Greetings, Cabalists!

The Battle for Guild Prime Year III event which lasted for three weeks has finally come to an end. For a complete list of winners, you can go to

Again, we would like to congratulate all of you who participated and for your remarkable efforts in making Guild Prime III an astounding success!

For Guild Prime III’s champions, we would like to share the procedures on how to submit your emblem designs as well as how to claim your other prizes.


All Guild Prime winners (1st,2nd & 3rd placers) will receive a permanent guild emblem and a four-week guild title. In addition, guild members of the GP3 champions will be receive a 30-day costume and an EXP boost.

How Prizes will be Rewarded:

1. Guild Title – the Guild titles will be activated after the scheduled maintenance on September 29

2. EXP Boost will be activated on Oct 1 and 2

3. Costume of choice – to be inserted in the accounts of members of 1st place guilds on September 29

4. Guild Emblem – the Guild masters must submit an email to containing the emblem design along with the following details:

Email Title: GP3 Reward, <Guildname>, <Server>
Guild name:

Character name of Guild Master:

Current number of Guild members:

Contact number:

Nation Represented by Guild: (for 1st placers only)

Costume of Choice: (for 1st placers only)

Notes (or questions):

Required Attachments: Emblem Design (in .bmp and .psd formats)

Screenshot of the Guild Master and the Guild Info (for authentication)


*Target date of emblem application: September 29

Information on Guild Emblem

The Guild Emblem

The Guild Emblem is a small symbol placed in front of the Guild name. It can be used to distinguish guilds from each other, and presently, can only be gained as a prize from a community event.


    1. Image Size : 16 pixels x 16 pixels
    2. File Size: Under 500 kb
    3. File format: bitmap (*.bmp)
    4. Guild emblem is a small image, so it shouldn’t contain too many similar colors or too many curves.
    5. It would be very hard to change the guild emblem once it is applied. Please decide carefully on your guild design.
    6. You can apply Alpha Channel for transparency. In case you do, keep in mind that file size should be 16×16 pixels but opaque image should be 14×14 pixels in the center, and both files should have 1 pixel space at each edge.
    7. Deadline of submission of emblem designs is on Sep 23 (Friday) at 12 noon. The earlier the better, so we can notice you in case there are problems with your design.
    8. Should a guild fail to submit their design on the date specified, we will use the default CABAL logo.

In case you have questions or concerns, you may post here.