Highlights of Battle Royale of the CABAL Domination 12th Anniversary:

The commentators for the 5v5 Carnage Battle Royale are Dylan Ensui and Infinity and they invited the viewers to support and watch the battle royale online stream here on facebook because 120 giveaways throughout the stream but once the stream reaches 3,000 views, a special prize will be given aside from the 120 giveaways. A new patch of CABAL which is Episode XXV “Rise of the Ancients”, additional patch notes were added specifically for returning players to increase their character level and stats. The patch notes include two new dungeons, “Ancient Tomb” and “The Labyrinth” wherein a lot of rare drops can be looted. Aside from that, the most anticipated by players are the amp scrolls and attack/defense rate scrolls which can be also found. Troglo’s secret shop is another highlight of the new episode, because it easily helps the returning players busy on farming and leveling in the game to gain stronger items. Other interesting additions to the game such as: Platinum Insignia, new quests/missions upon reaching level 200. Winners from the Arcane Battle were recognized once again which happened last August 15, 2020 namely: MugiwaraPirates, Kolokoys and NoBitterPlease in all servers. The 5v5 battle royale is a team battle of coordination, skills, strategy and technique using pre-made characters with same equipment, stats and skills for all team members. This is a round robin match whichever team gets the highest points will win the tournament. Aura and combo are the important rules of the battle. Upon reaching 1,000 stream views, the commentators dropped the first clue for 3,000 views special prize and which is “dylanplays.” A lot of viewers commented and guessed what the special prize would be but of course, the commentators lips’ were tight and instead they invited them to share the online stream to reach #3000. 


Game 1 Line-up: Team AlamMoYungMasakit: FS, FA, FG, BL, WA

        Team MugiwaraPirates: FS,FG, GL, WA, WI


In the first round, MugiwaraPirates cornered and broke the spirit shield of force archer and initiated attacks while team AlamMoYungMasakit planned to take down the wizard. Team AMYM counterattacked and then the wizard of MugiawaraPirates panicked during the game and used art of force control, fortunately the gladiator stepped up to defend and reset the play. Aside from being a killer, gladiator can also be a source of defense for the team. In the end, team AlamMoYungMasakit failed to fight back and MugiwaraPirates won the first round. For the next round, the gladiator’s strategy is to find the force archer with curse dodge while AMYM planned to take down the gladiator as quickly as possible because of its shield. Unfortunately, they were not successful because of the difficult execution of gameplay and instead, they were beaten by their opponent. MugiwaraPirates won the first game with a standing of 2 wins and 0 Lose.


The analysis by our commentators is that whichever team successfully kills first without any casualties to their own team will gain the advantage. But it is another story when both teams kill their opponent. Therefore, the next game was very interesting since both teams are one of the best teams in this tournament. 


Game 2 Line-up: Team MugiwaraPirates: FS, FB, FG, WI, GL

      Team KOLOKOYS: FA, FS, FG, BL, WA


Team MugiwaraPirates attacked the force archer and on the other hand, team KOLOKOYS also pressured and attacked the force blader for him not to be debuffed. The force archer of the team KOLOKOYS were miraculously not affected by the debuffs then team KOLOKOYS also started to attack the force blader fortunately, gladiator defended. In the end, team KOLOKOYS successfully killed the force blader and got the advantage because they still have the mass healing of the force archer and the shadow shield of the force shielder. MugiwaraPirates turned the table not long after they successfully killed team KOLOKOYS’ force archer and blader. Team KOLOKOYS fought back and killed the force gunner although their force gunner was dying at the same time. The pressure on both teams were increasing yet still very interesting since it is a 3v3 situation. The wizard continued to attack the opponent’s force gunner despite the difficulty because of its fade. 2v3 situation in favor of team MugiwaraPirates. Both force shielder and warrior chased the wizard while team MugiwaraPirates were waiting for the time to finish. For round 1 team MugiwaraPirates won. 

Onto round 2, the force archer were silenced while the team was chasing force blader. The gladiator failed to defend right after force blader was killed. Both teams ran out of heals and team KOLOKOYS suppressed the gladiator and then successfully killed. Team KOLOKOYS next targeted the wizard. 3v3 situation after team MugiwaraPirates blader was killed. In terms of health points, team KOLOKOYS got the advantage and the force gunner started to increase its defense. force gunner, force shielder, warrior versus force gunner, force shielder and wizard situation. While in terms of fire power, team MugiwaraPirates has more damage than team KOLOKOYS. Their warrior successfully killed the opponent’s force shielder while slowly attacking the wizard. In the end, team KOLOKOYS won the second round with a 3v1 situation. 


Analysis for the third round of game 2, the force blader will initiate using a lightning blade with passive silence effect rather than ice blade since the team needs additional damage. However, the team needs to pull-off the debuffs as quickly as possible while pressuring and silencing the opponent’s force archer. For team KOLOKOYS, no changes or adjustment on the gameplay since they need to pressure the force blader to avoid debuffs. If both teams successfully kill force archer and force blader, MugiwaraPirates will gain the advantage in the 4v4 situation due to its defense. 


For the final round, team MugiwaraPirates chased force archer while the other team chased the force blader. The gladiator failed to defend and was beaten by the KOLOKOYS. The situation was in favor for the team KOLOKOYS in 3v5. Gladiator was successfully killed. In the end, it was a 2v5 situation. And once again team KOLOKOYS won the last round.


Game 3 Line-up: Team AlamMoYungMasakit: FS, FG, BL, GL, WA

      Team KOLOKOYS: FA, FS, FG, WI, WA


For round 1 of game 3, team KOLOKOYS chased the blader, while the opponent slowly beat the force archer. This gameplay is based on whichever team breaks first the opponents’ shadow shield. Then the gladiator defended the blader even though there was no panic cry casted from the warrior. Gladiator was successfully killed right after the blader and then the force gunner and warrior.  Given the situation, team KOLOKOYS won the first round in 5v1. 


Team AMYM focuses more on a balanced draft pick while the team KOLOKOYS went for the defensive draft pick. 


AMYM pressured the shadow shield of team KOLOKOYS. Minus one on the status of AMYM and they ran out of silence while the force archer was just escaping. Gladiator defended the blader however, it has no means to regen. Team KOLOKOYS continued to break off the shadow shield of the blader. Warrior was killed by the other team right after the blader and gladiator. The opponent also successfully killed the force gunner without any casualty from Team KOLOKOYS. The winner for this game 3 was team KOLOKOYS in a 5v1 situation. 


Congratulations to KOLOKOYS Guild from the Draco server who won the championship title for the 5v5 Carnage Battle Royale. Aside from that, congratulations as well to the streamers who joined in the giveaways of chocolate cakes, chicken bucket and grocery vouchers.