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PLAYPARK ALL-STARS Tournament Bacolod Leg | Cabal Online Philippines
Attention CABALists!

Next Stop! The City of Smiles~

Join us in the City of Smiles for the next leg of PLAYPARK ALL-STARS tournament series this March 28, 2015! Grab your friends and test your skills in the qualifying tournaments of RAN, Cabal, Audition, Perfect World, and Assault Fire! Bring your A-game, because the winners of these qualifiers take one step closer to headlining the PLAYPARK ALL-STARS!

CABAL Online Activities:

Door Prizes
  • [30D] Welcome to Nightmare Costume
  • [15D] Archridium Epaulet of Guardian
  • [15D] Blessing Bead Plus
  • 30 Pieces Holy Water of Fighter
  • 30 Pieces Holy Water of Sage
7v7 Carnage (Arcane Battle)
Great Panda iCafe
2nd floor, Lopue’s Araneta Building,
Araneta Street, Bacolod City

Tournament Prizes:
Regional up to Semi Finals
1 Per Team Member
  • 30D Costume of Choice
  • 30D Blessing Bead Supreme
  • 30D Archridium Epaulet of Guardian
  • [Permanent] Black Alpaca Pet Card (Lvl 1)
Grand Championship (Date TBA)


  • Instant Upgrade Weapon or Armor +15 (1 Item only Per Member)
  • Extreme Upgrade Lv. 5 of Choice (1 Item only Per Member)
  • +11 Minesta Belt of Choice –
  • [30D] Blessing Bead Ultimate
  • [30D] Title (Arrow from Black Hole or Blade Dancer)
  • 1 Level 5 Black Alpaca Pet (No Skills)
  • [90D] Archridium Epaulet of Guardian
  • Instant Upgrade Armor +13 (Item item Per Member)
  • Extreme Upgrade Lv. 3 of Choice (1 Item Per Member)
  • +8 Minesta Belt of Choice
  • [30D] Blessing Bead Ultimate
  • [60D] Archridium Epaulet of Guardian

Click the HERE for full mechanics and updates!

CABAL Pick-A-Prize (Side Event)


  • Purchase 50 LU card at the Event Venue.
  • Present 50 LU card (unscratched) to the staff to get 1 attempt to draw a prize from the raffle box.
  • Assigned staff will cut the cards and return to the attendee.



  • Drei Frame Epaulet of Choice
  • Instant Extreme Upgrade Lv3 (Weapon or Armor)
  • Instant Upgrade +13 (Armor)
  • Instant Upgrade +13 (Weapon)
  • 1 Billion Alz
  • PW5 Permanent


  • Ballers x68 per area
  • ID Lace x16 per area
  • Try Again x300
3V3 CARNAGE (Side Events)
Location (TBA)



1 Per Team Member

  • [60D] Archridium Epaulet of Choice
  • [30D] Blessing Bead Supreme
  • Permanent Black Alpaca Pet Card Lvl 1
  • Permanent Costume of Choice

*Disclaimer: Baguio, Batangas and General Santos City 3v3 challenge is not a qualifying leg for the PlayPark All-Stars Tournament*

Goodluck to all Participants! See you there~

*Mechanics and Prizes are subjected to change*