Lover’s Gift Box Login Event

Event Duration: February 22 – 28, 2022




Lover’s Gift Box Random Rewards

Item NameOption / DescriptionDuration
[Blessing Bead - WEXP (200%),(Accounts Belonging)]-7D Own/ 7D Duration
[Extreme Core Pocket (Unique),(Accounts Belonging)]1 pc-
Holy Water of Vitality,(Accounts Belonging)]10 pcs-
Protection of Veradrix,(Accounts Belonging)]10 pcs-
Holy Water of Speed,(Accounts Belonging)]10 pcs-
[Gold Repair Kit,(Accounts Belonging)]--
[Mirror of Observation (Gold),(Accounts Belonging)]--
[Superior Odd Circle,(Accounts Belonging)]10 pcs-
[Dodge Amp. Elixer (Lv. 4),(Accounts Belonging)]10 pcs-
[Powerful Elixer (Lv. 4),(Accounts Belonging)]10 pcs-
[Core Superior(High),(Accounts Belonging)]--
Battle Style Change Kit, (Accounts Belonging)1 pc-
[Weapon Option Scroll (Highest)-Sword Skill Amp.,(Accounts Belonging)]1 pc-
[Weapon Option Scroll (Highest)-Magic Skill Amp.,(Accounts Belonging)]1 pc-
[Blessing Bead - Ultimate,(Accounts Belonging)]-7D Own/ 7D Duration
[Blessing Bead - Plus,(Accounts Belonging)]-7D Own/ 7D Duration
[Leap of Hero,(Accounts Belonging)]10 pcs-
[Potion of Enhancement,(Accounts Belonging)]30003H Own

Event mechanics and rewards are subject to change without prior notice by the CABAL Online PH Team.