Event Duration: August 26-27, 2023, 11:59 PM (server time)


  • During the event duration, players can participate by spending Force Gems in the game.
  • For every cumulative 1,000 Force Gems spent by a player, they will earn 1 raffle entry.
  • The event is open to all players on the server, fostering community engagement.


  1. Grand Prize: A chance to win x1 Change Battle Style Kit (Ultimate) (Account Bind).
  2. Second Prizes: 2 winners of  x1 Change Battle Style Kit (Normal) (Account Bind).
  3. Third Prize: An exciting chance to win x1 Vertux Vendetta (Gaming Keyboard & Mouse).

Prize Details:

  • The Grand Prize offers an account-bound x1 Change Battle Style Kit (Ultimate), granting players an extraordinary experience within the game.
  • The Second Prizes consist of account-bound x1 Change Battle Style Kit (Normal), providing players with unique gameplay options.
  • The Third Prize is a physical reward: x1 Vertux Vendetta, a high-quality Gaming Keyboard & Mouse combo for an enhanced gaming setup.

Entry Criteria:

  • Players become eligible for the raffle entries after spending a minimum of 1,000 Force Gems.
  • There’s no maximum limit to the number of raffle entries that can be earned. The more Force Gems spent, the higher the chances of winning.

Announcement of Winners:

  • The winners will be announced via Live Streaming. (Raffle Spin)


NOTE: Event mechanics and rewards are subject to change without prior notice, always check in for any announcement.