May the clash of nations begins. The time has come for the ultimate battle between Nations, who will reign the ground and rule the arena?
Sharpen your weapons and upgrade your armors as we bring another challenge for you! Gather your friends and slay your foes. Prove yourselves worthy of wielding the legendary Saint’s Forcecalibur! This war will be bloody.


Requirement: Lv. 110 or above characters who belong to a nation

Event date: March 9, 2019, and all succeeding Saturdays of the month

How To:
1. Enter “Saint’s Island” located in the middle of Lakeside. Every Saturday at 5:00 pm Cabal Time
2. Kill Guardian of the Saint’s Force Calibur Vikalitan of Golden Sunset
(After killing it, only characters who belong to the nation that produced the most damage have a chance of acquiring the weapon.)
3. 30 seconds have to be passed in order to loot the drop.


  • Only one player per server may acquire and use Saint’s Forcecalibur. (Draco/Orion ONLYCrux server will have their own after the next level uncap. )
  • When the battle starts, Vikalitan of Golden Sunset summons Tilagans and Gruvandas cyclically.
  • Multiple numbers of cores and buff potions will be dropped when killing Tilagan or Gruvanda.
  • Any player/s that will be caught using Hack Tools or any abuse during the event period will be blocked and will have a HIGHER Bailout Fee of (5,000) and a negative one (-1) to current Honor Point as Penalty.
  • Screenshot report is invalid. Upload an HD Video (preferably via Youtube) with a supporting screenshot (with system date and time) at our quarantine section here: QUARANTINE

The player who successfully acquires the Saint’s Forcecalibur will be knighted and will be rewarded treasures and legendary items to aid him in his succeeding battles.

Saint Looter

  • 10, 000 PlayPark Load (directly inserted into player’s account)
  • [7D] Special Armor Set
  • [7D] Happy Birthday Ring
  • [7D] Sienna’s Bracelet
  • [7D] Orphidia’s Amulet
  • [7D] [Special Title] I’m Legend


All items are set to Character Bind.

PlayPark rules and prizes are subject to change without prior notice