PlayPark Play to PlayID Migration Guide


[UPDATES] 5/18/2022

All those who filed a verified ticket regarding a PlayID Migration error within the May 1, 2022 to May 15, 2022 migration period will be processed with no fee. If you still have not migrated your PlayPark Play Account to PlayID, you can save your account by requesting for Manual Migration via e-Support <>. Please note that this request does not include a copy of your Merits, Warehouse Items, Cash Inventory, Agent Shop, & Item Collection. Manual Migration requests filed via e-Support starting May 16, 2022 onwards will incur a fee. Once account is verified, you must purchase 1 pc of Insurance Stone from the #COPH Item Shop.


1. Open the link and log in to your PlayPark Play account you wish to migrate.


2. After logging in to your account, if you have remaining e-points, you will be required to convert them to Cabal cash.


3. After converting, you will be prompted to log in to the PlayID account you wish to use for migrating your PlayPark Play account. If you do not have a PlayID account yet, you may click the Sign-Up button and you will be redirected to the PlayID account creation page.



  • Make sure that the PlayID account you will use for migration does not have any Cabal account or character or should have not been logged in to Cabal.
  • Make sure that the PlayID account was NEWLY created.
  • You may visit this link to know more about how to create a PlayID account.



4. Once you have logged in to your PlayID account, you will see all the characters and their information for both servers. Please see the Terms and Service and put a check before clicking the Migrate Now button.


5. After clicking the Migrate Now button, you will receive a message that your migration is successful. You may now log in to your PlayID account to Cabal PH.



  • Once you have migrated your PlayPark Play account to a PlayID account, you cannot migrate it again to another PlayID account nor use the same PlayID account to migrate another PlayPark Play account.
  • Once your Playpark Play account has migrated to a PlayID account, Top-Up needs for your PlayID account must be through PlayMall. Please refrain from topping up for your old Playpark Play account as you can no longer convert it into CABAL Cash.
  • Make sure to take all the necessary screenshots of your characters (information and titles), items (inventory and warehouse), skills and save them before migrating your account.
  • We are aware of the top-up concern encountered by newly migrated players. Please refrain from topping up your newly migrated account to avoid errors with conversion. Rest assured that this issue is currently being addressed. Thank you for your understanding and patience. Stay tuned for updates.


PlayID Migration Frequently Asked Questions


Thank you for sharing your inquiries and concerns about the PlayID Migration for Playpark Play users, CABALists! Take time to read through the PlayID Migration Frequently Asked Questions for the answers to your inquiries and concerns. We hope this helps!




Q. Playpark play website will also be disabled? If yes, what will be the remedy for old players trying to retrieve their accounts?

A. After December 7, 2021, 12NN no more account retrieval of PlayPark Play. We suggest that you create a new PlayID account instead


Q. When will the last migration happen?

A. The last scheduled launch for migration is on May 1-15, 2022.



Q. Until when can I login and top-up into my Playpark Play account?

A. You can login your account until November 30, 2021.


Q. What if I did not migrate my account before May 15, 2022?

A.  Your account will be deleted.


Q. Are Google ID and Facebook ID logins applicable for PlayID Migration?

A. No, PlayID migration is for PlayPark Play accounts only.


Q. Have you tested the migration prior to the launch?

A. Yes, CABAL Migration was tested before launching.


Q. Can you improve logging in using PlayID (i.e. PlayPark Play login)?

A. Since PlayID login is different from PlayPark Play login, the login embedded on CABAL client, will not be the same with regards to log in time since the PlayID login is a web browser-based login but from code input to game login, it is the same duration with PlayPark Play account login.


Q. How can I migrate to a PlayID account?

A. You may check our Cabal Migration guide on the link provided –


Q. What will happen to the old PlayPark Play account that wasn’t able to migrate?

A. The PlayPark Play account will be removed


Q. Do I need to provide my registered email?

A. No need to provide your email during the migration process. You just need to log in to your account, convert all the remaining e-points you have, and log in to the new PlayID account you have created.


Q. Do we receive a free Rename Card during migration?

A. No. All character names will be the same once migrated.


Q. How to register a PlayID account?

A. Click this link to register


Q. Will the old Playpark Play account be migrated to PlayID?

A. Yes, old PlayPark Play accounts will be moved to a new PlayID account. All characters on the old account will be moved to the PlayID account nominated for migration.


Q. Will my items, characters, level, etc. not be deleted upon PlayID migration?

A. No, but just to be sure, always save a screenshot for the list of your items or characters.


Q. Is the PlayID login the same as PlayPark Play login without a portal?

A. No, you need to select PlayID from the game login and a browser will pop up the login.


Q. What will I do if  I can’t log in to my old PlayID account upon migrating to PlayID?

A. Just make sure you use a new PlayID account. Refrain from using old PlayID accounts.


Q. What can I do if my account is not accessible? 

A. In case you have a problem or error during the migration, please file an e-Support ticket for us to check your account. –


Q. How many characters should my username contain?

A. Your username should have a MINIMUM of 4 characters. The MAXIMUM character count for the username is 15 characters.


Q. I’m using Windows 7 or 8 OS (operating system) and I couldn’t log into my PlayID account. Is there a solution for this?

A. You will need to upgrade your OS to Windows 10 to access your PlayID account.


Q. When is the deadline for PLAY ID Migration?

A.  May 15, 2022, 11:59 PM.


Q. There’s no available Item Shop in PLAY ID, where can we buy our needs in the game?

A. Don’t worry, a Web Shop for PlayID will soon be ready. Stay tuned to the CABAL PH Official Facebook and Instagram pages for further announcements.


Q. My account is still blocked, how will I migrate my account?

A. You may still migrate your blocked PlayPark account to Play ID but do take note that the status will remain “blocked” upon migration. File via E-Support to check your account. –


Q. INDEFINITE SUSPENSION OF ACCOUNT – Is there an opportunity for migration?

A. No. Once your account is placed under the “INDEFINITE SUSPENSION OF ACCOUNT” status, it is considered “PERMA BAN”.


Q. Do we need to migrate our accounts to PLAY ID?

A. Yes, you must. Accounts that did not undergo migration will be dissolved or deleted.


Q. Is it necessary to register our Personal E-mail?

A. This will depend if you want your personal email to be registered in PlayID or not. Just to be sure, create an email that serves as your game email. Do take note of the information you have registered in PlayID.


Q. What to do when login page failed to load after migration?

A. We advise you to update your Operating System to Windows 10 or follow the instructions to check your CA Certificate and send us the result >



Do not hesitate to reach out to the CABAL Team for further questions. You may reach us through our E-Support: and the Cabal Online PH Support Center: