The Wizard from Venus’ Capella nation and a member of xXAnTiViRuZXx is our player of the week!

How long have you been playing CABAL Online:
I’ve been playing Cabal way back year 2008, 2 Months after the launch. Almost 3 years na.

Why do you like to play CABAL Online:
Because of its cool graphics, the skills, weapons and armors. Cabal is far different from other online games, it is the best of all the best games, actually a friend of mine encourage me to play the game, Honestly I am not fond of playing any sort of computer games then. but when I tried Cabal, I became an avid player of it, and addict maybe .

Favorite Place to Level:
Mutant Forest, hunting for SOD at the same time.

Favorite NPC:
Lady Yekatirina, an ultimate NPC vendor

Most loved CABAL character:
I love Wizards indeed, sila ang laging suki kapag may mg dungeon. at ang bilis pa nla mahirap habulin.

Most challenging quest:
They says Mergaheps Ring the one of the toughest quest . though I got the ring for just 3 runs.

Most hated mob/dungeon boss:
Chackris. always got her shield when her body guards re spawned.

Most hated PvP opponent:
Force Shielders, who can beat them? ang sakit ng critical nla.

Favorite party members:
Each of the characters has its own contribution on each parties, Wizards for SP and Si, Force Archers for Heal (Greater Heal then Mass heal, no need for HP pots.), Force Shielders for SS( those are my Fave Party members)

Any Crushes:
None so far. hehehe but I really admire our Guild Master (why?) simply because when you need help for your quests he’s just a call and game agad sa quest mo especially if it is a dungeon quests.

Tips for newbie players:
To all you guys who just started playing cabal. enjoy the game in the first place, dont use cheats such as BOTs’ , Damage hacks, AOE and the like. let’s play fair. we can enjoy the game if we are playing the way it is as a game.

What is your greatest achievement in CABAL Online?
I’ve been playing Cabal online for almost 3 years, I created 5 characters in one account. maybe to be a fanatic player for that long is somewhat kind of achievement.. hindi ako ng sasawa ka kakalaro.

Give a Shoutout to your friends:
Sa mga ka guild ko, sa mga buddy at mga kakilala.. enjoy the game guys, happy hunting as well, Good Luck