[The Monster Festival]

Scattered across the continents of Nevareth are the legendary creatures of ancient age, the Golden Fortune Pig and Nian the Lion. Said to be truly mystical creatures, they portend of bright future, great wealth and assured fortune for those who would encounter them in combat during their blessed stay in Nevareth.
Event Details
– Two different Monsters will spawn across the field maps of Nevareth
– Players should kill the Event Monsters to receive various items

Event Monster Item Drop List
*Items from the event monsters are account bind and some are periodical/expiring.

Apocalypse of Other Dimension
Astral Bike Card – Crystal RW3
Astral Board K – Sky
Blessing Bead AXP %25
Belt of Damp
Belt of Guard
Belt of Prevent
Belt of Rapid
Belt of Vital
Copy of Epaulet of Undead
Copy of Illusive Apocalypse
Copy of Map Part
Copy of Muster Card
Core Enhancer (High)
Core Enhancer (Highest)
Crest of Siena B1F
Crest of Siena B2F F
Epaulet of Freed
Epaulet of Undead
Epaulet of Undead B2F
Epaulet of Yuan
Blessing Bead EXP 25%
Explorer’s Journal
Face – Premium Set 1
Frozen Clue
Hairstyle – Foetree
Hardness Potion
Astral Board K- Black
Life Capsule(LV3) Type A
Life Capsule(LV3) Type B
Lost Island Compass
Magic Master Potion
Magic Potion (beginner)
Manacondense Potion
Map Part
Mithril Armor Set
Mithril Battle Set
Mithril Martial Set
Muster Card : Forgotten TempleB1F
Muster Card : Forgotten TempleB2F
Muster Card : Ruina Station
Pet Change Kit – Cha Cha
Pet Change Kit – Gentle Parrot
Blessing Bead Plus
Return Stone
Ruined Train Card
Santa Fury Epaulet
Seal of Darkness
Sharpness Potion
Blessing Bead Skill EXP 50%
Slot Extender (High)
Slot Extender (Highest)
Slot Extender (Middle)
STR Potion (beginner)
Sword Master Potion
Upgrade Core (High)
Upgrade Core (Highest)
Upgrade Core (Low)
Upgrade Core (Middle)
Vital Potion
Blessing Bead WEXP 25%

This event will be until October 14, 2010.
Good Luck!