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Option 1: Full Client (RAR Version)

  • Recommend for unlimited data or high speed internet connection
  • 1 file to download
  • Size : 5.1 GB

Installation Guide

  1. Click the Download button to start.
  2. File name: Cabal_PH_v34_Full_Client_Installer.rar
  3. Once the download is finished, double-click the Cabal_PH_v34_Full_Client_Installer.rar file and extract
  4. After extraction, there will be 5 files:
    • Cabal_PH_v34_Full_Client_Installer.exe
    • Cabal_PH_v34_Full_Client_Installer.msi
  5. Double-click the file Cabal_PH_v34_Full_Client_Installer.exe to start the installation.
  6. After installation, open the game and let the it auto-patch from the launcher.
  7. Once the auto-patch is done, click GAME START to being playing!

Option 2: Playpark Downloader

  • Recommend for limited data or unstable internet connection
  • 1 file to download
  • Size : .99MB

Installation Guide

  • Download the ‘Playpark Downloader’ with filename: PlayparkDownloader_v0.3.6.1.msi
  • Double click the file to install the downloader on your computer.
  • Launch the Playpark Downloader.
  • Select the game CABAL Online.
  • Start the download.
  • NOTE: You can pause and/or resume the download.