Centuries ago, when the Lord of Destruction was in his peak of power, his very evil existence bred hatred in the hearts of men. Great cities were struggling against constant sieges from enemy forces, innocent citizens were dying every minute, and great nations were ambitiously improving their military structure as they waged pointless wars against any nation they seek to control. Terror reigned and chaos overshadowed hope — as Nevareth shudders on the verge of a never-ending warfare.
During this era of growing hostilities and endless political disputes was born a woman with remarkable wit and talent for war. Her name is Katerina, born in the cold mountains of Hellenia in the continent Midreth. Though naturally shrewd and highly proficient in the art of war, Katerina led the whole army of Midreth with the heart of a gentle lady. And she was determined to restore peace in Nevareth.
“The only way to end this war is to dominate the other warring nations. And there is only one way to achieve that—to be superior in arms. To wield the best weaponry Nevareth has ever had.”
Katerina travelled far and wide to realize her mission. And eventually, she found what is called the ‘Everlasting Core’, a gem so powerful it could magically imbue weapons with perfect epic properties. She gathered the best craftsmen in her continent to manufacture thousands of the finest Red Osmium and Topaz weaponry and prepared for war.
Soon enough, Lady Katerina succeeded in uniting the nations under her control. But the worst was yet to come.
The Lord of Destruction drew from the very depths of his heart a black hole so massive and powerful it was able to suck up the weapons of those who stood against the Cabal. Dispirited and unarmed, the soldiers were almost in the point of surrender, until Katerina stood up and managed to think of a better plan.
“The only weapon that could destroy a thing that lives through destruction and death is a weapon that breathes meaning and life to anything it touches. This will require an act of sacrifice, but I think I know exactly how to deal with this.”
Without hesitation, she rushed forth towards the Lord of Destruction and forcefully threw the Everlasting Core into the center of the black hole, instantly causing both the hole and the core to lose power and eventually dematerialize. The weapons the black hole previously contained were thrown into the deep blue sea below it.
Severely weakened by the deteriorating power of the black hole, Lady Katerina died eventually. But before she has breathed her last, it was said that she uttered the following words:
“Someday in the distant future, humans will rediscover the treasures I created. And as long as faith and determination abound in the hearts of those who would possess them, the weapons will regain their strength, and will grant their new masters the power of the ancient core. And people will remember the legends, of how the weapons have saved us all during Nevareth’s darkest days.”
Lady Yekaterina of Bloody Ice, along with his group of treasure-hunters, has discovered the ancient treasures of Katerina.
They have learned however, that the weapons, aged by time, can no longer exist for long. Upon use the weapons will expire within seven (7) days, unless the owner enchants it to level 9.
The weapons of the past meet the soldiers of the present. Are Nevareth’s soldiers worthy enough to wield the powers of the past?
Good Luck!
NOTE: NPC Yul will also sell Upgrade Core High in the NPC Shop.
These cores are account-binded and expiring (7-Day Duration).
Price of Upgrade Cores at NPC Yul’s Shop: 1,000,000 Alz per piece