Hi CABALists!


Platinum Wing is now on sale for limited duration in the Item Shop!

Head to the Item Shop to avail the NEW Platinum Wing Service for a discounted price of 600 CABAL Cash! Click Premium and Transfers > Premium Services.

Avail of discount until April 16, 2021. Grab one now!



Premium Item
EXP Bonus 200%
Skill EXP Bonus 150%
Drop Rate Increase 100%
WEXP Bonus 200%
Pet EXP Bonus 150%
Expand Inventory 2 Item
Expand Personal Warehouse 1 Item
GPS Warp 1
Bonus Agent Shop Slot 12 Item
Bonus Agent Shop Reg. Qty. 15 Item
AXP Bonus 150%
T-Point Up 100%
Agent Shop Sales Fee Exempt 1
Request Slot Extend 3 Item
Increased Box Drop Rate 100%
Force Wing EXP UP 150%
Increases various chances and character growth speed while providing an additional GPS, storage, and inventory.


How To Use

Item’s effect will be applied to your account. (Right click to Use)


Item Duration: 30 Days



Happy Gaming!