CABAL Online Revs Up Its Engines For October’s Events!

CABAL Online Revs Up Its Engines For October’s Events!

Hear ye, hear ye, citizens of Nevareth!

School break’s almost here, so we came up with a list of events for this month for you to enjoy while anticipating for your school-free days! Check ‘em out!

(Download the full-sized event calendar by clicking on the thumbnail!)

The Sage’s Challenge

The honorable sages of Nevareth are out to test the citizens of Nevareth through a series of challenges designed to determine the wisest and most dedicated soldiers in CABAL PH!


1. All participants must be subscribers of Cabal Alerts. To join, simply text CABAL and send it to 2948. Php 2.50 per text.

2. Every Saturday of the week, the Sages will announce a command or a question via Mobile Alerts. For example: Answer the question: What is the name of the new Transcender skill of the Wizard Class? Email your answer with your character name and server at

3. Your task is to accomplish the challenge in the soonest possible time.

4. The event will be composed of four different challenges, all of which should be accomplished before the month ends.

5. The Sages will reveal the challenge every Saturday of October:
October 9
October 16
October 23
October 30

6. The first three players to finish all the four challenges in the soonest possible time will win the following:
A 30D Platinum Service
A Troglo Warrior Pet (Unreleased)
(Each Mobile Alert costs Php 2.50.)

The CM’s Blessing
In-game GM Buff Event

Journey through the world of Nevareth with renewed strength as the CM showers everyone with a very powerful buff!


1. The Cabal CM will announce the details of the event at least five (5) minutes before the event proper.

2. The CM will appear in two different channels (one Normal Channel and one Premium) for fifteen (15) minutes each.

3. The CM will stay in Bloody Ice for the rest of the event.

4. The CM’s blessing will provide you with the following additional status effects:

5. The CM’s buff will last for an hour, but would be removed once your character dies, transfers channel or gets disconnected from the server.

Mercury: Oct 4 and 11, MON, 4PM
Venus: Oct 5 & 12, TUE, 4PM
Mars: Oct 6 & 13, WED, 4PM
Jupiter: Oct 7 (4PM) & Oct 13, THU (430PM)
Saturn: Oct 8 & 15, FRI, 4PM
Neptune: Oct 8 & 15, FRI, 430PM

Return to Chaos
Dungeon Raid with the CM

Return to the place where only chaos exists as the CABAL CM empowers your party with his very own company!

1. The CM will announce the start of the event five (10) minutes before the actual start of the event.

2. The CM will appear on the entrance of the Chaos Arena dungeon at the start of the event.

3. Players must form a party of six and invite the CM to their party once their line-up is complete.

4. The CM will only accompany parties in the Level 5 and Level 6 CA dungeons.

5. All party members must have the entry ticket to the CA dungeon and their levels must satisfy the requirement of the dungeon.
Level 5 Chaos Arena: Levels 145-164
Level 6 Chaos Arena: Level 165-180

6. The CM will accept the party invitation on a first-invite, first-accept basis.

7. A maximum of four (4) parties will be accompanied by the CM per event implementation.

8. The CM may refuse to accompany a party on grounds of unruly behaviour or commission of unnecessary actions which result to event delay.

Mercury: Oct 18 and 25, MON, 5PM
Venus: Oct 19 & 26, TUE, 5PM
Mars: Oct 20 & 27, WED, 5PM
Jupiter: Oct 21 & Oct 28, THU 5PM
Saturn: Oct 22 & 29, FRI, 4PM
Neptune: Oct 22 & 29, FRI, 5PM

Best Guild Photo Contest
Facebook Activity

Gather your guild members for that one shining moment to display your guild’s pride and distinction!

1. Take an in-game screenshot or find old photos of your guild.

2. The screenshot must show at least ten (10) characters, with the name of guild on top of the characters’ names.

3. You may edit the screenshot and incorporate text or other images to beautify the photograph.

4. Send us an email containing the following information at
Real-life Nickname:
Character name:
Guild Name:

Don’t forget to attach your picture entry in either .JPG or .PNG format.

5. Deadline for submission of entries is on October 24 at 12 midnight.

6. Entries will be screened by the CABAL team before they are posted in the Cabal Facebook fanpage. Entries which have been found to violate the rules of the contest will not qualify for the Final Judging. Qualified photos will be posted on the official CABAL PH Facebook Fanpage on the afternoon of October 25 (Monday).

7. The winning photo will be chosen by both the e-Games Product Management Team and the CABAL PH Community through the following judging method:
e-Games’ Choice- 70%
Cabalists’ Choice- 30%
Total – 100%

8. The e-Games Product Management Team will rate each entry based on the following criteria:
Originality — 40%
Effects— 30%
Overall Impact— 30%
Total— 100%

9. The winning guild will receive Premium items from the Cabal team.

10. Mechanics are subject to change without prior notice.

Create Your Own CABAL Comic
Forum Competition

Unleash the real artist in you and let the community behold your CABAL comic masterpiece!

1. The contest is open to all CABAL Online PH player of all levels.

2. The event will run from October 7 to October 30, 2010.

3. Create a comic strip that talks about anything CABAL Online PH.

4. The CM will open a thread in the CABAL forums for the official registration of the entry.

5. Strictly 1 comic Strip entry per Character only.

6. Details of the prizes will be posted in the registration page which will be posted in the CABAL forums.