CABAL Online now has its own in-game reporter! Introducing the dashing and debonair
[Herald] Lucius! He will cover in-game events and interview players!

Here is CM Vinse’s Interview!

CM Vinse: Hi Lucius!

[Herald] Lucius: Excuse, that’s Herald Lucius. Kumpletuhin mo na title ko.
CM Vinse: Yabang nito.

[Herald] Lucius: Pardon me?
CM Vinse: (Pabulong) Pa-pardon pardon me pa to. Wala naman binatbat sa King of
Combo Tournament.

[Herald] Lucius: If you are going to mumble to yourself, do it with someone else. You’re
talking to a star here.

CM Vinse: Sure… Teka, star?
[Herald] Lucius: Of course. Di mo ba nafefeel ang star power ko?

CM Vinse: If you’re talking about your obnoxious and odious power, why yes, I smell it
strongly. Hahaha!
[Herald] Lucius: Bwiset. (Sabay amoy ng kilikili) Nag-deodorizer naman ako.

CM Vinse: You mean deodorant. Kasi you use deodorizers for toilets. Unless you
consider yourself a toilet…
[Herald] Lucius: I will remember this conversation, CM Vinse.

CM Vinse: Of course, you will. Kasi kapag di ka nag-behave, tanggalan kita ng powers
at matitira eh yung putok powers mo. Sa palagay mo, yung putok powers mo kaya ang
Dark Minotaurus? Hmmm.

[Herald] Lucius: Sige na. Apparently, di ka masisindak sa aking debonair powers
CM Vinse: You got that right, Herald.

[Herald] Lucius: (Snort).
CM Vinse: So when will star your in-game coverage?

[Herald] Lucius: I’ll start early next week. You’ll be seeing my dashing form and
handsome face going about Nevareth reporting events and interviewing players.

CM Vinse: So..
[Herald] Lucius: And also I’ll be tracking down those bot users and hackers. Hate those

CM Vinse: Watch the language.
[Herald] Lucius: I know, I just hate those guys.

CM Vinse: At least, we have something in common. So I heard that you’ve been around
for quite some time.

[Herald] Lucius: Oo, pero lie low ako dahil maraming humahabol na babes sa akin.
CM Vinse: (Pabulong) Yup, hambog ka nga talaga.

[Herald] Lucius: It’s true. Pogi ako.
CM Vinse: Whatever. Is that it?

[Herald] Lucius: For now, this small interview will suffice. Next time, I will reveal
more tantalizing details about myself.

CM Vinse: Make sure you use a deodorizer, next time.
[Herald] Lucius: Grrrr….

CM Vinse: So see you in-game Herald Lucius?
[Herald] Lucius: That you will CM Vinse.

CM Vinse: Be nice ah.
[Herald] Lucius: I will try.