Eligibility of points will be based on a user’s real cash purchase. Users must top-up, convert, and purchase the item/s. Vouchers and free credits are not eligible during this period as it’s free and generated.

  • Only conversions from Playmall to CABAL Cash will be counted during the event period.
  • Top up using newest payment channels on PLAYMALL.
  • Vouchers are not counted.
  • You will only receive the rewards set for the highest category that you have reached. Example: Amount Spent is 12,000 Credits – Set of Rewards you will get are those under the For spending 12,000 above category.
  • Top spenders will be awarded with their acquired rewards and the rewards set for the highest spending category they have reached.

IN-GAME ITEM PRIZES PROMO PERIOD: May 14, 2023/May 21, 2023/May 28, 2023 ONLY.

1Blessing Bead - Platinum Wing (30 Days) (Account Bind)1,500 - 2,999
x2 Proof of Nevareth Fighter (7 Days) (Account Bind)
x100 Megaphone (Account Bind)
2Rename Card (Account Bind)3,000 - 5,999
X-Gen Card (Account Bind)
Black Transmuter (Account Bind)
Pet Name Card (Account Bind)
Remote Trade Card (30 Days) (Account Bind)
x20 GM's Blessing (Lv.4) Holy Water (Account Bind)
3Astral Board Card - K Red (Account Bind)6,000 - 11,999
x3 Chaos Safeguard (Account Bind) - Mercury Server ONLY

x10 Core Enhancer(High) - (Account Bind) Jupiter Server ONLY
x3 Enchant Safeguard (Ultimate) (Account Bind) - Mercury Server ONLY

x10 Core Superior (High) (Account Bind) - Jupiter Server ONLY
x15 Enchant Safeguard (Divine) (Account Bind) - Mercury Server ONLY

x1 Perfect Core (High) (Account Bind) Jupiter Server ONLY
x20 Protection of Veradrix (Account Bind)
4[Costume] Archridium Headpiece (DM) (Account Bind)12,000 above
[Costume] Archridium Suit (DM) (Account Bind)
[Costume] Skull Bike - Vehicle (Account Bind)
Pet Change Kit - Bonies (Tradeable)
Battle Style Change Kit [ Not Ultimate] (Account Bind)
x10 Extreme Core (Lv. 12) (Account Bind)

Event mechanics and rewards are subject to change without prior notice by the CABAL Online PH Team.