Hello CABALists!

As part of the activities during the maintenance conducted this week, please check out the release of the following items in the CASH SHOP:

  1. Training Suit Gift Boxes
  2. Suit of Yuan Gift Box
  3. Suit of Ring Gift Box
  4. Robo Robo Pet Card
  5. Meow Ninja Pet Card
  6. Peng Pet Card
  7. Pet Change Kit- Armaku
  8. Pet Change Kit- Crag Turtle
  9. Pet Change Kit- Dire Boar
  10. Snow Ice Weapon Skins

Weekend Promo

These Headgears will be available in the Cash Shop from September 10 3:00pm until September 13 12:00 noon:

  1. Permanent Wild Western Hat (150 CABAL Cash)
  2. Permanent Dancing Temptation Mask (150 CABAL Cash)

September 9 also marks the start of the ASTRAL RUSH RELOADED Promo!

Enjoy up to 50% off on Astral Boards!
Happy e-Gaming!