1.   New Upgrade System

A. Chaos Upgrade System

B. Extreme Upgrade System Renewal

                    –  Additional extreme cores

                    –  Extreme upgrade for Bike

2.   New Items

A. Minesta’s Chaos Belt

B. Siena’s Bracelet

C. Chaos Core

D.Bike Epic Reset Scroll

3.   New Dungeon: Infinity Arena

4.   New Achievements

5.   New Costume

6.   Others



1.  New Upgrade System

A. Chaos Upgrade System

  • New upgrade system exclusively for chaos series items
  • Fragment of Chaos can be obtained from monsters in new chaos dungeon
  •  Fragment of Chaos is an ingredient for creating a Chaos Core
  • Chaos Core is required for Chaos upgrade
  • Additional option will be given after successful upgrade, while item will be destroyed after failing the upgrade

1)     Chaos Core

–   Ingredient for Chaos upgrade, made by craft request and tradable

2)     Normal upgrade vs. Chaos upgrade

3)     Series of Chaos item

–        Minesta’s Chaos Belt

  • Type: Minesta’s Guardian/Fighter/Sage Belt
  • How to obtain:
  1. Instruction: Grocer Deighton in Bloody Ice will be selling +0 Belt
  2. Price: certain amount of Alz + Stain Clone x 1 (still under discussion)
  • Upgrade
  1. Upgrade through Chaos Upgrade
  2. Upgrade Max level will be +15
  3. Increase in stats for each upgrade level.

B. Extreme Upgrade system renewal

1)     Additional Extreme Cores

  • Extreme Core

–      Ingredient for extreme upgrade

–      Core with higher level will have higher success rate during extreme upgrade (Lv.1~Lv.12)

–      Can be registered on Agent Shop and Extreme Core (piece) will be extracted from Extreme Core

–      Extreme Cores Lv.11 & Lv.12 are added

  • Extreme Core Pocket

2)     Additional Extreme upgrade for Bike

–        Extreme upgrade when upgrade level for Bike is over +15

–        Extreme Core is required for upgrade, additional option will be given after successful upgrade

–        If the upgrade fails, it will either reset the Bike upgrade level or Bike cannot be equipped

  • Qualified Item

  • Required item for Bike Extreme Upgrade

  • Additional option with successful Extreme Upgrade for Bike

2.    New Items

A. Minesta’s Chaos Belt


B. Siena’s Bracelet

1)     One Piece of Prideus’ Bracelet (Character-bind) will have 100% extract rate from extractable Prideus’ Bracelet

2)     Piece of Siena’s Bracelet: ingredient for creating Siena’s Bracelet

  •  The piece will have 5% drop rate from the legendary box which will be given after defeating Siena, the final boss at Altar of Siena B2F
  • Can be obtained from ‘Legendary Cube – Altar of Siena B2F’ item
  • Character-bind

3)    Stats


4)     Category added on Agent Shop: [Accessory] > [Bracelet] > [Siena’s Bracelet]

5)     Siena’s Unbinding Stone

  • Remove character bind option from ‘Siena’s Bracelet’ with 90% chance
  • If unbinding fails, both Siena’s Bracelet and Unbinding Stone will be destroyed
  • Category added on Agent Shop: [Unbinding / Sealing] > [Siena’s Unbinding Stone]

C. Chaos Core


D. Bike Epic Reset

  • Resets current epic option in order to use Bike epic converter



3.    New Dungeon: Infinity Arena

A.  Entry item information

  1. Name: Key of Infinity

B.  Dungeon Information

  1. Location of entry warp: same location as existing Infinity Arena
  2.  Dungeon time limit: 10 min
  3. DP reward: 8

C.  Flow of Dungeon

  1. Three battle phases: wave / stand-by / boss battle
  2. Time limit for wave is 90 sec and after the time limit monsters will be dead automatically
  3. If all monsters are defeated before the time limit, automatically moves to stand-by before next wave
  4. Stand-by time: 30 sec between each wave
  5. Boss battle: defeat boss monster without time limit

   6. Dungeon reward

  • All monsters will drop “Fragment of Chaos” (account-bind)
  • Monsters spawning in higher number wave will have higher chance of dropping “Fragment of Chaos”
  • Boxes spawning after defeating bosses will also drop “Fragment of Chaos”
  • No Alz drop in Infinity Arena

7. Timer

–   Displays waves and stand-by time as existing arena



4.    New Achievements

A.  Item

1)     To get Siena’s Bracelet

–        Mission: acquire Piece of Siena’s Bracelet

–        Reward: 10 achievement points


2)     The power of Chaos

–        Mission: acquire Fragment of Chaos

–        Reward: 5 achievement points


3)     For a new Bracelet

–        Mission: Destroy Prideus’ Bracelet

–        Reward: 5 achievement points


B.  Dungeon


1)     Dominator of Chaos

–        Mission: clearing Infinity Arena

–        Reward


5.  New Costume

A.   New change kit (Hair style)

B.   New dress costume

C.  New hair costume

6.  Others

A.  Character Slot Expansion

1)     By using “Character Slot Extender” item, 7th character slot can be created on same server

2)     Sales approach and price are under discussion and will be determined based on service region


B.  Display option for total HP gauge

1)     Option > display > add display option for total HP gauge

2)     Also displays HP information for untargeted character or monster

–        Display yellow gauge for attack-able monster

–        Display red gauge for attack-able character


1.  Changed abnormal drop of Legendary Cube – Hazardous Valley(Hard) item

  •  Option value of Upgrade Core(High) was ‘1’
  • Number of Effect Core(piece) dropped was ‘0’

2.  Changed reward system for Honor points

  •  Honor point for honor level

  • Honor point exchangeable with WExp for each Honor level

  • WExp reward for character’s Honor point

  • Honor point awarded for finishing quests

1)     Raise honor points rewarded for finishing quests from 170,000 to 3,200,000, which will lead to level 9 in honor system – Total: honor point rewarded for finishing quests + honor point rewarded for finishing quest dungeon

2)     Based on battle style level of the character, Potion of Honor will be sent by mail

3.  Changed to expand epic level for Bike

A.  Expand maximum epic grades from existing three grades in Lv.1 to three grades in Lv.3

B.  Depending on Bike level (Lv.2/Lv.3/Lv.4), maximum epic grade will automatically determined

1)     Blue: Max of high epic grade 1

2)     RW3: Max of high epic grade 2

3)     PW5: Max of high epic grade 3

C.  Depending on Bike level (Lv.2/Lv.3/Lv.4), higher epic grade will be given with Bike Epic Converter

D.  Existing Bike Epic Converter can be used for applying epic option

E.  Bike epic options for high grade

4.  Changed Level up mission quest for Lv. 190

–        Changed from field battle mission to “Hunting 40 Refugee Leadership Member at Arcane Trace”

5.  Changed number of multi drop from unique monster on low level field changes from two to three

6.  Changed display on tooltip for some skills

  • Skills

–        Skill that changes character’s certain stats to proportion (%) Ex) Bloody Spirit, Mortal Bane, etc.

  • Display

–        Example of existing display: Defense -60%

–        Example of changed display: Max defense x 40%

7.  Changed category on Agent Shop

  • Addition

–        [Unbinding / Sealing] – [Minesta’s / Arcane Golem’s Unbinding Stone] – [Charkram]

  • Remove

–        [Random Item] – [Cube Item] – [Shinequard / SIGMetal Cube]

8.  Changed reward points for scenario quest and scenario dungeon

9.  Changed activation requirement for Astral weapon

  •  Activate when equip with magic weapons
  •  Cannot activate when weapons is equipped only on the right hand

10.  Changed details of quest item ‘Cat Stone’ at Forgotten Temple B1F

  •  Cat Stone item could not be destroyed even after re-login or dungeon exit
  •  Item can be sold on NPC shop

11.  Changed so that error message will pop-up if battle mode is off and fail to equip a weapon

–        Message: Cannot change weapon while using Astral Weapon skill

12.  Changed in-game message notifying premium service expiration

–        Only shown on character selection window

13.  Changed comparison logic of item set effects

  • Changed comparison system for item set effects

1)    If the effects is removed, decrease in stats will be shown

2)   If the effects is added, increase in stats will be shown

  • Epaulet

–   If set effect is activated and epaulet has the same effect, stats will be shown

*If set effect is inactivated or unqualified, no stats will be shown

14.  Changed so that battle mode 3 skill book for other classes will be excluded from list of craft

15.  Changed display of skill book that is unavailable to use

A.  Unavailable skill book will be in red

–        Conditions

1)     Not character’s battle style

2)     Character’s skill level is lower than required level

3)     Did not comprehend the requisite skill level

Ex. Received skill book (Defensive Sense Lv.4) without learning Defensive Sense Lv.1

4)     Already learned skill

–       If already learned, then ‘You already have the skill” message will be shown

–       If lower level skill is not acquired, “Try lower level skill first” message will be shown

16.  Changed tooltip on qualification for Plate of Honor items

–        (Old)Plate of Honor(682-1) item tooltip qualification will be ‘over Class rank 10 and below Honor level 11’

17.  Changed progress and finish button for quest

–        Quest progress and finish button will be added to brief information window on quests (tracker)

18.  Changed effect on Elemental Dominator skill

–        Max magic skill amp

  • Starting from 104%, 1% increase for each level up (110% for Lv.7

–        Max critical DMG UP

  • Starting from 104%, 1% increase for each level up (110% for Lv.7)




  • Illusion Castle adjustment:

1.     Altar2: Choose option 2
2.     Altar4: Choose option 1
3.     Altar3: Choose option 1
4.     Altar5: Choose option 2
5.     Altar1: Choose option 1
If you proceed quest as above, you can call out 2 boss monsters (1st/2nd) without other monsters spawning.Please take note that the shortcut quest for Bruphy (1st Orc Commander) and Karajoph (2nd Orc Commander) is now removed.

Here are the sample videos before the update.

  • Corrected error of disconnection from the server when certain quest was accepted.
  • Disconnected from the server, when user accept to start a first scenario quest of village introduction
  • Corrected error acquiring honor point over 2,000,000,000
  • Corrected error that name of the beginner’s guild shown as ‘1’
  • Corrected error that after level up, HP restoration was under 10
  • Corrected error that item was not dropped at Frozen Tower of Undead B1F under certain conditions
  • Weak Pierce Hound Zombie would not drop quest item, ‘Blue Bead’
  • Mana Condense’ skill book was dropped
  • Corrected error that Legacy weapon image was applied for Saint’s Forcecalibur
  • Corrected error that inventory image of Option Scroll Cube(Lv.3) was shown too big
  • Corrected error of no effects on mirror images for ‘Infinity Blaze’
  • Corrected error of animation for Gravity Distortion / Fatal Shot skill
  • Corrected error of different values for Honor level on server and client
  • Corrected error that under certain condition, item would not be dropped from legacy box at Frozen Tower of Undead B1F
  • Corrected error of display when previous dungeon reward was not shown after finishing the subsequent dungeon
  • Corrected error that character-bind Slot Extender(Low) was dropped at Lake in Dusk
  • Corrected error that if character dies while on Battle Mode 1, character could not be resurrected by using Superior Odd Circle
  • Corrected error of tooltip that defense option for Defenseless I was shown in negative number
  • Corrected error of Epic Astral Bike that PW5 equipping level rises as epic level increases
  • Corrected error that AP was withdrawn after using AP Saver(7,000)
  • Because of the setting that limits AP gaining to 700, while gaining AP by battle
  • Corrected error of display showing ‘0’ for battle point reward on the result window of mission battle standard
  • Corrected error on Saint’s / Legacy weapon
  • Attack rate was incorrectly applied
  • Equipping conditions were set
  • Corrected error that Warrior skill book was given to Force Blader after finishing Basic Fighting quest
  • Corrected error that character’s hair style was shown after equipping Mithril Visor
  • Corrected error that selling items on shop of Officer NPC was not correctly aligned
  • Corrected error that Odd Circle in Cash Inventory cannot be used under certain condition
  •  When Odd Circle (and for item above Odd Circle) in Cash Inventory was received automatically, it could not be used
  • Corrected error of display so that the result window will show correct character class after using Class Attribute Card
  • Corrected error message on Extreme Core Pocket(Unique) item tooltip, changed from ‘Upgrade Core(High)’
  • Corrected error of class mark for Warrior
  • Corrected error that item still remains in the inventory marked as ‘0’ if the item is divided in specific way
  • Mission War
    • Corrected error that character was warping during mission war when character was hit by unmovable skill at specific location
    • Corrected error that ‘Display Total HP Gauge’ option was also applied during mission war
    • Corrected error that only one character’s HP gauge was shown when targeting two characters on twin gunner mode
    • Corrected error that certain characters’ mission war scores did not applied to guild rank
      –       Results were calculated and applied after 7 days, not the following week (Mon-Sun) for guild character