Event Mechanics for Guild Voting:


Top-Up Period:

  • Duration: July 1 to July 30.
  • Every 100 Cabal Cash converted via PlayMall topup will grant the player 1 Vote.

Voting Period:

  • Duration: July 2 to July 31.
  • Accumulated votes can be used to participate in the Guild Voting Event and players can cast their votes on the guild of their choice.

Guild Voting Mechanics:

  • Players can vote for their chosen guilds using their accumulated votes at https://voting.playpark.com/
  • Vote counts for each guild will be displayed publicly at the voting website.
  • Players can distribute their Voting Points among multiple guilds or cast all their votes for a single guild.
  • The guild with the highest vote count by the end of the voting period will be declared the winner and will receive the prestigious reward:
    • Guaranteed Permanent Guild Emblem
  • Guilds that reached at least 500 points will be entitled to have a raffle entry where they can win: (Excluding Top 1)
    • 1 Permanent Guild Emblem


NOTE: Events and Mechanics are subject to change without prior notice by CABAL ONLINE PH Team