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Deep in the dungeons of Porta Inferno and heavily guarded by the Monticore, a powerful “Ore” never before seen called Demonite was first discovered. A famous Core Alchemist took the power of the Demonite and forged it to give birth to the three strongest weapons ever in the land of Nevareth. With Demonite at its core, the weapons possessed the power to vanquish even the darkest of demons.

As the Demonite rose from its hiding place, so too did the forces of darkness give rise to a shadowy island. Legions of brave warriors set to cross the mysterious island only to never be heard from again. In this wake of disappearances, the isle became known as the Mirage Island.

With the advancements of Demonite weaponry, leading researchers Yerte and Long who dedicated their lives to Force Technology finally bore fruit in the creation of the Force Wings. Pushing the limits of human power, the Force Wings brought warriors to the very peak of their force.

In the land of war and bloodshed, Slay or Be Slain! Explore a New World of Darkness – Cabal Reloaded Demonite.