Lords of War 7 is well underway and we prepared special promos and events for you!

Special Login Event

Login starting January 30(7PM)  until February 3, 2019  daily to get awesome “random” in game items from us!

CRUX Anniversaya Sale

Get your favorites from the item shop with cheaper prices until January 31 only.

Yul’s Rewards (LOW 7 Edition)

Yul is back again with treasures to aid you in this on going war. (January 31 – Feb 2, 2019)

Spend at least 2,000 CABAL Credits

  • Chaos Box Hardness Capsule
  • Extreme Core Pocket Unique

Spend at least 10,000 CABAL  Credits

  • Force Gem x300
  • Carnelian +11
  • Chaos Talisman +7
  • Enchant Safeguard High x10
  • Enchant Safeguard Highest x10
  • Epic Booster x3

Spend at least 20,000 CABAL Credits

  • Force Gem x1000
  • Pet Option Untrain x10
  • Slot Extender Highest
  • Perfect Core Highest x 5
  • Arcana of Laws +11
  • Arcana of Chaos +11
  • Enchant Safe Guard High x10pcs
  • Enchant Safe Guard Highest x10pcs
  • Epic Booster x5

Spend at least 30,000 and Up (Biggest Spender)

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place


PlayPark rules and prizes are subjected to change without prior notice.