To all CABAL Online Players,
Recently, we have received reports of players utilizing a bot (an  illegal third-party program)  that provides an unbalanced  AOE (area of effect) attack.
We would like to inform everyone that the CABAL Team is aggressively moving against these abusive players.
As such, we have instituted additions to the Hack/Cheat Game Policy:
  • Use of  AOE (Area of Effect) Damage Hack
While this particular Damage Hack is part of the illegal bot program, all users found and caught using these  illegal hack/cheat feature will be banned permanently. The Bot Bail-out Game Policy cannot be used for this particular offense.
The new game policy  will take effect immediately this September 30, 2010  (after the Scheduled  CABAL Online Server Maintenance).

As there have been gamers who were able to bail-out of the said offenses (use of BOT Program), please take note  that gamers will also face the consequences of simulating Damage Hack if caught and detected again.  As a measure to strengthen this move, we are working closely with our game developers in order to regularly update the game security feature of the game to halt and control the use of the said Bot/Hack Programs.
This serves as a warning/ultimatum to those who will attempt to use such illegal third-party programs.
We would like to ask for the community’s support as we implement these new game policies against the use of the said illegal third-party programs.  CABAL Online is a great game, please play fair and maintain the pleasant gaming community that we all are trying to protect and enjoy.
Please be guided accordingly.