CABAL’s 12th Anniversary celebration in Domination II: Online Party! 


Cementing CABAL Online’s legacy, Domination II: Online Party capped off the 12th anniversary celebrations with a one-day event worthy of the No.1 MMORPG in the Philippines. Cheers to 12 amazing years in Nevareth! Look forward to even more action from PlayPark CABAL Online PH.

Unlike the usual on-ground celebration, CABAL celebrated its 12th anniversary last August 29, 2020 through an online party attended by CABALists wherever they may be in the world. Of course, the celebration came complete with 120.120.120 party giveaways given all throughout the program!

Many CABALists were ecstatic to have seen familiar faces during the Domination II: Online Party such as host Phaister, cosplayer Aria and the CABAL Twins, Megumi and Mayumi. CABAL’s ultimate source and international blogger, Mr. Wormy made a surprise appearance to party for the Filipino fans.

As the party began, Early Bird Awards were given to the first 120 lucky CABALists who were tuned in to the show. Chocolate cakes, buckets of chicken, and grocery vouchers were just some of the prizes CABALists enjoyed by simply watching the program live.

To kick-off the anniversary celebration, Filipino rock band Typecast performed their hits – Will You Ever Learn and Forget – to adoring fans.
Outstanding CABALists of the year nominated and voted by the community were revealed during the Player Recognition ceremony. Here are the CABALists who stood out in 2020:

Best Guild of the Year – TeamShinobi

Best Streamer of the Year – Tikyo

Charitable Players of the Year – zLadyAnnCOPH & DoinkyKong

Couple of the Year – Mustard & ZaneDrop

Guild Master of the Year – EmperorLvAz

MVP/Hero of the Year – Jecht1

Villain of the Year – Kiersx27

Special Award (Influencer of the Year) – Dandiely

If you know CABAL Online PH, you would know Mr. Wormy. He has attended previous CABAL anniversary celebrations. For 2020, despite the pandemic, he still joined Domination II: Online Party live from his home. He answered messages from fellow CABALists and played Never Have I Ever with Phaister, to the delight of his fans. When asked about how he deals with the pandemic, Mr. Wormy used it to his advantage as a gamer. He now spends 6-8 hours per day playing CABAL Online as a result of the new normal. He has been looking forward to joining CABAL’s anniversary even in the future, just as he had for the past years.
An extreme performance was served by metalcore band, Arcadia. The group performed highly  anticipated hits – Threshold and Boazania.
The much awaited cosplayers, Aria and the CABAL Twins, Megumi and Mayumi dominated the party with their beauty and creative looks. The CABAL Twins shared they have been playing CABAL for 9 years now and spend 4-5 hours a day playing the game. On the other hand, Aria, sporting her NPC Yuan cosplay, spends her time streaming games most especially CABAL Online.
ALZ o Kahon, a staple in any CABAL anniversary, was not let out of this year’s online party. The guild master of zDreamers Guild from the Orion Server, represented his guild and the winner of 2020 Guild Rally for Alz o Kahon. Faced with the most difficult question in ALZ o Kahon, zSummers had to choose a box from the cosplayers – Megumi for A, Aria for L, and Z for Mayumi. From start to finish, zSummers was decided on the 3rd item in letter Z. Despite being given the chance to change his choice, he was consistent with his first choice. For the last offer of 5 Billion ALZ, he still chose kahon over the bid. Opening the kahon Z left him with a 30D Armor of Choice. During the segment, lucky viewers also won party giveaways by sharing their ALZ o Kahon bet.

A CABAL tradition not to miss out, Mr. & Ms. Nevareth 2020 hosted a live Q&A of the Final 8 contestants. While many cheered for their bet, Aria, Megumi and Mayumi took turns in giving questions to each contestant because gaming skills and good looks must come with a great answer to win the Mr. & Ms. Nevareth 2020 crowns.

With an average score of 86%, winning Ms. Nevareth 2020 iLoveTaylorSwift answered the question: what is your favorite Electric Fan number and why? Her winning answer,

I believe that my favorite number in electric fan is #1 because what is the essence of number 2 and 3 if you’re the only one that matters to me. In Tagalog, ‘Ikaw lang sapat na.”

For Mr. Nevareth 2020, Dannel won with an average score of 95%. When asked If you can have dinner with a CABAL character, who would it be and why? He answered “Of course I want to dine with my character Force Shielder because from the word of its name ‘shield.’ I would feel safe and protected. That’s why I know to myself that no harm will come our way – like the people we have in life, the people who love us and who we love.”
Another headbangin’ performance was delivered to the CABALists by Valley of Chrome. The band rocked the songs The Art of Letting Go and Maskara. Towards the end of the performance, lucky CABALists who gave the title of the song performed by Valley of Chrome received prizes live.
As the online party came to a close, casters Dylan and Infinity joined Phaister to invite CABALists to catch the most awaited showdown of the champions in Battle Royale.
To cap off the online party, Chicosci treated the CABALists to a breathtaking performance of Diamond Shotgun and Vampire Social Club


Thank you for joining the 12th anniversary celebration of CABAL Online, CABALists! Here’s to more years of CABAL! We are grateful for your undying love and support! 💙