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Vote for the year-end Awards and join Holiday in-Game Events and Contests! | Cabal Online Philippines

It’s the Season of Giving and CABAL Online is going full blast with its in-game Events and Contests!

Kung alam nyo lahat ng Christmas Carols, pwes sumali sa  Christmas Carol Trivia Contest!

This Trivia Contest will happen 5x a day! The CABAL GM will broadcast a line from the lyrics of a Christmas Song! CABAListas will be asked to either complete the lyrics or guess the title of the song!  The first player to broadcast the correct answer using a Megaphone  after the GO signal wins!

You can only win once so to give everyone a chance to participate in the contest! For more information, visit the CABAL Online Blog site or click here!

That’s not the end ofg it! You can also join one of the biggest CABAL Online contest yet —  the CABAL PH 2011 Year End Awards! Nominate and vote for your favorite CABAListas!


A. Nomination
Gamers will be allowed to nominate CABALists in any of the following titles. Check out the categories below:

Bringer of the Year – An award that recognizes the most skilled Bringer in the land of Nevareth. For the Bringer among the Bringers, the Lord among the Warlords, ang malupit kung humagupit sa mga malulupit.

Couple of the Year – This award will be given to the most envied couple in Nevareth. Envied not because of their characters ingame but because of the what binds them together na malupit pa sa account bind. Ang couple na cheesy pero kahit mga mobs nilalanggam dahil sa ka-sweetan nila.

Villain of the Year – This award is to recognize the gamer who that any CABAList shouldn’t mess up with. Try to mess with this guy and he will haunt you for the rest of your CABAL life. Nyahaha!

Guild of the Year – Most outstanding award given to the guild that possesses an unwavering loyalty, displays true camaraderie and gives strength to one another through the battles they face in the land of Nevareth. For the guild that’s been attempted by other people to tear apart yet strives to continue the legacy they have created. The guild who has the spirit you can never bring down no matter how many imba equips you have.

CABAL Adik Award – A recognition given to the most dedicated CABAList whowill always answer “CABAL” when asked, “CABAL o ako?” Who treats CABAL PH as his lovelife. For the certified CABAList who displays an extraordinary love and support for the game.

Fashionista Award – An award given to the certified adik sa costume CABAList. For the gamer who will never let anyone see his/her character without a costume. The one who have tried all the costume sets/epaulets in CABAL PH. Ang Tim Yap or Tessa Prieto ng Nevareth.

Beggar Award – Even beggars deserve to be recognized but only the exceptional one gets the award. For the gamer that keeps on bugging you in the town area with the famous line, “Kuya palimos po ng alz, pang pots lang po please.”

Most Beloved Guild Leader Award – A recognition to the gamer who possesses the qualities of a true leader. For the Guild Leader who served as a mentor, a friend, a mama-san or papa-san. Ang nagtaguyod ng guild na hindi mapapantayan ang samahan, sa war man o sa tagayan.

Forumer of the Year – This award aims to recognize a forumer that even with the absence of a moderator title; he selflessly provides assistance and answers to his fellow gamers in the CABAL PH forum. (Poll will be posted in CABAL forum)

Comedian of the Year – An exceptional award for the exceptional gamer who gives the CABALists’ hearts a good laugh. For the gamer whose purpose is to make the land of Nevareth happy. For the gamer na muka pa lang nakakatawa na, pano pa kaya pag nagsalita.

Idol of the Year – Most outstanding award given to the person with the most exceptional playing skills or the most inspiring dedication to the game. For the one who has truly made a difference at para sa kanyang tunay na iniidolo ng marami dahil sa kabutihan ng kanyang puso at katapatan sa Inang Bayan. In short: Sya na at wala ng iba!

*Cabal Babe of the Year – Most outstanding award given to the CABAL Babe who has the most unforgettable and most makalaglag-pangang beauty. For the babe who has truly captured the hearts and even pwned the characters of male Cabalists.
(No more nominations for this award. Only babes featured in the CABAL PH blog are qualified for voting.)

Send your nominations to cabalcmjes@gmail.com with the following format:

Email Subject: (Award Title) – [Nominee’s Character Name / Server]
Award Title:
Nominee’s Character Name:
Reason why you nominated the gamer:


Email SubjecT: CABAL Adik Award – [APM Vinse / Mercury]
Award Title: CABAL Adik Award
Nominee’s Character Name: APM Vinse
Server: Mercury
Reason why you nominated the gamer: Because APM Vinse is always online and is always active in dungeons.

B. Screening

The nominees will be screened by the CABAL PH Team based on the reasons given in the nomination email, character logs and other references.
Only few nominees will be selected to undergo public voting.

C. Voting

A poll for the selected nominees per award will be posted on CABAL PH Facebook Page: http://facebook.com/cabalph .
Gamers will be allowed to cast multiple votes on our facebook poll from December 8 to 28.
The gamers with the most number of votes per award will be checked on December 28.
The awardees will be announced in December 29 and will receive a reward from the CABAL PH Team.

Event Prizes – To be posted

Stay tuned for more updates and new contests!

Dito sa CABAL Online, Mas Maligaya ang Pasko!