Attention CABALists!

Now is the best time to grind and explore the fields and dungeons of Nevareth!

NPC Yul is back to challenge and reward worthy CABALists for their persistence and courage for reaching certain character level ranges.

Collect the required event materials (Enhancement Relic, Artifact and Gemstone) + the required items and trade them for high tier gears!

Note: This can only be done once per account. Event Materials and Required Items will be “Deleted” after the exchange.

Choose wisely Complete these levels starting from Lv. 109 to Lv. 199.

Collect the following event items as requirement for participation.

Lv. 110 – 180

  • Atleast x8 E. Relic

Lv. 140 – 190

  • Atleast x6 E. Artifact

Lv. 180 – 195

  • Atleast x3 E. Relic
  • Atleast x2 E. Artifact
  • Atleast x1 E. Gemstone

Lv. 199 – 200

  • Atleast x1 E. Gemstone

Drop and Availability per level goal


COLLECT AND EXCHANGE! Once you’ve collected all materials you can exchange them together with your  OLD GEARS (Full weapon (2) and armor set (4) ) to Next Tier Items.

Note: That the required item is permanent and not the durational rewards from the event.


Click the Image


  • You need to be -1 level from the target level in order to activate the goal quest.
  • You need to be +1 level from the target level in orde to claim the rewards.

Once you completed the requirements, please send us an email at





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