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The gates of the huge tower guarded by Keshapone Minisha in the northeastern part of Porta Inferno were opened. Some curious Nevareth warriors bravely entered the tower. Inside the tower, the devil’s laughter and screams constantly echoed all over.

After so many years, a few of the warriors who entered the tower began to return. They were so tired, and their whole bodies were drenched with blood and filled with sword scars. But they laughed: “We did it. This way, we can get stronger.” In their hands was a red metal that looked like a coin, and packs of goldsmith-crafted equipment brightly shining in gold.

The other warriors watched with wonder and were astonished by what they saw. Two demons came along with them. The demons said “Humans, if you want to be strong, come to the Tower of the Devil. I am full of good things you want. Of course, if you can take away the demons and leave the tombs alive. Hahaha!”

Those who survived the trials of the devil spread all over Nevareth to gain stronger equipment and become more powerful. Numerous warriors began to gather in the Tower of the Devil. There were some who were strong, but the number of warriors who lost their lives increased exponentially.

Looking at the warriors entering the Tower of the Devil, the devils were making a sweet smile. The warriors were devoting their lives without a cause—not knowing that they were blinded by the desire to be strong, and were extremely tempted by the devil.

Dungeon Details

Key filled with evil spirits.
You can use it to enter Devil’s Tower

Dungeon Name: Devil’s Tower
Requirements: Level 180 or above
Complete DP: 6
Location: Porta Inferno (X:218 Y:229)

Revived Devil’s Key.
You can use it to enter Devil’s Tower (Part 2)

Dungeon Name: Devil’s Tower (Part 2)
Requirements: Level 190 or above
Complete DP: 7
Location: Porta Inferno (X:218 Y:229)

The Devil’s Tower is a dungeon for the upper level players.

The entrance to the dungeon is in Porta Inferno, and the entry item Devil’s Key is sold by Bloody Ice Grocer Deighton.

In the tower, you can obtain a Token of the Devil, which you can use to buy special items from the two Devil Merchants: Incubo and Sucubo.


New DX Dungeon

The Acheron Arena is a dungeon with a difficulty level slightly lower than the Illusion Castle Underworld (Apocrypha). 

Up to three (3) users can enter, where the first 20 minutes will be given as a time limit. Upon clearing the dungeon, 6 Dungeon Points (DP) can be obtained.

The Essence Rune Normal DMG Up can be acquired in the Legendary Box of the dungeon. The normal attack damage increases when the rune is registered on a character.

The dungeon’s entry item is sold by Bloody Ice Grocer Deighton for 4,000,000 Alz.

Dungeon Details

Nevareth’s honorable sword has a grudge in it.

Dungeon Name: Acheron Arena
Requirements: Level 190 or above
Complete DP: 6
Location: Bloody Ice (X:76 Y:24)


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