Character Creation

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It’s time to create your soon-to-be-awesome Cabal Online character, so let us help you get started!
Once you logged in and selected your Server, you will be directed to the Character Selection Screen.

STEP 1: Click Start button


STEP 2: Create and Customize your Character


    • Type your Character Name
    • Click the Male or Female button to select your character Gender
    • Choose your Battle Style by clicking the Class icons
      • The right side window will display the vital information about each battle style and their recommended stat build
      • Not yet sure which class to choose? Check out the battle styles here.


  • Select your hairstyle, hair color, and face shape
  • Use Rotate View to see the left, right and back sides of your character
  • Press Create Character to finish the character creation process

STEP 3: Click START button to begin playing