Hi CABALists!
This August, prepare for the application of the Gladiator Expansion Update as we introduce the Merits System and apply modifications on the Mission War and character-related improvements.
Check out the details of the upcoming update below. Target date for the patch will be this August 28th!

Please wait for official announcements regarding the release of the advance manual patch and the maintenance schedules for this update. Enjoy!

Meritorious System Added

  1. Meritorious Stage
  1. Common Meritorious Medal
    • Exchange ‘Meritorious Medal Exchange Ticket’ obtained as a reward from Mission War into a ‘Meritorious Medal of StormLuminosity’ at NPC shop
    • Obtain Meritorious Medal Exchange Ticket as a reward from Mission War
      • Section: Lv. 170 ~ 190 Section (No reward from Mission War for level below this section)
      • Personal score standard for Meritorious Medal Exchange Ticket reward: 100 points (WExp reward standard is 50 points)
      • Personal score standard for Meritorious Medal Exchange Ticket reward: 100 points (WExp reward standard is 50 points)
      • Additional reward for Meritorious Medal exchange coupon
      • Additional Meritorious Medal exchange coupon per score range


    • Officer / Dispatched Officer NPC shop
  1. Honor Medal *Disabled for hotfix
    • Use Officer / Dispatched Officer NPC’s ‘Meritorious Medal Exchange’ Menu
    • Exchange 10 million merits point into 1 Meritorious Medal
    • Exchange is available when the remaining Honor point is more than 2 billion
      • Can exchange when the Honor points are more than 2 billion and 10 million
    • One exchange is available at one time
  1. Glittering Meritorious Medal
    • Obtainable by using Cash Item – ‘Meritorious Medal Evaluation Order’ on the ‘Common Meritorious Medal’
    • Meritorious Medal Evaluation Order
      • Can only be used by [Common Meritorious Medal] purchased with exchange coupon at NPC shop *Can’t be used for Honor Meritorious Medal
      • Right click the Meritorious Medal Evaluation Order item at inventory, use it to target Meritorious Medal, it changes into a [Glittering Meritorious Medal]
    • Cannot be used to Meritorious Medal that proceeded an evaluation more than once and grade is decided from 1 to 8
    • Glittering Meritorious Medal guarantee a class 4 or higher medal and can be evaluated 2 times
      * Common Meritorious Medal can be evaluated 3 times
  1. Meritorious Stage – Evaluation
  1. Meritorious Medal Registration
    • Meritorious Medal Registration UI
      • Manual register level 1~8 Meritorious Medals up to 10 to the registration slot by [Ctrl + Click] or [Click and Drop]
      • Click [ Register all ] in UI, estimate from the front side inventory and register up to 5 automatically
    • At the registration, each Meritorious Medal’s name and grade is marked
      • Color of Meritorious Medal’s name is different according to the grade
      • Class is from 1 to 8, yellow marker number is different according to the registered Meritorious Medal grade
  1. Meritorious Medal Evaluation
    • Decide a grade of Meritorious Medal
    • WExp is consumed when evaluating
    • Maximum times for evaluation is different according to type of Meritorious Medal
    • Evaluation Result
      • Can choose [Confirm] and [Cancel] for the evaluation result
        • 1- Confirm: Confirm the evaluation result, and bring the Meritorious Medal to the inventory
        • 2- Cancel: Cancel the previous evaluation, restore the Meritorious Medal to previous grade
          *Even the evaluation result is “Canceled”, evaluation count still increases
  1. Meritorious Stage – Report
  1. Meritorious Medal Registration
    • Meritorious Medal Registration UI
      • Manual register level 1~8 Meritorious Medals up to 10 to the registration slot by [Ctrl + Click] or [Click and Drop]
      • By clicking [ Register all ] in UI, evaluates from the first part of inventory and automatically register up to 10 Meritorious Medals
    • Shows the summed up rewards (Meritorious points/Honor points) by the registered Meritorious Medal level at the information area located at the bottom part
  2. Reward for Meritorious Medal Report
    • Meritorious Point
    • Honor Point
      • After report, all characters exist in player’s own account with a level upper than 100 and honor grade from 10 to 20 will get a honor point
      • Give reward when the character logs in
        • 1- Reward will be expired when a player server transfer / account transfer / deletion without log-in
        • 2- Although honor grade is increased by the reward, honor point is rewarded by the honor grade at the report time EX) If B character’s merits level was 15 during the time of report, the honor points he gets through the reporting will be considered as 15
  1. Meritorious Mastery
  1. Meritorious Score / Point
    • Meritorious Score
      • Obtain by Meritorious Medal report, accumulate according to the affiliated nation (If Capella belonged character reported, reward merits point is shared to Capella belonged characters. Same for Procyon)
      • Obtain by Meritorious Medal report, accumulate according to the affiliated nation (If Capella belonged character reported, reward merits point is shared to Capella belonged characters. Same for Procyon)
    • Meritorious Point
      • Meritorious point will be given per regular merits score
      • Point is consumed for consuming merits mastery or increasing level
      • Merit points are locked to your account (server specific)
  2. Mastery UI
    • UI Open
      • Shortcut Key: Shift + R
      • Cabal menu – Meritorious mastery
    • Information indication
      • Upper side
        • 1- My current merits score
        • 2- Target merits score for next Meritorious point reward
        • 3- My current merits point
    • Bottom left side
      • Indicate names of 4 types of mastery
    • When selecting mastery, relevant mastery’s specific contents are marked at the right side as a tree form
      • Obtained state of mastery in present: common icon
      • Mastery which is able to obtain but not obtain yet: icon become gray
      • Mastery which could not be obtained because it doesn’t fit the criteria : lock is indicated above the icon
  1. Mastery
    • Obtain / Level up
      • To obtain mastery(Lv.1), precede mastery and relevant amount of merits point are required
      • To increase the level of mastery, merits point is required
    • Application
      • Target for application: characters with level upper than 170
      • Applied field: Mission War
        * But, when proceed [~Expanded] mastery training, it can be applied at all fields
    • Type
      • Ignore Evasion
      • Ignore Accuracy
      • Ignore Damage Reduction
      • Ignore Penetration
    • Ability
      • Basic ability: Increase when obtain relevant mastery or increase level
      • Bonus ability: If linked mastery level is the maximum, it will increase additionally according to the current mastery level
      • Linked mastery: Mastery of same series linked with sub grade
        Ex) [Damage Reduction II] is linked with [Damage Reduction I] / [Damage Reduction III] is linked with [Damage Reduction II]
    • New Force cord
      Force cord name Contents Etc
      Ignore Evasion When attacking, reduce opponent’s evasion value

      Each values use both ‘+ value’ and %

      % is % increasing the value

      Ignore Accuracy When attacked, reduce opponent’s accuracy value
      Ignore Damage Reduction When attacking, reduce opponent’s damage reduction value
      Ignore Penetration When attacked, reduce opponent’s penetration value
      Dissolve Ignore Evasion When attacking, reduce opponent’s evasion value
      Dissolve Ignore Damage Reduction When attacked, reduce opponent’s damage reduction value

New costume – Aodai added

  1. [Costume] Aodai
  2. Giftbox – [Costume] Aodai

Blessing bead WExp increase (200%) added

  1. Item information
  1. Name: Blessing bead – Wexp increase (200%)
  • Agent Shop Category
  1. Bead /Wing – Blessing bead – Wexp increase – 200%


Added New Craft Request:

  • Damage Amplifier Conversion
  • Sword damage amplifier(Lv.7)
  • Magic damage amplifier(Lv.7)
  • Material Core (Archridium)

Craft Table


+15 Effect for Gladiator crafted equipment item

  1. Name Name
    Craftman’s Bluestin Charkram Master’s Bluestin Charkram
    Craftman’s Titanium Charkram Master’s Titanium Charkram
    Craftman’s Shadowtitanium Charkram Master’s Shadowtitanium Charkram
    Craftman’s Osmium Charkram Master’s Osmium Charkram
    Craftman’s Red Osmium Charkram Master’s Red Osmium Charkram
    Craftman’s SIGMetal Charkram Master’s SIGMetal Charkram
    Craftman’s Mithrill Charkram Master’s Mithrill Charkram
    Craftman’s Archridium Charkram Master’s Archridium Charkram
    Craftman’s Bluestin Plate(GL) Master’s Bluestin Plate(GL)
    Craftman’s Bluestin Gauntlet(GL) Master’s Bluestin Gauntlet(GL)
    Craftman’s Bluestin Greaves(GL) Master’s Bluestin Greaves(GL)
    Craftman’s Titanium Plate(GL) Master’s Titanium Plate(GL)
    Craftman’s Titanium Gauntlet(GL) Master’s Titanium Gauntlet(GL)
    Craftman’s Titanium Greaves(GL) Master’s Titanium Greaves(GL)
    Craftman’s Shadowtitanium Plate(GL) Master’s Shadowtitanium Plate(GL)
    Craftman’s Shadowtitanium Gauntlet(GL) Master’s Shadowtitanium Gauntlet(GL)
    Craftman’s Shadowtitanium Greaves(GL) Master’s Shadowtitanium Greaves(GL)
    Craftman’s Osmium Plate(GL) Master’s Osmium Plate(GL)
    Craftman’s Osmium Gauntlet(GL) Master’s Osmium Gauntlet(GL)
    Craftman’s Osmium Greaves(GL) Master’s Osmium Greaves(GL)
    Craftman’s Shineguard Plate(GL) Master’s Shineguard Plate(GL)
    Craftman’s Shineguard Gauntlet(GL) Master’s Shineguard Gauntlet(GL)
    Craftman’s Shineguard Greaves(GL) Master’s Shineguard Greaves(GL)
    Craftman’s SIGMetal Plate(GL) Master’s SIGMetal Plate(GL)
    Craftman’s SIGMetal Gauntlet(GL) Master’s SIGMetal Gauntlet(GL)
    Craftman’s SIGMetal Greaves(GL) Master’s SIGMetal Greaves(GL)
    Craftman’s Mithrill Plate(GL) Master’s Mithrill Plate(GL)
    Craftman’s Mithrill Gauntlet(GL) Master’s Mithrill Gauntlet(GL)
    Craftman’s Mithrill Greaves(GL) Master’s Mithrill Greaves(GL)
    Craftman’s Archridium Plate(GL) Master’s Archridium Plate(GL)
    Craftman’s Archridium Gauntlet(GL) Master’s Archridium Gauntlet(GL)
    Craftman’s Archridium Greaves(GL) Master’s Archridium Greaves(GL)


Maximum honor point expanded up to 4 billion points

The Cube of Honor changed

  1. Added Cube of Honor (superlative)
    1. Purchasing DP: 19DP
    2. Purchasing condition: Honor grade 18 ~ 20
  2. Purchasing condition changed
    Cube type Present Changed
    Cube of honor(Low) -19 ~ 5 grade 9 ~ 11 grade
    Cube of honor(Intermediate) 6 ~ 10 grade 12 ~ 14 grade
    Cube of honor(High) 11 ~ 20 grade 15 ~ 17 grade

    Cube of honor(Superlative)

    18 ~ 20 grade
  3. Value and percentage of Potion of Honor for each cube are increased

Adjusted the acquired amity point to 0 in request for transforming the damage amplifier

Required amity Recipe name
0 Sword damage amplifier(Lv. conversion
0 Magic damage amplifier(Lv. conversion
1000 Sword damage amplifier(Lv. conversion
1000 Magic damage amplifier(Lv. conversion
2000 Sword damage amplifier(Lv. conversion
2000 Magic damage amplifier(Lv. conversion
3000 Sword damage amplifier(Lv. conversion
3000 Magic damage amplifier(Lv. conversion
4000 Sword damage amplifier(Lv. conversion
4000 Magic damage amplifier(Lv. conversion
5000 Sword damage amplifier(Lv. conversion
5000 Magic damage amplifier(Lv. conversion
6000 Sword damage amplifier(Lv. conversion
6000 Magic damage amplifier(Lv. conversion

Logic of client force code calculation changed

  1. Calculation for the contents using Force Cord (Soul Ability, Enchant, Character stats, etc.) changed

Synergy and skills related changes in battle mode 3

  1. Warrior
    1. Weapon destruction
      • Original: Opponent’s defense -5%
      • Changed: Opponent’s defense -50
      • Added: Own penetration +20
  2. Wizard
    1. Resistance block
      • Original: Opponent’s critical damage -25%
      • Changed: Own defense -100
      • Added: Opponent’s critical damage -10%
  3. Force Shielder
    1. Weakness use
      • Original: Opponent’s defense -12%
      • Changed: Opponent’s defense -100
      • Added: Own penetration +40
    2. Disarm
      • Original: Own defense -6%
      • Changed: Opponent’s defense -120
  4. Force Blader
    1. Pain assignment
      • Original: Opponent’s defense -5%
      • Changed: Opponent’s defense -50
      • Added: Own penetration +20
    2. Successive pain
      • Original: Opponent’s defense -5%
      • Changed: Opponent’s defense -50
      • Added: Own penetration +20
    3. Art of Curse
      • Changed: Duration time changed from 15 seconds to 20 seconds
  5. Gladiator
    1. Madness amplification
      • Original: Opponent’s defense -5%, own sword skill amplification +15%
      • Changed: Opponent’s defense -50, opponent’s skill amplification resistance -15%
      • Added: Own penetration +20

Stats of some monsters changed

  1. Frozen Tower of Undead B3F
    1. Entire boss monsters’ maximum HP, defense, defense rate, healing amount are reduced
  2. Porta Inferno
    1. kinds of boss monsters’ defense and HP restore amount reduced
  3. Forbidden Island (awakened mode)
    1. Tetra Syarsor / Penta Syarsor defense reduced

Costume item data structure changed

Changed timer in Eternal Chaos Arena Dungeon UI to show the number of dropped chaos pieces


Costume Maximum Fixed an error that non bind upper epic item is dropped from legendary cube at frozen Tower of Undead B3F Dungeon

Fixed an error that unavailable to use looting rule of ‘Loot only by Party Leader’ when looting a piece of chaos

Fixed an error that if character dead during the war and reconnect, character revival pop up window appeared

Fixed an error that opponent character’s costume(Nevareth angel in white) is invisible for men characters

Fixed an error that appearance of master’s SIGMetal Charkram was specified as appearance of Lycanus’s Charkram

Fixed an error that prior achievement of ‘shortage of will to use skill’ achievement was assigned to be wrong

Fixed an error related with achievement/title

  1. Fixed an error that some of title’s option marking method was assigned to be wrong
    1. Fixed an error that +X% increasing titles by option’s title marked as +10X%
    2. List of titles occurring relevant error
      Title Name
      Supporter T Is Watching You
      First Chaos Boundary
      Second Chaos Boundary
      Third Chaos Boundary
      Fourth Chaos Boundary
      Last Chaos Boundary
      Beyond Chaos Boundary
      The New Beginning of Chaos
      Person of enduring heat I
      Person of enduring heat II
      Person of enduring heat III
      Person of enduring heat IV
      Named person of enduring heat I
      Named person of enduring heat II
      Named person of enduring heat III
      Named person of enduring heat IV
      Luminous Great Gladiator
      Luminous Supreme Gladiator
      Luminous Officer
      Luminous Great Officer
      Luminous Supreme Officer
      Luminous Captain
      Luminous General
      Luminous Commander
      Luminous Hero
      Luminous Legend
      Luminous God
      Stormy Great Gladiator
      Stormy Supreme Gladiator
      Stormy Gladiator
      Stormy Great Officer
      Stormy Supreme Officer
      Stormy Captain
      Stormy General
      Stormy Commander
      Stormy Hero
      Stormy Legend
      Stormy God
  2. Fixed an error that title name was assigned to be wrong
    1. Relevant title: Named person of enduring heat IIII
    2. Change the title: Named person of enduring heat III

Force Shielder – When using unarmed synergy, effect of ‘Defense decrease -6%’ was applied to opponent not for the own player

Fixed an error that registering the Master’s Armor(FS) craft category requires Craftman’s Token

Mission War

WExp increase benefits application method change in Mission War’s reward

  1. Changed contents
    1. Original: 80 x (WExp increase benefit) x (For personal score top 30% rank players + additional WExp according to personal score
    2. Changed: (80 + Additional WExp according to personal score)*(For personal score top 30% rank players 0.
      • Adjusted to apply WExp increase benefit for additional WExp according to personal score
      • For personal score top 30% rank players, 10% WExp increase benefit is added
  2. Calculation Example
    1. Current Benefit
      • Apply premium service / blessing bead(plus is applied) / victorious nation / apply WExp + 100% bead / personal score 000 points / top 30% rank
        * Total WExp increase benefit: 160%
    2. Calculation
      • (80+167)*(2.6+0.1) = 666

Changed so that Legacy Weapons no longer drop

Changed the short cut key of Mission War result page to Alt + R

Fixed an error that if a character is dead before the end of Mission War, it was impossible to close reward output window

Fixed an error that guardian could not be recalled after intermittently occupied the base

Changes regarding guardian and objects in Mission War

  1. Entire Section
    1. Give construction point for guardian summon characters
      • Obtain 1 personal point in level 170 ~ 190 section
  2. Level 170~190 section
    1. HP of Guardian is increased
    2. HP restoration of Guardian is decreased
    3. Defense of Guardian is increased
    4. HP of Base gate is increased
    5. HP restoration of Base gate is decreased
    6. HP of Sage’s Ensign is increased
    7. HP restoration of Sage’s Ensign is decreased

Character related change

  1. Entire Section
    1. PvP damage decrease rate increase
    2. Weighting of attack / defense personal score obtaining changed
      • When attacking guardian / object, score obtain penalty increase
      • Weighs obtained during the attack or shoot to character
        * Check a score obtain amount when uses Blader’s ‘intuition’ / Force archer’s ‘quick move’
  2. Level 170~190 section
    1. Attack score obtained from using some skills are raised
    2. Trial skills: Panic cry / Field of fear / Raise spirit / Shadow shield / Field of enervation / Site increase

Revival and tower related change

  1. Entire Section
    1. If there is no revival tower, decrease revival time from 40 seconds to 35 seconds
    2. Application of unbeatable effect after the revival
      • All attacks at unbeatable state treated as miss / no harms of state disorder
      • Debuff / buff is applied at unbeatable state
    3. Tower construction by the point is included to construction score
      *But, tower construction by Alz will obtain 1/5 of acquired score based for level 170 ~ 190 section
  2. Level 170~190 section
    1. Revival time by the revival tower is decreased from 20 seconds to 17.5 seconds
    2. Level of revival is increased
    3. Construction time of revival tower is decreased
    4. HP of Revival tower is increased
    5. Defense of revival tower is increased
    6. HP restoration of Sage’s Ensign is decreased

Raised reflection rate of attack score when attacked characters at level 170 ~ 190 section


Source: CABAL Online Site (www.cabal.com)