In line with the new patch, Peddler Unon has just unveiled an update to his goods – the dungeon entries. Dive down and take a look at the New Dungeon Requirements. 

Note: Only Dungeon Entries sold by Peddler Unon are affected.

Dungeon Requirements Update – Peddler Unon

Item NameRequirements (Old)Requirements (New)
Key of Chaos Lv. 11,000,000-800,000-
Key of Chaos Lv. 21,500,000-1,500,000-
Key of Chaos Lv. 32,500,000-2,000,000-
Key of Chaos Lv. 43,000,000-2,500,000-
Key of Chaos Lv. 53,500,000-3,000,000-
Key of Chaos Lv. 64,000,000-3,500,000-
Key of Chaos Lv. 74,500,000-4,000,000-
Key of Eternal20,000,000-25,000,000-
Explorer's Journal800,000-2,000,000Upgrade Core (High) x1
Ever-Heated Lava Stone800,000-2,000,000Upgrade Core (High) x1
Frozen Clue800,000-2,000,000Upgrade Core (High) x1
Defected Train Card800,000-2,000,000Upgrade Core (High) x1
Crystal of Frozen Flame10,000,000100 AP15,000,000100 AP Chaos Core x3
Explorer's Journal (Awakened)500,000Chaos Core x15,000,000-
Ever-Heated Lava Stone (Awakened)500,000-5,000,000-
Frozen Clue (Awakened)500,000-5,000,000-
Defected Train Card (Awakened)500,000-5,000,000-
Nearly-hatching Egg800,000Force Core (High) x22,800,000-
Nearly-hatching Egg (Awakened)1,000,000Chaos Core x110,000,000-
Epaulet of the Dead B3F1,500,000Chaos Core x25,000,000Chaos Core x3
Epaulet of the Dead B3F (Part 2)2,000,000Chaos Core x15,000,000Divine Stone x1
Hidden Tomb Key1,000,000Divine Stone x15,000,000Divine Stone x2
Broken Devil's Horn5,000,000Divine Stone x15,000,000Divine Stone x2
Lamp that illuminates the soul1,000,000Divine Stone x15,000,000Divine Stone x2
Broken Circuit Chip1,000,000Divine Stone x15,000,000Divine Stone x2
Piece of Mysterious Statue500,000Force Essense x302,000,000Force Essense x50
Mysterious Branch1,000,000Force Essense x403,000,000Force Essense x50
Contaminated Cactus2,000,000Divine Stone x210,000,000Divine Stone x2
Strange Liquid10,000,000Divine Stone x210,000,000Divine Stone x2
Illusive Apocalypse (Apocrypha)2,000,000Divine Stone x15,000,000Divine Stone x2
Apocalypes of Other Dimension (Apocrypha)2,000,000Divine Stone x15,000,000Divine Stone x2
Honorable Warrior's Key1,000,000Upgrade Core (High) x13,000,000-
Key of Grudged Warrior2,000,0001 Chaos Core3,000,000Chaos Core x2
Holographic Map4,000,000Divine Stone x310,000,000Divine Stone x2
Scroll of Ordeal3,000,000Troglo's Golden Fruit x305,000,000Troglo's Golden Fruit x30
Broken Epaulet of the Dead2,000,000Divine Stone x25,000,000Divine Stone x2
Devil's Invitation2,000,000Chaos Core x15,000,000Divine Stone x2
Devil's Key1,000,000Upgrade Core (High) x35,000,000-
Revived Devil's Key2,000,000Upgrade Core (Highest) x610,000,000-
Muster Card : Forgotten Temple B3F3,000,000Divine Stone x310,000,000-
Dragon Slate1,000,000Dragon Jewel x5 & Stain clone x35,000,000Dragon Jewel x5 & Stain clone x3
Drifting Bottle30,000,000Divine Stone x315,000,000Divine Stone x3
Drifting Bottle (Awakened)3,000,000Divine Stone x320,000,000Divine Stone x3
Copy of Map Part500,000-500,000-
Copy of Muster Card600,000-500,000-
Copy of Epaulet of the Dead800,000-500,000-
Blazing Crystal1,000,000Upgrade Core (Highest) x22,000,000Upgrade Core (High) x5 & Upgrade Core (Highest) x5