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7×7 CARNAGE – Guild Congress Showdown

Invite your team, guildmates, friends and pick from the 7 classes full party PvP mayhem (WI, FB, FA, FS, BL, WA, GL). Take home the crown on our 7×7 on-the-spot tournament for Guild Congress 2014!

  • Registration: 10:00AM -12NN
  • Tournament: 1PM onwards


  • This is a first come first serve basis, maximum of eight (8) Team participants.
  • Teams can still register on the event proper if there are still available slots.
  • Qualified participants should still register during the event proper.


  • Registrants must show a 100 unscratched LU card (or higher denomination) upon registration. A total of 700 LU cards per team.
  • Participants shall use pre-made characters provided by the CABAL PH Team, each with its own standard equipment.
  • Tournament map is on the middle of Arcane Trace.
  • Tournament Style is 7v7 PK Battle. Once a character is killed, the gamer is requested to raise their hand and off the key board/mouse.
  • Each match will be conducted through Eliminations (knockout system)  as well as Semi-Final match. When the Final two teams are determined; we will follow the best of Three (3) policy in our Finals Match.
  • Losing teams may no longer compete in the tournament, while winning teams will advance to the rounds leading to the championships match.

Player’s responsibilities and guidelines

  • Teams must designate a Team Captain who will handle all decisions for the team. Field Marshals will consider decisions made by the team captain as final for the entire team.
  • Setup period before the actual match is 5 minutes ONLY.
  • Players who fail to take advantage of the 5 minute setup time must begin playing with whatever configuration and character setup they are left with. No time extension for the setup will be given.
  • Substitutions are not allowed.


  • Zoning Foul – This is defined as moving your character in an unauthorized area or refusing to follow move orders issued by the GM in-game.
  • Skill Foul – This is defined as using skills in the tournament area before the countdown by the head marshal.
  • Striking Foul – This is defined as striking any of the GMs in game.
  • Technical Foul – This is defined as engaging in any behavior that is unsportsmanlike and includes excessive profanity or violence against property or individuals including the marshals.

Disqualification Rules

  • The use of Frontier Stone during match is prohibited.
  • The use of Battle Modes 1,2 and 3 is not allowed during the tournament. Remove the battle mode icon from your skill quick slot to avoid pressing the skill during matches.
  • The use of other items that are not in the tournament account is also prohibited.
  • If two (2) or more members fail to arrive at the venue for their scheduled match, the present complete team will be declared as the automatic winner.
  • Intentional disconnection (ALT F4/Manual DC) will lead to the forfeiture of the match.
  • Players are expected to behave in a respectful and sportsmanlike manner at all times.
  • Teams/members of the team exhibiting unruly conduct will be disqualified, handing the opposing team the match.
  • Players are not allowed to abandon their terminals without the marshal’s approval. Teams with at least one (1) member who abandoned their terminal without the marshal’s approval will be disqualified and are not eligible to claim any prizes from the tournament.
  • Employees, suppliers and service providers of Playweb Games Inc. and their relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity are disqualified from joining any stage, including the finals, of any Level Up! Guild Congress and any of its sub-tournaments. This also includes the use of characters they own and accounts they maintain.
  • Premium Item Rewards are set t0 Char-bind or account bind option
  • Playweb Games Inc. has the right to hold and not give all prizes of disqualified teams.
  • The decision of the Referees, Game Masters, and tournament officials is FINAL.


  • 1st Placers
    • +10 Minesta Belt of Choice
    • Extreme Upgrade 5/5 of Choice (1 Item only Per Member)
    • 30-Day Blessing Bead Ultimate
    • 30-Day Title (Arrow from Black Hole or Blade Dancer)
    • 1 Level 5 Black Alpaca Pet (No Skills)
    • 90-Day Archridium Epaulet of Guardian
  • 2nd Placers
    • +7 Minesta Belt of Choice
    • Extreme Upgrade 3/5 of Choice (1 Item Per Member)
    • 30-Day Blessing Bead Ultimate
    • 60-Day Archridium Epaulet of Guardian

    *Rules are subjected to change



  • Gamers must purchase Level Up! prepaid cards in the event venue.
  • Upon purchase they must tell the Sales Agent that they will join the CABAL Pick-a-Prize activity.
  • A Gamer earns one (1) chance to pick a prize from the CABAL Random Box for every Php50 Level Up!Card purchased.
    • Ex. If a Gamer purchases Php200 Level Up! load, he/she can pick a prize from the Random Box 4 times.
  • Upon confirmation of the participation to join the pick a prize, the gamer must go to the raffle area and present the stub provided by the Sales Agent to the Pick a Prize Facilitator.
  • Level Up! prepaid cards purchased and used to join the other activities from other game booths are not eligible for the Pick-a-Prize activity for CABAL.
  • There are limited numbers of free items for this activity.
  • Contents of the RANDOM BOX:
    • Jackpot Prizes (Items are set to account bind)
      • [1] Astral Bike Card – PW5
      • [1] 1 Billion Alz
      • [1] Drei Frame Epaulet of Choice
      • [1] Archridium Epaulet of Choice
      • [1] Instant (+15) Weapon upgrade service (per part)
      • [1] Instant (+15) Armor upgrade Service (per part)
      • CABAL Jackets and CABAL Shirts
    • MINOR PRIZES: (until supplies last)
      • CABAL Posters
      • CABAL Baller IDs
      • CABAL ID Lace
      • CABAL Item Vouchers


Here are the top 10 Guilds on their respective Server to receive a Guild Certificate this Level Up! Guild Congress 2014.

-CABAL Online PH Team

1 PUNISHERsrs  52,620,511,263
2 ASSAULT  49,560,385,157
3 PUNISHER  41,556,134,377
4 PUNlSHERjrs  40,252,270,143
5 TheBountyHunters  39,698,559,745
6 AcoLyteSjrs  34,527,184,034
7 TheSovereign  30,831,826,329
8 ProjectEX  30,639,183,969
9 PUNISHERjrs  26,770,366,493
10 CAMARADERIE  24,084,436,744
1 ViRuS  112,117,225,753
2 xXTheJaiLBreaKerSXx  52,162,046,327
3 Sacrilege  48,549,348,700
4 xGeneiRyodaNx  44,857,406,057
5 ValiantKnights  40,477,282,275
6 CapellaWarFreak  37,772,840,925
7 Sacrament  37,055,388,266
8 SemperFideLis  37,000,554,648
9 PrisonBreak  35,239,600,336
10 NiKoSTRaToS  31,825,221,275
1 Ethereal  95,680,266,085
2 TheHiddenLeaf  78,747,048,445
3 lIlAscensionlIl  63,311,394,631
4 Maestro  52,320,103,592
5 lllGLadiatorZlll  50,977,928,699
6 CertifiedBANGIS  34,048,877,373
7 Steelwolves  29,107,118,065
8 DavaoNatioN  27,621,256,096
9 Civilian  27,253,872,741
10 AFFLICTION  23,098,384,405
1 ILLUMINATI  124,384,316,703
2 IWAGO  110,087,914,878
3 DivineDemons  90,548,321,366
4 Onitenshi  50,054,983,264
5 Supr3macy  44,092,143,909
6 DevilPrimeX  36,631,390,237
7 WAITINGLIST  32,574,472,316
8 elaine  30,889,775,406
9 TOINKZ  26,081,727,005
10 HumohDeDios  24,989,774,900
1 ENGAGE  92,682,060,767
2 EvolutionIII  66,102,100,817
3 NightCrawlers  62,756,274,383
4 Luminous  58,559,559,959
5 Ancients  52,504,697,077
6 UndecideD  45,447,211,785
7 ASCendancyCB  38,369,844,130
8 AltusSocietas  36,699,551,904
9 Guardians  34,144,026,958
10 FilthyRottenApples  32,522,326,470
1 xXxBoNeThUgZxXx  72,709,872,069
2 NeptuneAllStar  66,784,291,053
3 BloodDynasty  64,532,638,635
4 Deux  64,232,732,101
5 TG  52,486,261,874
6 VictrixMortalis  34,180,814,562
7 DemiGodZ  22,883,203,999
8 TheChosen  21,162,116,961
9 TheLegends  20,803,553,287
10 ProfessionalKillers  15,576,169,008