Back from her short vacation at the trade ports of the Pastur continent, Yul brought special treasures available for sale to all worthy citizens of Nevareth.

These golden Raffle Tickets are known to be one of the hidden treasures of the High Sages and were proven to produce special random premium items that can be  useful in their everyday adventures.

Based on several rumors from the top traders of Port Lux, these tickets are special and were regarded as  epic items that can grant users with the Astral Board K-Series Red —  the most sought-after hidden invention of the Honorable Age!

Good Luck!

Event Details:
– Purchase a raffle ticket from NPC Yul in exchange for 8,000,000 Alz.
– Raffle Tickets generates random premium items when a user right-clicks on it.- All items generated from the raffle tickets are account-binding
– NPC Event will start this coming November 18th (after the Scheduled Server Maintenance)
– Once the event ends on December 9, 2010, raffle tickets will be deactivated (can’t be used anymore)

Please find the list of possible items you can acquire from Yul’s Lucky Tickets  below:

Note: Event Mechanics and Schedules are subject to change without prior notice

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