Cabal Reloaded 5V5 Carnage Tournament

PlayPark Cabal Reloaded has official start its DOMINATION this 2019! Join the Cabal 5v5 Carnage NOW and dare to take their place. Let’s all reign the ground this Saturday (April 13, 2019) at Battleground Gaming for the 2nd qualifier of Cabal 5v5 Carnage.  Tournament...

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Cabal Reloaded: Road to Domination

Attention CABALists! Champions, its time to answer the call of Nevareth. Bathe the streets with the blood of your enemies and crawl your way to the top. Choose your battle wisely. It could be your last. ACTIVITIES: King of Combo Dungeon Legend Solo | Defense Arena...

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Cabal Reloaded Demonite Grand Launch

PlayPark Cabal Reloaded welcomes a new and exciting update to the sci-fi world of Nevareth – the Demonite – with a grand launch party this March 3, 2019, in SMCity North EDSA The Annex, Cyberzone Area! Full of mayhem and mistery, Demonite promises a refreshing bout of...

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New Server Crux

A new world is ready for domination. Can you rule the battlefields?
Prove yourselves in Cabal Online’s brand new server – CRUX.
Fitted with all the necessities of war, experience CRUX for that classic look and feel.

Cabal Reloaded Pandemonium

The gates of the huge tower guarded by Keshapone Minisha in the northeastern part of Porta Inferno were opened. Some curious Nevareth warriors bravely entered the tower. Inside the tower, the devil’s laughter and screams constantly counted out.

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