CursedSpirit, the level 180 Warrior of Mercury’s Procyon faction and a member of TheEvilOne is our payer of the week!

How long have you been playing CABAL Online:
I have been playing cabal since open beta was released

Why do you like to play CABAL Online:
Because of its cool graphics, and it gives me a great gaming experience

Favorite Place to Level:
Porta Inferno because of the rare items

Favorite NPC:
O’Conner(Bloody Ice Instructor) because of the free dungeon entry everyday

Most loved CABAL character:
Warrior, because it is strong and it has the capability to survive in every battle

Most challenging quest:
Leth Tyrant Quest, because until now I haven’t had any loot yet

Most hated mob/dungeon boss:
Leth Tyrant, because it so strong, and when he hits, it deals a lot of damage

Most hated PvP opponent:
Wizard when it comes to freestyle pvp… ang hirap habulin and long range sila.

Favorite party members:
Wizard, because of the sp. We can raid all dungeons we want

Any Crushes:
None so far. Karamihan boys lang kasi kilala ko sa game.

Tips for newbie players:
Guys, lagi lang kayo magquest and enjoy the game. Make friends at never manloloko ng iba para lang lumakas. Lastly, be a fair gamer. You know what I mean.

What is your greatest achievement in CABAL Online?
My greatest achievement is when my char attained the max level and I completed my set through my own means raiding some dungeons to earn some alz.

Give a Shoutout to your friends:
To all my friends out there and to my guildmates TEO gudluck sa hunt…lets make some noice