PlayMall GCash Lucky Draw


Lucky Gears await Lucky users of PlayMall GCash this September 2022. Using the GCash channel of Razer Gold to load up your account on PlayMall gives you a chance at the Lucky Draw for amazing gaming gears. Get closer to that RAZER GAMING KEYBOARD, RAZER GAMING MOUSE or RAZER GAMING HEADPHONE as the event runs from September 22, 2022 until October 22, 2022.

GCash Top Up on PlayMall

PlayMall just got better together with its official partnership with Razer Gold. Bringing the most convenient loading channel to PlayMall, using GCASH lets gamers top up with NO SERVICE FEE. Gamers can get the most out of every load without worry for added charges. Time to switch to GCash on PlayMall.

PlayMall GCash Lucky Draw Promo on September 2022 from Razer Gold

How To Join the GCash Lucky Draw

Starting September 22, 2022 at 12:00am (GMT+8), load up your PlayPark account on PlayMall using the GCash channel powered by Razer Gold.

PlayMall GCash Lucky Draw Promo Mechanics Step 1

Every top up worth at least Php 500 that is converted to game currency, entitles the player to one (1) raffle entry in the GCash Lucky Draw.

PlayMall GCash Lucky Draw Promo Mechanics Step 2

Remember to convert your game load into game currency. Continue stacking up your raffle entries until the end of the promo period on October 22, 2022 at 11:59pm (GMT+8).

PlayMall GCash Lucky Draw Promo Mechanics Step 3

Read the Full Lucky Draw Mechanics
  • Open to ALL PlayPark gamers.
  • Top up using the GCASH channel on PLAYMALL with any of the available load denominations and convert your load into game currency:
    • 100.00 PHP
    • 500.00 PHP
    • 1,000.00 PHP
    • 3,000.00 PHP
    • 5,000.00 PHP
  • Earn One (1) raffle entry for every 500.00 PHP LOAD. Top up made can be accumulated within the promo period to qualify. Remember top up needs to be converted into game currency to be qualified. Here are examples to join:
    • Top up 1 – Top up and convert 5pcs. of 100.00 Load = 1 entry
    • Top up 2 – Top up and convert 9pcs. of 100.00 Load = 1 entry
    • Top up 3 – Top up and convert 1pc. of 500.00 Load = 1 entry
    • Top up 4 – Top up and convert 1pc. of 1,000.00 Load = 2 entries
    • Top up 5 – Top up and convert 1pc. of 3,000.00 Load = 6 entries
    • Top up 6 – Top up and convert 1pc. of 5,000.00 Load = 10 entries
  • No maximum entry per PlayMall ID. Earn as many raffle entry as you want.
  • A PlayMall ID or a player can only win maximum of one (1) raffle prize only.
  • Promo period starts from September 22, 2022 at 12:00am (GMT+8) and ends on October 22, 2022 at 11:59pm (GMT+8) only.
  • Promo is for PlayMall account users set to PH currency only.
  • Winners will be drawn and posted via Razer Gold Official FB Page with the supervision of a DTI representative.
    • 4 Winners of RAZER BARRACUDA X 2022 (Gaming Headphone)
    • 8 Winners of RAZER DEATHADDER V2 SPECIAL EDITION (Gaming Mouse)
    • 3 Winners of RAZER HUNTSMAN V2 TENKEYLESS (Gaming Keyboard)
  • All winners will be contacted by a Razer Gold Representative to get their full details for shipping and awarding purposes.
  • Prize awarding will be done within 7-14 working days after the promo ends on October 22, 2022.
  • Update your PlayMall registration details so we can contact you via Mobile number and email in case of winning the promo. Click here to update.

DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-150973 Series of 2022

PlayMall GCash on Razer Gold Lucky Draw Promo for September 2022

How To Use GCash on PlayMall

For an easy time using GCash for your PlayPark and PlayMall needs, just visit this guide. To get started, here are the simplified steps.

  1. Select ‘Gcash’ as payment channel.
  2. Select a load denomination amount then click TOP UP.
  3. Log in using your registered mobile number in GCash and click Next.
  4. Enter the authentication code sent via SMS.
  5. Enter your 4-digit MPIN.
  6. Click PAY button to proceed. A payment confirmation will appear once validated.

After completing the payment, you will receive an SMS confirming your payment has been successfully processed.

Quick Facts About PlayMall

PlayMall is the all-in-one wallet system for PlayPark and all of its games. On PlayMall, top up your account whether you are using the PlayID, Facebook or Google Login option.

  • Top Up refers to adding load to your game account with credits which you can later use to shop in your PlayPark game of choice.
  • Caution! Be careful on choosing the login option – whether its PlayID, Facebook or Google. You may use the same e-mail address for the different login options but they will still be separate accounts

Should you encounter issues using PlayMall and in any of your transactions, the Customer Support team is ready to assist. Find the full guide to using PlayMall and FAQs just click HERE. To see where else you can buy PlayPark load, visit the website Top Up section HERE.

PlayPark Saya Continues

As the global pandemic of COVID-19 develops, several changes to the PlayPark operations are in place to ensure the PlayPark Saya gets to its gaming community. Some delays may occur such as Ticketing, and prize awarding.

PlayPark wants to thank the community for the constant support. News and activities will continue to be shared. Expect an even greater presence within the PlayPark games. Read more about it here.


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