Hey CABALists!

It’s the start of rainy season once again but cheer up! CABAL Online PH will brighten up your July with our lined GM Events~


Haven’t acquired your GM Blessings achievements yet? Now is your is your time to receive Level 1, 2 and 3 GM’s Blessings and complete your Blessings of Nevareth!

The GM Blessing Buff enables players to experience a temporary intensive increase on their in-game stats.

GM Buffs Lvl 1

Mercury Monday 6-Jul
Venus Tuesday 7-Jul
Mars Wednesday 8-Jul
Jupiter Thursday 9-Jul
Saturn Friday 10-Jul
Neptune Saturday 11-Jul

GM Buffs Lvl 2

Mercury Monday 13-Jul
Venus Tuesday 14-Jul
Mars Wednesday 15-Jul
Jupiter Thursday 16-Jul
Saturn Friday 17-Jul
Neptune Saturday 18-Jul

GM Buffs Lvl 3

Mercury Monday 20-Jul
Venus Tuesday 21-Jul
Mars Wednesday 22-Jul
Jupiter Thursday 23-Jul
Saturn Friday 24-Jul
Neptune Saturday 25-Jul


Event Schedule: July 21,22,23,24,25 2015




1. There are Five Major Brackets for the Event. Only the first 8 registrants per server will be qualified:

• Mossite Division: Level 50 to 79

• Wraith Division: Level 80 to 109

• Cornus Division: Level 110 to 139

• Manticore Division: Level 140 to 169

• Tyrant: Level 170 to 190/200


2. Knockout System for eliminations; the schedule will be posted after the bracketing is drafted randomly thru challonge.com.

3. Best of 3 for the Final Match.

4. Strictly no substitution.

General Event Conditions:

1. TPP is strictly forbidden.

2. No BM1, BM2, BM3 only Aura is allowed.

2. The use of items (ex: Return Stone, Warp Item, Resurrection Item) or buff potions is also prohibited.

3. Players cannot hide in towns during the start of the duel.

4. Players cannot be buffed by other players. Before they buff themselves, they shall be partied with the Game Master in-charge and with their opponent. Party buffs are not allowed. The main purpose of the party with the official and your opponent is to monitor the buffs and HP.

5. Players are expected 30 minutes before their schedule.

6. Tournament map is Port Lux.

7. Rules and Schedule are subject to change by the organizer at any time.

8. The decision of the Judge is FINAL

9. Registration period is from July 6, 2015 until July 20, 2015 (11:59PM) only.


Send your entries to cabal@levelupgames.ph containing your in-game information above.

Sample Registration for BLADER’S HASTE Category


TYRANT Division

• Character Name (IGN): CM Kiel

• Guild: CM Team

• Level: 200

• Server: ALL

(Please do not forget to attach a screenshot of your character in your entry)




PVP Winner per bracket:



30D Special title: Battle Commander

30D Bloody Skeleton Blade/Katana

30D Blessing Bead Plus Ultimate


Runner Up

10D Bloody Skeleton Blade/Katana

10D Blessing Bead +

10D PW5



3D Blessing Bead Plus

3D PW5


If the participants is under Lv 145, these are the rewards


Runner Up

10D Bloody Skeleton Blade/Katana

10D Blessing Bead +

10D Nightmare Costume



3D Blessing Bead Plus

3D Nightmare Costume




Bloody Ice
Desert Scream
Green Despair

Event Monster Drop

Slot Extender(Highest)
Slot Extender(High)
Slot Extender(Medium)
Enchant Safeguard (Highest)
Enchant Safeguard (High)
Core Enhancer(Highest)
Core Enhancer(High)
Minesta’s Sapphire Charm +3
Minesta’s Ruby Charm +3
Minesta’s Emerald Charm +3
Minesta’s Chaos Guardian Belt +5
Minesta’s Chaos Fighter Belt +5
Minesta’s Chaos Sage Belt +5
Archridium Epaulet of Sage [3D]
Archridium Epaulet of Fighter [3D]
Archridium Epaulet of Guardian [3D]
Archridium Epaulet of Sage [1D]
Archridium Epaulet of Fighter [1D]
[Archridium Epaulet of Guardian [1D]
Drei Frame Epaulet of Sage [3D]
Drei Frame Epaulet of Fighter [3D]
Drei Frame Epaulet of Sage [3D]
Drei Frame Epaulet of Fighter [1D]
Drei Frame Epaulet of Guardian [1D]
Drei Frame Epaulet of Guardian [1D]
Essence Rune(Sword Skill Amp.)
Essence Rune(Magic Attack)
Essence Rune(Magic Skill Amp.)
Essence Rune(Attack)
Holy Water of Critical Strike (30 min)
Holy Water of Flawless Defense
Holy Water of Vitality
Holy Water of Sage (30 min)
Holy Water of Fighter (30 min)
Holy Water of Traveler (30 min)
HP Potion (Lv. 4)
MP Potion (Lv. 4)
Inexhaustible HP Potion(Lv. 4)
Inexhaustible MP Potion(Lv. 4)
Upgrade Core(Highest)
Upgrade Core(High)


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