If you’re from Neptune and you need help with your quests, just call on UzumakiKasumi. The level 137 FA from Neptune’s Procyon faction and a member of CABALIERS is our player of the week!

How long have you been playing CABAL Online:
Since September 2008 ako nagsimulang maglaro ng CABAL.. Konti pa ang mga players nun

Why do you like to play CABAL Online:
I like to Play Cabal Online because of its COOL Graphics, COOL Story, and COOL Mobs. Dito lang ako naging happy 🙂

Favorite Place to Level:
Mutant Forest.

Favorite NPC:
Killua (Instructor)

Most loved CABAL character:
Force Archer. I’ve been using Force Archer since I started Playing Cabal Online PH kasi Long Range at May Kunat Factor pa.

Most challenging quest:
Mergaheph’s Power Seal Within: 10 runs na wala pa ring loot

Most hated mob/dungeon boss:
Enraged Kanaph Lycanus! Basta magstrike 1k nang 1k ang bawas.

Most hated PvP opponent:
Force Shielders. Hanep sa Critical Attacks.

Favorite party members:
Wizard & Warrior: Fast Kill E!

Any Crushes:

Tips for newbie players:
Don’t forget to Respect other Players; Kung Neptune Server kayo, PM nyo ko at tutulungan ko kayo sa Quests na hindi nyo alam; Iwasan naten ang Flame Chat sa In-Game kasi it might distract other players; As you play the game, marami kayung makikilalang mga kaibigan sa In-Game.

What is your greatest achievement in CABAL Online?
Having this Game is already an Achievement For me.

Give a Shoutout to your friends:
Hi kay Incompatible, yDiwa, CT01xBL, Just4Duztine, tenshushashu, queenieliz , at kay PRATINELA. Hi din sa CABALIERS Guild