Guild Prime XII!”
  • GM Team will send an email confirmation once they have received and reviewed your application
  • Only the first 8 registrants per server will be qualified
  • A character can only be registered under one guild
  • Deadline of Email Registration: TBA
  • Tournament System and General Rules
  • Tournament system: Elimination round Race to 2 Wins, Semi-final round Race to 3 wins, Final round Race to 3 wins;
  • Match style: PK Battle – Winning condition is 7 kills or Team with the highest member alive within the 5 minute Battle Duration
  • Arena: Tournament will be conducted in the Arcane Trace. We will provide the Nation Transfer of participating Characters for this Event
  • Order of Matches: Will be determined on the day of the tournament itself
  • Participants must temporarily leave their home guilds to join the guild headed by the tournament facilitators (GMs)
  • All character abilities or skills (Including Battle Aura) can be used except for Battle Modes
  • Use of all buff potions or holy water potions is allowed
  • Character participants are not allowed to have the Saint’s Force
  • Buff or Other Buffs aside from characters on the party.
  • No substitution allowed. In case of absence, the match shall proceed with only the remaining team members
  • A dead character must remain dead or resurrect in the Arcane
  • Trace Entrance. The use of any resurrection and warp items during the Guild Battle or when dead is not allowed
  • Anyone caught will be disqualified from the event

General Guidelines

  • All PlayPark Terms and Conditions apply.
  • Participants are expected to be online at least 15 minutes before the start of the event.
  • The team line-up you have registered in your email application is FINAL and CANNOT
  • BE CHANGED. No substitution will be allowed. In case of absence, the match shall proceed with only the remaining team members. The match will end once all members of a team have been wiped out.
  • The use of any third-party program or exploitation of existing or previously unknown bugs or glitches is strictly prohibited.
  • Teams caught using any of these illegal activities will be given a warning. Repetition of said infraction will disqualify the team in the 7v7 tournament.
  • Appeals or complaints must be brought to the GM by the Team
  • Captain immediately. No complaints will be entertained after the GM has announced the winner of the match.
  • All other conditions/issues that may arise during the event (which are not covered here) will be decided by the GM in-charge.
  • Participants are not allowed to move out of the Arena during a match. Willful violation of this rule will warrant a warning on the first infraction and tournament disqualification on the second offense.
  • The excessive use of foul language will not be tolerated. Offenders will be warned on the first offense and will be removed from the tournament should he/she continues to display unruly behavior.
  • Deliberate disruption of the event by either the participants or the spectators will be dealt with accordingly.
  • The decision of the GM is final.
  • Tournament mechanics is subject to change.

7v7 Guild Battle Prizes

1st Place

30D Inexhaustible HP Lv 4.
30D Inexhaustible MP Lv 4.
30D Blessing Bead Ultimate
30D [Unique Costume] of Penetration
30D [Force Wing] Tentacle of Fatal
Epic Booster Package x10 (Per Team member)
Force Gem Package x1000 (Per Team member)
20,000 Credits
20,000 GP Points – Guild Rewards

2nd Place

15D Inexhaustible HP Lv 4.
15D Inexhaustible MP Lv 4.
15D Blessing Bead Ultimate
15D [Unique Costume] of Penetration
15D [Force Wing] Tentacle of Fatal
Epic Booster Package x50 (Per Team member)
Force Gem Package x500 (Per Team member)
15,000 Credits
15,000 GP Points – Guild Rewards

3rd Place

7D Inexhaustible HP Lv 4.
7D Inexhaustible MP Lv 4.
7D Blessing Bead Ultimate
7D [Unique Costume] of Penetration
7D [Force Wing] Tentacle of Fatal
Epic Booster Package x30 (Per Team member)
Force Gem Package x300 (Per Team member)
10,000 Credits
10,000 GP Points – Guild Rewards

Lords of War IX


Duration: TBA (August)

Scoring: Based on MWARs on Tiera Gloriosa and Memoria Chrysos maps

All guilds can join and no registration needed.

Guild Ranking Point System:

Weekly Guild Point:
  • The guild with the highest MWAR score and occupies the Auction/Agent Shop.
  • The guild with the highest point within the event period will win the
  • Lords of War.
  • 1 Point per week
  • In case of a tie, the first guild to score the point will be honored.
Individual Point:
  • 200 Bracket Only
  • Rewards are for Bringers and
  • Guardians of each nation (Procyon and Capella).
  • Weekly point: Score based on accumulated titles for 5 weeks.
  • The character with the highest score / most title obtained will win special awards.
  • Scores will be erased if the char changes nation and/or used account or server transfer.
  • Multiple bringer/guardian within a single account will only be counted as 1 regardless of diff. classes
  • Scores will be forfeited (on a specific week) when:
  • Guild members are caught using third-party program/Hack tools in general.
  • The guild that is next in rank will get the points.
  • Both guild’s score will be forfeited when:
  • Guild members are caught in coin feeding and panel feeding.
  • Player’s scores will be forfeited when:

    • Penalty:

      • Players will be blocked and will have higher bailout fee (P2,000) and a negative one to current honor point.
      • Screenshot report is invalid. Submit an HD video with a supporting screenshot with system date and time through iBox ticketing support.
Lords of War IX Schedule: TBA
Lords of War IX Rewards
  • Guild Master needs to send the list of members to cabalph@playpark.net after the event duration.


  • If there is an account with multiple characters belonging to different/same guilds, the character with the highest level will be awarded.
  • If the character/s already received an award from a winning guild, the rewards coming from a different guild will be void.
  • Participating guilds must inform the management if they will rename the guild.
  • Inactive (mule and storage) characters are not eligible to receive awards.
  • Characters who are level 100 and up with at least 3 months of playtime are eligible to receive awards.
  • Rewards for Guild Rank 1, 2 and 3
Events and Mechanics are subject to change without prior notice by CABAL ONLINE PH Team