Krey, the Level 180 Force Shielder from Saturn and a member of the FluffyPandas, is our player of the week! Get to know our player of the week in this interview!

How long have you been playing CABAL Online:
Almost 3 years. I started playing Cabal July 11, 2008, one day before the birth of my Force Shielder. It was also around that time when I quit playing a different MMORPG and was searching for a better and more fast-paced game to play.

Why do you like to play CABAL Online:
Gamer ako by blood haha! I always look for new games to play, and when I do, there are only 3 things that I consider: Fast-paced PVP/PK system, gameplay pace, and graphics. Cabal has all of those 3. And I have to say, hands down to the Combo system of the game.

Favorite Place to Level:
Mutant Forest. Dati kasi sobrang daming tao sa MF, so marami akong mnakakasabay magpalevel. At the same time, bukod sa madaming taga Procyon nation dun (since Capella ang nation ko), madami din mga ka-nation ko na ang hilig sumawsaw sa spot ko. In short, dito ko unang napractice yung pag freestyle pk ko.

Favorite NPC:
Kallua. The sexiest instructor for me haha.

Most loved CABAL character:
Force Shielder. Back when this class didn’t have the recent buffs that we have now (Might Wish, Increased Hp bonus per BS rank up), this class was a bit weak in comparison to the other classes. It was because of this that I chose this class: for me to use something weaker than normal and try to go against the other classes despite the said weakness. It was also because of this that I was able to see those who really wanted to make an effort to improve this class in the eyes of the many by performing well during Nation Wars and Dungeon Runs.

Most challenging quest:
Supporter T Quests which require getting the Messages from Supporter T. I just don’t have the patience to accomplish them all. Time consuming kasi for their rewards na, para sa akin, hindi masyadong significant.

Most hated mob/dungeon boss:
Mergaheph. It took me more than 60+ entries to get that “cursed” ring. Thanks to Mergaheph for all those sleepless nights.

Most hated PvP opponent:
As much as I love freestyle PvP, as much as I love the challenge of going up against someone stronger, and as much as I see the experience in going up against all classes as a learning experience, I’d have to say Warriors. High HP, high defense (specifically yung mga naka +11 mith armors and up) and yung Cat’s Recovery, makes them hard to kill. Baka isipin ng iba madali lang pumatay ng Warrior despite the three factors mentioned, pero I’ve experienced going up against “hit and run” Warriors and I have to say, para akong lumaban sa dalawang Warrior sa taas ng HP na naregen nila sa buong laban.

Favorite party members:
Warriors and Wizards. Warriors give big damage boosts (Fury Shout and Panic Cry) as compared to other jobs while Wizards have the almighty Spirit Intension.

Any Crushes:

Tips for newbie players:
Wag mag madali sa pagpapalevel. Focus lang sa quests kasi dun kayo kukuha ng pera habang wala pa kayo sa level 100. Wag mamalimos, idaan sa sariling sikap. At higit sa lahat, maging palakaibigan at wag patulan ang mga nakikipagaway.

What is your greatest achievement in CABAL Online?
Nung nasanay ako mag freestyle. Para sa akin kasi dun nag uugat yung pagiging bihasa sa pag hawak ng character sa majority ng features ng game (war, survival sa PK maps pag nagpapalevel up ng character, etc.).

Give a Shoutout to your friends:
Hi to all my Venus freestyle buddies Amon, Zen, Marty, Pakz (miss ko na kayo kalaro), my Venus server guildmates (AdventChild), and to my Saturn buddies especially my guildmates na taga FluffyPandas (formerly Slytherin guild). May you guys never fail to keep our bonds as friends stronger than the present. To my younger bro in Saturn, may you decide to not be lazy in playing this game haha! Lastly, special mention to my character’s “childhood” freestyle buddy in Saturn (Kyoji). FREESTYLE!!!