Are you the CABALista we’re looking for? If you are one of the ASPIRING Nevareth Streamers, it’s your time to shine!

Screening Duration: 3 Months (Start on September 18 – November)

[Monthly Key Performance Indicator (KPI) ]

  • Minimum 2 Tiktok/Reels Content within 7 days
  • Minimum of 5 unique streams within 30 days at least 1 hour per stream
  • Minimum of 2 promotional video within 30 days (or as needed) aside from the tiktok/reels content
  • Stream Contents: Playpark Cabal PC ONLY
  • Recruit 50 NEW Registered Players per month


Streamer Benefits

In-game Incentives

  • Blessing Bead Platinum Wing (30D)
  • GM Blessing of Holy Water Lv4 (15pcs)
  • HP Inexhaustable (30D)
  • HP Inexhaustable (30D)
  • Holy Water of Vitality (Accounts Bind) – 10pcs
  • Protection of Veradrix(Accounts Bind) – 10pcs
  • Holy Water of Speed (Accounts Bind) – 10pcs
  • Dodge Amp. Elixer (Lv. 4), (Accounts Bind) – 10pcs
  • Powerful Elixer (Lv. 4), (Accounts Bind) – 10pcs
  • Force Gem x500 (not binded)
  • Special Title – 30D (Optional)
  • Yekaterina VIP Membership (15D)
  • Costume Set exclusive for Streamers (30D)

Special Awards:

HOW: Reached a total of 10 unique streams per month

-Force Gem x1000 (not binded)


For Streamers CODE Recruit Rewards (For Newly Created Account) monthly.

(Character Bind)
-Blessing Bead Ultimate (7D)
-Periodical Remote shop card (3 Days)
-Remote Trade Card (3 Days)
-Return Stone 300 pcs.
-HP Potion Lv. 4 300 pcs.
-MP Potion Lv. 4 300 pcs.
-GM’s Blessing (Lv.3) 15 pcs.




NOTE: Event mechanics and rewards are subject to change without prior notice, always check in for any announcement.