Rising Force: EXTREME is a complimentary update to the recent Episode 10 update that aims to provide users with new skills, achievements, and expand the equipment variety with the introduction of the extreme upgrade system. This update will go live this coming July 25, 2013!
You may download the password-protected manual patch in advance by clicking on this LINK.
The password for the file will be released on July 25.
Check out the new features and changes in this update below.

  • New Transcender Skills
  • Extreme Upgrade System
  • New Awakened Dungeon
  • New Achievements and Titles
  • Intro of Weapon and Armor Box
  • New BM3 Synergies
  • New Cash Shop Items


TOP 3 Features:

1 New Trancender Skills
The battle between the difference classes intensifies as new offensive and passive skills are introduced!

2 Introduction of EXTREME Upgrade System
Upgrade your end-game gears to become the most powerful soldier inside the game

3 New Awakened Dungeon and Achievements
Discover new treasures and gain new titles by conquering the new Awakened Dungeon and accomplishing new tasks


          1. Extreme Upgrade System Added

A. Extreme Upgrade System

                                        [Tip] The higher Extreme Core use during Extreme Upgrade increases success rate


B. Required items for Upgrade Extreme Upgrade

                                                                     ※ Values in the brackets are for Two Handed Weapons


C. Extreme Upgrade Option

– Additional options granted for Extreme Upgrade by its level

– These additional options are different from Basic / Unique option on the original items

              ※ Value in Brackets are for Two Handed Weapons


– Extreme Upgrade UI Screen

D. Other Information Related To Extreme Upgrade

 – When the item reach its Max Lv. of Extreme Upgrade it is broadcasted through the channel

– Items that went through Extreme Upgrade have different colored name

– Extreme Upgrade doesn’t affect item’s base stat and the selling price

– There are four possible results after the upgrade:

  • Success/Cannot equip
  • Success/Can Equip
  • Fail/Can equip
  • Fail/Cannot equip

– When the item goes into “unable to equip” after Extreme Upgrade success or fail, user cannot trade the particular item


      2. New Item Added


A. Extreme Core


B. Extreme Core Pocket


C. Repair Kit

[Tip] Repair Kit Certificate can be purchased through Chloe for 10,000,000 Alz (Account Bind)


D. Unbinding Stone


E. Premium Cubes


    3.  New Skill Added

A. New Skill books can be purchased from Instructors for 3,714,500 Alz. To see the skills in action watch the official video here.


  • Warrior

  • Blader

  • Wizard


  • Force Archer

  • Force Shielder

  • Force Blader


     4. Forgotten Temple  B2F (Awakened) Added

– Higher difficulty dungeon of Forgotten Temple B2F with Time Attack feature

A. Basic Information


B. New Item


  • Item Request Information



    5. Weapon / Armor Box

A. Yerte / Elite’s Weapon Box

B. Agris’s Armor Box

C. Lycanus’s Core

D. Drei Frame’s Core

E. Peticia’s Golden Key



6. New Achievements and Title Added



 7. New Synergy Added



  • Changes

1. Some buff skills casting time reduced

2. Force Archer’s Greater Heal  cool down changed to 3 seconds

3. Lycanus Weapon, Drei Frame Armor stat increased

4. Instant casting skills can be used while moving. But, immobile type skills are exception

5. Astral Bike – RW3 All Attack epic option stat increased

6. Degree of stat change of Bike Epic Converter (Highest) changed

7. Tower of Undead B3F related quests will be available to accept only if when Epaulet of the Dead B3F is in inventory

8. Titanium Set is no longer available at Port Lux Armor dealer Agris

9. Tower of Undead and its entrance items in-game are now standardized

10. Drop rate for higher unique options of Prideus’ Bracelet / Drosnin’s Earrings item increased

11. Some game option saving method changed from saving in client to saving server

12. Premium information window will show premium related option information on all equipped items

13. Items with duration limit became eligible to store in guild storage

14. Guild War acceptance message shows information regarding winning condition with kill counts

15. Tower of Undead B3F tool-tip for Dungeon icon in Undead Ground Map is moved to the bottom of the window


Other changes:

  • Provide Discount coupons for newly created accounts.
    90% Discount on 7D Level Booster Service and 50% Discount on 30-Day Level booster Service (if you avail the discounted 7D Service)
  • Optimized Channel Settings for all servers. From 16 Channels, reduced to 11 Channels. New channel settings are indicated below:

[Ch1] Trade
[Ch2] Beginner
[Ch3] Premium
[Ch4] Premium
[Ch5] Normal
[Ch6] Normal
[Ch7] Normal
[Ch8] Premium
[Ch9] Premium
[Ch10] Normal
[Ch11] War

  • Applied Changes to Special Inventory content rewards