CABAL Reloaded EP 24: Ascension Patch Notes

CABAL Reloaded EP 24: Ascension Patch Notes

Are you ready to ascend to new heights, Cabalists?

The long wait is over! Cabal Online PH will launch the latest updates this month. Let’s all check what’s coming in the World of Nevareth.


I. NEW: Force Wing Transcendence

A. Force Wing can be transcended when the maximum level is reached. (Max Level: 100)

B. How to transcend:

1. When Force Wing Max Level is reached, a ‘Transcendence’ button will be created in the original Force Wing UI

2. Once the Transcendence Button is clicked, a ‘Force Wing Transcendence’ window will pop-up

2.1 Required Item (Essence of Wing) for Transcending the Force Wing will be shown

2.2 Shown as (Current Quantity No.) / (Required), may click Transcendence button to Rank-Up one step if materials are available

C. New Item Added

1. Item Name: Essence of Wing

2. How to attain: Legendary Box drop in Holia Windhill Dungeon

3. Required No.: 15 pcs. for first trial of Transcending

D. Transcendence Result

1. Force Wing Rank rises one stage (Normal Level → Rare Level)

2. Force Wing is reset to Lv 1.

3. Able to change looks of Wing sand color of Force Wing button shown in the upper left of the screen

E. Growth of Force Wing

1. EXP gained from attacking dummies will be decreased by 30% (Same EXP gained when attacking monsters)

2. Training Points

2.1 Training Points gained immediately by becoming Rare Level through Force Wing Transcending

2.2 After reaching Lv.20 / 40 / 60 / 80 / 10, 1 point of training point will be gained

F. Force Wing Stats

1. Same as before the HP, All Attack, Defense will increase by 1 every level

2. Though the level is reset, stats will continue to accumulate and increase

-> Example: When Force Wing Rare is Lv. 50, then HP +150 / All Attack+150 / Defense +150

G. Force Wing Skill

1. When Force Wing is transcended, the level of the gained Wing Skill will rise automatically

2. Skill Stat

II. NEW: “Holia Windhill: Dungeon

A. Dungeon Quest

1. Name: Holia Windhill

2. Requirement: Upper Lv. 131

3. Type: Normal Quest (No Repeat)

4. Related NPC: Yerte (Core Alchemist) from Port Lux

5. Reward: Mysterious Piece from a Stone Statue (Account Bind)

B. Dungeon Information

1. Requirement: Upper LV. 130 / Upper BS LV. 11 / Force Wing activated Character

2. Duration: 25 minutes

3. Port Lux (X:23, Y:25)

4. Entry Item

4.1 Mysterious piece from a Stone Statue (Account bind)

4.2 Peddler Unon from Bloody Ice sells at (15,000,000 Alz + x10 Force Essence)

5. Reward: 5 DP

6. Entry Member: Maximum 2

7. Daily Dungeon Entry limit: 3 Times / Reset available up to 2 times(Cost: Each 15,30 Force Gems)

8. Daily Play Time: NONE

C. Dungeon Drops



D. Dungeon Clear Achievement & Title

1. Holia Windhill Added to Guild Treasure [Dungeon] Category

2. Holia Windhill Dungeon clear mission added to Guild Mission Festival

III. EXPANDED: Merit Mastery System – ‘Platinum’ Insignia

A. Split Merit Mastery

  1. Split Merit Mastery
    • Merit Mastery divided into Golden Insignia and Insignia Badge
    • Golden Insignia: Original Merit Mastery. Appliedto Characters upper Lv.170 in account
    • Platinum Insignia: NewMerit Mastery. Applied to Character upper Lv.200 in account
  2. Golden Insignia, Platinum Insignia Tab added in MeritMastery UI

B. Merit Rank-Up

  1. Rank-Up Condition
    • Gain All Masteries of Golden Insignia
    • Used all of Golden Insignia Merit Points
  2. When conditions are met,Rank-Up button will activate in Platinum Insignia UI
  3. Rank-UpIngredients: 100 Merit MedalExchange Tickets + Wexp 20,000
  4. Rank-Up Result
    • Golden Insignia Rank Up to Platinum Insignia
    • Platinum Insignia Merit Points will be given when Merit Medal is reported(Merit Score given by Merit Medal Level will be same as before when Merit Medal is reported)
    • The extra 30% Honor Score given when Max Level of Merit was reached, will be applied only after Rank up

C. Platinum Insignia Mastery

  1. Merit Score&Point: Max Merit Scoreis360,542 points, Max Merit Point is 2,052
  2. Mastery Category
    • Organize into 6 categories in total(Stat by Category stated in the graph below)
    • Merit Score needed for learning all the masteries is 3,472 points. So, only up to 4 out of 6 categories can be learnt depending on the combination of categories.
    • Color classification made by category list according to mastery acquisition status
      • Categories with no Mastery gained will be indicated in white
      • Categories with at least one Mastery will be indicated in the relevant Mastery Memory number color(each Mastery has a given color)
    • Required Merit Score and Stat by each Mastery Category

D. Platinum Insignia Mastery Slot Added

  1. Insignia Mastery Slot must be opened to earn the Mastery
  2. Cancel Opening of Mastery Slot
    • May click to cancel opening the Slot, in order to open another Slot and etc.
    • Materials used for opening the Slot cannot be returned
  3. Slot Open Materials and Time Required(The more open slots, the more materials and time required)


E. Special Mystery

  1. Activate Special Mastery
    • Activated by learning ‘Expand Special Mastery’ in each Mastery Category(May only learn up to 4)
  2. Grant Special Mastery Stats
    • Click ‘Grant Special Mastery’ button under each category
    • Grant Stat Recipe:5 Merit medal Exchange Tickets + Wexp 1,000
    • 2 Special Stats will be granted at the same time in random
    • Stats may be granted in categories that special Mastery is not activated(However, will be activated after Special Mastery is activated)
    • Special Mastery Stats by each Category

F. Master Memory

  1. Save current Mastery Memory status
  2. How to Start
    1. Click registration button at the top of Platinum Insignia UI (to register Mastery Memory on Quick slot)
    2. Choose icon one of No.1/No.2/No.3 page to register on Quick Slot
    3. When using registered Quick Slot of Mastery Memory, current status will be saved
    4. Page number can be changed after registration
  3. Saves Special Mastery
  4. Can make Mastery combination anytime by using Mastery Memory
  5. Slot open Status is same even if user changes Pages

G. Item ‘Elixir of Golden Insignia’ added

  1. Using Elixir gives Golden Insignia point (Same use as other Elixir)
  2. Limit on simultaneous usage
    • Can be used up to maximum Merit Points (max 9,999 can used at the same time)
    • Unable to use Elixir when already reached maximum Golden Insignia Point
    • Unable to use when Golden Insignia is already ranked up to Platinum Insignia
  3. Rewards only Character or Account-Binding, Unable to register on Agent Shop
  4. Added ‘Elixir of Golden Insignia’ to Special Coupon Machine
    • Exchange condition: 300 Coupons

IV. RENEW: Character Face & Hairstyle

A. Female Renewal character Face(4 types), Hairstyle(7 types)

B. Male Renewal character Face(4 types), Hairstyle(7 types)

V. RENEW: In Game Cash Shop

A. Added in game cash shop quick Slot icon at Bottom left Menu Bar

  1. Same icon shown as Remote Shop/Grocer’s Cash shop icon
  2. Added WEB Indicator to Distinguish WEB Item Shop
  3. Reorganized Icon location, Left Side –In game reward, Shop / Right Side – Game play function

B. Expansion/Change In Game Cash Shop UI

  1. Expanded Cash Shop UI to 3 Rows
  2. Added Force Gem amount count
  3. Changed Cash icon

C. Added ‘Package’ tab to In game Cash Shop


  1. Only can purchase during certain period of time
  2. Only the number of times marked can be purchased per account
  3. Added preview function
    • Can preview main item of Package item
    • Now support Zoom and Rotate
    • Unable to Preview Costume if current character is not available to equip


I. Guild treasure category expansion & reward ‘Time Reducer’ added

A. Added Guild Treasure Category [Currency]

  1. Guild treasure[Currency] can be received only when player purchases Cash Shop Package Item
  2. Automatically create treasure not consuming BP(Battle Point) While purchasing Package Item (Shows system message only without character name)
  3. Treasure earned by [Currency] Category is not affecting Contribution rank

B. New item ‘Time Reducer – Platinum Insignia’ added

  1. Reduces opening time of Platinum Insignia Mastery Slot
  2. Can receive from Guild Treasure
    • Randomly given in Guild Treasure level 5min / 10min / 30min / 1hr / 3hrs / 8hrs / 12hrs / 1day / 3days (Account Binding Item)
  3.  How to use:
    • Click ‘Open accelerate’ button in Platinum Insignia UI
    • Right Click ‘Time Reducer’ Item in inventory
  4. Maximum use condition
    • (Number of available item) X (Reduce effect of One item) < (Remaining Slot Open time) + (Use Smaller Time Reducer(5hrs) / One Item’s Time Reduce effect)
    • (Ex) If Remaining Time is 17h 20m, Can use 3 Time Reducer(8h) / 6 Time Reducer(3h) / 18 Time Reducer(1h)

C. List of Guild Treasure Item

  • Adjusted original reward’s receiving chance due to adding reward ‘Time Reducer’


II. Current time Clock(24-hour) Added to the bottom left of the screen
III. Yellow Bead Item Sale to NPC Chloe Shop Added

A. Sell Item : Yellow Bead X 127

B. Price : 3,810,000 Alz

IV. ‘Command Potion’ BP regenerate Potion Added

A. Instantly restores BP when used.

B.Stackable up to 999

C. Type / Amount of Store rate

  1. Command Potion (lv. 1) – 1,000 BP Restoration Rate
  2. Command Potion (lv. 2) – 2,000 BP Restoration Rate
  3. Command Potion (lv. 3) – 3,000 BP Restoration Rate
  4. Command Potion (lv. 4) – 5,000 BP Restoration Rate
  5. Command Potion (lv. 5) – 10,000 BP Restoration Rate


A. [Costume] Doll mask –  Fire dragon

B. [Costume] Doll mask –  Water dragon

C. [Vehicle Costume]Defender of Sky – King Leo

D. [Vehicle Costume] Knight Dragon

E. [Vehicle Costume] Red Knight Dragon

F. [Vehicle Costume] Black Knight Dragon

G. [Vehicle Costume] Cute Little Phoenix

H. [ Force Wing Costume]Star Fly Wing (Blue)

I. [ Force Wing Costume]Star Fly Wing (Yellow)

J. [ Force Wing Costume]Star Fly Wing (Emerald)


I. Extended Maximum Slot of Essence Rune

A. Extended Maximum Slot of Essence Rune (Before 30 After 60)

B. Extended Number of Usable Rune Extender

1. Before: Basic 16 + Extension 16 = Maximum 32 Slots

2. After: Basic 16 + Extension 44 = Maximum 60 Slots

C. Rune Slot Extender – Changed Essence Item Description / Changed Number of unused Rune Slot indicator

II. Object Changed in Processing Quest ‘The Last Apocalypse’

A. Target Quest: The Last Apocalypse Card (Process condition: Upper Lv.82)

B. Improved Easier to find the necessary object to proceed

III. How to Gain Drosnin’s Earrings

A. Before: After finishing ‘Cursed Drosnin’ quest, certain percentage drop from reward box

B.After: Can be gained by certain percentage drop by clearing the last boss without guest

1. Boss Monster ‘Ratzel of Reason and Wind’ does not drop the key of wind any more

IV. Improvement / Modification Guild Treasure function

A. Disables Reward button If Guild Treasure is expired

1. Disable Reward Status when Guild Reward time is Expired

2. Expired Guild Treasure will be removed from the list when re-login

B. Added Indicator when Gold Treasure Box is not received

1. Indicates Gold Treasure Point gauge Status If Gold Treasure Box is receivable

2. Indicates Current Gold Treasure Point Gauge After receiving Gold Treasure Box

3. Only 1 Gold Treasure Box Can Maintain receivable status

C. Changed Gold Treasure Point of Guild Treasure [Battle] category

V. Extended Number of Items Indicating Cash Shop Inventory

A. Before Only 16 pages(Total of 128 Items) were displayed, but changed to display from 129th item

B. Deleted Message ‘Maximum 128 items’ at Lower part of Shop inventory

VI. Improved and Changed the progress of some quests

A. Changed warp location of several quest dungeons after clearing or failing in dungeon

B. Relocated Dungeon Quest Object ‘Skaild’s room’ when Proceeding Quest ‘Where is Skaild?

C. Changed Target Monster for several Quests

VII.Changed Preview Equipment appearance when creating Character (Archridium –>Demonite)

VIII. Changed Name ‘Change Kit(Hair Style) – Novice’ Hair style list –> ‘Change Kit(Hair Style) Type A~D’

IX. System message is showing option value when user gains dropped Elixir type item

X. Error Fixed Guild Treasure receive

A. Error Fixed Guild Treasure cannot be received if number of Elixir exceeds the maximum number of Stack

XI. Error Fixed Guild Treasure Receive All not functioning in Certain situation

A. When Inventory has different Time value item and not Guild Treasure, Not able to receive Guild Treasure.

XII. Error Fixed Abnormal Drops of Chakram in some Fields

A. Undead Ground : Omission of Shadow Titanium Chakram drop

B. Forgotten Ruin: Omission of Shadow Titanium Chakram drop

C. Mutant Forest: Omission of MithrilChakram drop (AMP Scroll is attached in slot)

XIII. Error Fixed Unknown Disconnection when Attacking gate with moving Attack skill

XIV. Error Fixed Not Attacking When After Attacking Overlapped Monsters and Move

A. Fixed Skill: Assassinate, Whirl wind(Attack From Side)

XV.Error Fixed Unexpected Crash of Client when Gladiator use Fadeaway skill

XVI. Error Fixed Attack Power not changing When Auto Normal Attacks(lack of MP)

A. Occurs When Character’s location is not movable position

XVII. Error Fixed Item Shadow Aramid Epaulet of Guardian Option Indicated repeatedly

A. Evade + 50 is Correct

XVIII. Error Fixed Wizard, Force Archer could buy Sword Skillbook& use

A. Delete Skillbook From Buylist

1. Beginner: Flash Draw, Impact Step

2. Regular: Rising Shot

3. Expert: Round Cut

XIX. Error Fixed Gladiator Illusion Flight Skill tool tip was indicated larger than the actual area
XX. Error fixed when Force Wing not showing up after checking ‘Battle mode 3 Helmet/Armor indication OFF’ option

A.Not showed when ‘show all’ or ‘only show my wings’ / battle mode 3 Helmet/Armor indication OFF’ option is checked

XXI. Error Fixed When Bulk Receives(Alt+Left Click), Wrong quantity of item indicated In Item Shop Inventory

XXII. Error Fixed abnormal indication of Few Items in Special Gift Box Item Log

XXIII. Fixed Error Chat editor color text output error fixed

XXIV. Changes in Flame Nest DX Dungeon Entry Value (5,000,000 Alz + x1 Divine Stone) Item: Devil’s Broken Horn



I. Error Fixed User Disconnected from Server When Warp to Country Reward in Mission War
Happy gaming, Cabalists!

Note: Details are subject to change without prior notice.

– CABAL Online PH Team


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Flame Nest Update

Flame Nest Update

  • Modification/change

1. Essense Rune – improved damage reduction ignoring skill

2. Drop change in some dungeons

3. Change in potion & material item maximum combination limit

4. Change in skill animation

5. Change in special box logic

A. Doesn’t require 2*2 inventory for each item, able to earn item if space enough to receive
B. When items could be combined, items will be received as combined condition

i. When user receives 3 bundles of 3 special coupon for round bonus, it is provided as 1 bundle of 9 special coupon

6. Change in moster ‘Exhausted Auretia’ in guild dungeon

A. New force code ‘Differential Damage Resist’

i. Differential Damage Resist force code added

a. Stat of differential damage resist will be used as standard damage as absolute damage resist

– When normal attacks, receives only standard damage

b. Additional damage proportional to casting time on standard damage

– 10% additional damage per 0.1 casting time

ii. Exhausted Auretia’s differential damage resistance is 1,000

c. 1,000 damage is applied when normal attacks regardless of critical authenticity
d. When Wind Blade skill (1.7 cast time) is used, 1000 + (1000*170%) = 2700 damage applied

B. Monster’s HP is changed from 300,000 to 600,000

7. Tab in guild activity tab is saved when guild window is closed
8. Change in Eternal Chaos Arena / Glacies Inferna Daily Entrance Count

A. Eternal Chaos Arena: Changed from 60 to 50
B. Glacies Inferna: Changed from 70 to 40

9. Patren’s appearance changed in quest progression

A. Appearing Quest

i. Awakened Lord of Destruction
ii. Seal

10. Temporary elimination of social skill ‘Dance2(Tell-me dance)’ due to copyright term expiration

A. When Dance2 skill is used, Dance3 is activated

/dance2, /dancing2, tell-me

B. Dance3 is used normally as before

11.Error fixed where normal items with bind characteristics on fields upper Mutant Forest
12. Error fixed where Warp Stone and Protection of Veradrix couldn’t be used in quick slot
13. Modified mission festival mission balance

A. Revised some mission’s requested quantity and time limit

14. Error fixed warehouse related error

A. Fixed error that guild warehouse was full when more than 218 items were moved from guild warehouse
B. Fixed error that server died when there were more than 954 items in the warehouse

15. Error fixed when the user could not connect to server when changing account during equipping certain amount of equipment
16. Error fixed when knock back attacks unmovable monster or gate, ‘miss’ occurs and could not kill

A. Monster option changed so monsters that might have problem with coordinate won’t get knock back
B. Targeted Monster

17. Error fixed where user is warped outside dungeon when leaving guild in dungeon
18. Error fixed where won character could not warp after guild war
19. Error fixed where marked client casting time of skill and real animation play time were different

A. Targeted skill

20. Agent related error fixed

A. Error fixed where soul core agent category couldn’t be searched
B. Error fixed where options of some registered item in agent shop were changed abnormally

21. Error fixed where Stackable item(including GM’s Blessing Holy Water) could be combined when there’s none
22. Guild rank related error fixed

A. Error fixed where guild rank information was shown abnormally

i. Error fixed where rank information was abnormally shown bringing guild rank information before mission festival related information
ii. Revised to bring guild member’s rank with mission festival guild member information

B. Error fixed where scroll wasn’t working properly when characters in weekly guild rank was more than one page (more than 13 characters)

23. Error fixed where unstackable item was applied abnormally in special inventory when looted
24. Error fixed where item bought by coupon was deleted on Monday 5am, not 3 days after date of purchase
25. Error fixed where scroll bar location was abnormal in personal tab of mission festival
26. Error fixed when male character is wearing ‘Steam Funky Mast’ , his neck is shown as skin color

  • Mission War

1. Separation of Mission War Section

A. Separation of mission war section

i. Applied to both Tiera Gloriosa and Memoria Chrysos

B. Separation of receivable Merit Medal/Honor Medal Score

C. Limits added to honor medal score / level sharing condition

D. Score/rank and winning streak/losing streak information initializes on the day of update based on section separation

2. Mission war balance modifcation

A. Mission war period of Tiera Gloriosa decreased from 50 minutes to 40 minutes
B. Renewed balance of guardian of mission war, structure and gold coin guardian

3. Mission war defeated nation buff ‘Revenge Force’ Upgraded

A. Parts of Defense/Resist Critical DMG/Resist Skill Amp. Value increased

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Main Content

Muster Card which gives you the authorization to explore Forgottem Temple B3F,

an academy which was built during a Honorable Age.

Dungeon Name: Forgotten Temple B3F

Requirements: Level 190 or above

Complete DP: 20

Location: Forgotten Ruin (X:193 Y:36)

There had been a discovery of narrow pathway on Forgotten Temple B2F, leading to the deeper part of the dungeon. At the end of the starcase, unknown monster was guarding the huge door.

Most of the Explorers could not proceed because of the fear, then ‘Lmin’ claimed that he would solve the mystery of the Forgotten Temple and enter the door on B3F. However, Lmin never returned.

Few years after, Sage Capella and Sage Procyon combined the force to solve the mystery, sending the top Explorers to study the dungeon.

With difficulty, Explorers finally reached B3F, but they only found ‘Lmin’ who lost any control of himself. Bare escaping the attack of Lmin, the Explorers met Mutant Researcher.

Mutant Researcher explained that the research was explanded to human beyond experiment on the Mutant monsters by the ‘Dr.’ who created the Temple during the Honorable Age.

After the long research, ‘Dr.’ finally solved the mystery of eternal life, reaching the peak of his study. As a result, obedient Mutant monsters were created, including Lmin.

The Explorers promised Mutant Researcher to stop this crazy ‘Dr.’ and with his help, returned to their nations.

Both Capella and Procyon joined their force to stop the ‘Dr.’ at the Forgotten Temple B3F, gathering brave warriors all over the Nevareth.


Edge of Phantom (DX Dungeon)

Epaulet allowing you to enter Edge of Phantom, new base of defeated Undead clan.

Dungeon Name: Edge of Phantom

Requirements: Level 190 or above

Complete DP: 7

Location: Undead Ground (X:146 Y:244)

Etherno Calligo Thanatos.

He was second in command when Undead Clan overpowered Nevareth under Tempus’ command.

When Thanatos was away with the mission, Warriors defeated Tempus and the Undead Clan was dissolved quickly.

From then, Thanatos started to make detailed plans for revival of the Undead Clan.

Thanatos secretly established the base, Edge of Phantom, at the forest of Undead Ground and gathered remaining Undead Clan.

Reports flooded over about Undead monsters being more and more ferocious and acting in order. Instructor O’Conner in Bloody Ice recruited Warriors to investigate the Undead GRound and found the ‘Edge of Phantom’.

Are you prepared to prevent the Undead monsters and Thanatos with his evil conspriracy?

Costumes & Skins

Hats and Masks

Avatar Costumes

Guardian of Light Weapon Skins

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Cabal Maintenance 3/15/2018

Cabal Maintenance 3/15/2018

Attention CABALists!

Please be informed that we will be having our scheduled maintenance tomorrow March 15, 2018 (Thursday) from 10am onwards.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.


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A new world is ready for domination. Can you rule the battlefields?
Prove yourselves in Cabal Online’s brand new server – CRUX.
Fitted with all the necessities of war, experience CRUX for that classic look and feel.


  1. Level Cap Lv. 119 only
  2. War Bracket Lv. 80-119 only
  3. Upgrade Cap +12
  4. Gladiator and Force Gunner Class Available
  5. Basic Maps and Dungeons

NOT available:

  • Extreme Upgrade
  • Chaos Upgrade
  • Alz Capsules
  • Potion of Luck
  • Chaos Upgraded Items
  • Minesta’s Charm
  • All Blue and RW3 bikes.
  • Wormhole Generator
  • Server Transfer (temporarily unavailable)


A. Character Class

  • Class Rank: Completer
  • Class Grade: 10
  • Honor Rank: 20
  • Level CAP: Lv.119


The Gladiator is a powerful melee class that relies on the Rage resource to deal close and long-range damage. Rage is accumulated through the continued use of skills, sending the Gladiator into a frenzy. The Gladiator excels at dealing Area of Effect damage and utilizes the unique Chakram weapon, wears heavy armor, and benefits greatly from the Strength Stat.


  • RAGE SHIELD Shield of rage which absorbs damage.
  • ADRENALINE OF RAGE The inner rage boosts the secretion of adrenaline, sending the character berserk immune to pain.
  • GENOCIDER Change into a Genocider with ultimate powers.


Following the philosophy that strength is the greatest asset in battle, the Warrior is a melee class that focuses on physical strength and heavy armor to defeat their enemies. This class utilizes Greatswords and their main stat is Strength.


  • WHIRLWIND Scorches the path with a deadly storm.
  • CAT’S RECOVERY Increase your health restoration speed. 
  • BLOODY SPIRIT Blood-shedding warrior whose mind is consumed by uncontrollable anger.


Putting defense above all else, the Force Shielder is a heavy armor class that utilizes force to make themselves impregnable to damage. Capable of creating powerful Astral Shields, Force Shielders are best on the front lines of war, protecting themselves and their allies from harm. They benefit highly from a balance between Strength, Intelligence, and Dexterity in their Stats.


  • ART OF DEFENSE Stand firm on your spot, and use a reinforced shield to guard yourself.
  • SHADOW SHIELD Your shadow that absorbs damage for a party member.
  • MORTAL BANE Use Astral Shield’s energy to inflict critical damage to an enemy in the exchange of decreased defense.


The true masters of martial arts, the Blader is a class that utilizes the unique dual blade style to render their foes helpless. Utilizing speed and agility, this melee class is a high damage dealing choice. The Blader wears light armor and benefits highly from Dexterity and Strength Stats.


  • ART OF FIERCENESS A powerful attack skill that violently shakes the air.
  • INTENSE BLADE Awaken a weapon’s latent ability to improve the effect of sword skills.
  • INTUITION Increase your intuition, and increase the perfect evasion rate.


Focusing on dealing tremendous damage from afar, the Wizard is a long-range class that utilizes magic to both attacks and defend themselves. Wizards can manifest force to channel powerful single target and Area of Effect skills to rain destruction before they can be harmed. They wear light armor and greatly benefit from the Intelligence Stat.


  • ART OF FORCE CONTROL Increase force controller’s amplification and improve your magic attack strength.
  • SPIRIT INTENSION Reinforce the defense strength of your party member and increase his immunity to attacks.
  • RAISE SPIRIT Reinforce the mind of your party member and restore his SP.



A master of both blade and magic, a Force Blader utilizes both to strike deep at their enemies. This class focuses on speed and precision to overcome any obstacles, and are considered master swordsman, using both Katanas and sharp Blades to their highest form. A Force Blader wears medium armor and benefits highly from Strength and Dexterity Stats.


  • ART OF CURSE My curse will sail against the wind, and enrage the earth.
  • EXECRATION Concentrate your energy, to curse a target, and bind the target on one spot.
  • MANA FREEZE Temporarily limits a target’s adjustable maximum mana.


A rare branch from the Wizard class, the Force Archer is capable of honing in the force of magic to bring dedicated single target damage from a long distance. They strike a delicate balance between physical and magical damage and can support their allies through any danger. A Force Archer wears medium armor and benefits from both Intelligence and Dexterity Stats.


  • ART OF SNIPING Stand firm on your spot, and concentrate your energy to increase the chance of hitting an enemy’s vital point.
  • SHARPNESS Increase damage with sword class weapons.
  • VITAL FORCE Increase the target’s maximum HP.


A special force driven battle style created in secrecy, the Force Gunner specializes in long-ranged sniping skills and powerful Area of Effect damage. Focusing on higher attack speeds and critical attacks, Force Gunners weave physical and magical attacks to destroy their enemies from afar. Force Gunners wear medium armor and benefit from Intelligence and Dexterity Stats.


  • ART OF DESPERADO Strengthen your skills with the invisible un-bounding force.
  • LOCK ON Leaves a mark on the target to attack the weak points.
  • REACTIVE TECHNIQUE Dodge and block enemy’s attacks by using a new lightweight material that reacts to damage.

B. Items

Upgrade CAP: +12 ONLY



  • Weapons: Iron, Damascus, Shadowsteel, Crude, Red, Coraleye, and Citrine
  • Armors: Reinforced, Iron, Shadowsteel, Silk, and Aramid


  • Weapons and Armors: Bluestin, Titanium, and Shadow Titanium
  • Bike: Astral Bike Card – Blue


  • Weapons and Armors: Osmium
  • Bike: Astral Bike Card – Rw3


  • Normal – Level 1 ~ 10
  • Covenant – Level 11 ~ 20

– Pet Level 1 ~ 10: Normal Section (Phase)

– Pet Level 11 ~ 20 “New”: Covenant Section (Phase)


  • No Extreme Upgrade as items are only up to +12
  • No Chaos Upgrade as chaos items are not yet usable
  • Mergaheph’s Ring is dropped but no quest


3. Quests

  • Scenario Quests(Part.1) (Level 30 ~60)
    • Use of Battle Mode 2
    • Astral Board/Bike can be obtained
    • Lake in Dusk
  • Scenario Quests(Part.1) (Level 60 ~80)
    • Players will need equipment upgrade at this level phase*
    • Scenario Quests rewards high amount of EXP *
    •  Ruina Station
  • Level UP – Scenario Quests / Mission Dungeon(MD)
    • Complete Scenario Quests(Part.1) (Level 80 ~100)
    • Unique Item “Mergaheph’s Ring”
    • Tower of the Dead B1F
    • Volcanic Citadel

4. Maps

  • Bloody Ice

  • Desert Scream

  • Green Despair

  • Port Lux

  • Fort Ruina

  • Undead Ground

  • Forgotten Ruin

5. Dungeons


Also known as “CA”. Chaos Arena is a 20-minute dungeon in which waves of monsters spawn in an enclosed arena. A boss monster spawns last which the players must defeat to complete the dungeon.


  • Entry Level: Lvl 30~64
  • Difficulty: 1
  • Entry Class Grade: 4
  • Entry item: Key of Chaos Lv.1
  • Drop Item Grades: Medium (Core)/ High (Core)



Also known as “LID” this dungeon is difficult for players <75, however, its a good place to level your character by killing the Orc. It is a short dungeon and a party of 1-3 people is recommended depending on how strong the party members are.

  • Entry Level: Lvl 55
  • Difficulty: 1
  • Entry Class Grade: 1
  • Entry item: Map Part
  • Drop Item Grades: Low / Medium (Titanium)



Also known as “CA”. Chaos Arena is a 20-minute dungeon in which waves of monsters spawn in an enclosed arena. A boss monster spawns last which the players must defeat to complete the dungeon.

  •  Entry Level: Lvl 65~94
  •  Difficulty: 1
  •  Entry Class Grade: 7
  •  Entry item: Key of Chaos Lv.2
  •  Drop Item Grades: Medium (Core)/ High (Core)



Also known as “RS” this dungeon is difficult for players <85 however it is the easiest dungeon to level by grinding at the Invader Mechbuffalo (See guide below). It is a relatively short dungeon and a party of 1-3 people is recommended depending on how strong the party members are.

  • Entry Level: Lvl 70
  • Difficulty: 1
  • Entry Class Grade: 1
  • Entry item: Muster Card: Ruina Station
  • Drop Item Grades: Low / Medium (Shadow Titanium)



Also known as “EOD” is a relatively long dungeon and a party of 2-4 people is recommended depending on how strong the party members are. You can begin to solo this dungeon ~110 depending on your strength.

  •  Entry Level: Lvl 85
  • Difficulty: 2
  • Entry Class Grade: 9
  •  Entry item: Epaulet of the Dead
  • Drop Item Grades: Medium(Shadow Titanium)
  •  Special/Unique Item Drop: Mergaheph’s Ring


Also known as “CA”. Chaos Arena is a 20-minute dungeon in which waves of monsters spawn in an enclosed arena. A boss monster spawns last which the players must defeat to complete the dungeon.

  • Entry Level: Lvl 95~124
  • Difficulty: 1
  • Entry Class Grade: 10
  • Entry item: Key of Chaos Lv.3
  • Drop Item Grades: High(Core) / Highest(Core)

MISSION WAR (Tiera Gloriosa)

Mission War is a capture-the-flag type game that pits up to 200 players against each other in a single arena. Generally, the nation that uses the best teamwork wins. Players are usually effective only in groups of 3 or more.

  • Level Bracket: 80-119 Only
  • Rank Required: A Master

M.War Schedule

Server Time Everyday
0200 H Tiera Gloriosa
0600 H Tiera Gloriosa
1000 H Tiera Gloriosa
1400 H Tiera Gloriosa
1800 H Tiera Gloriosa
2200 H Tiera Gloriosa


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[EP 18] Patch Notes

[EP 18] Patch Notes

.Main Content

1) Pet Level Expanded

● Combined Some Pet Training Stats

A. Attack and Magic Attack combined to All Attack

B. Sword Skill Amp and Magic Skill Amp combined to All Skill Amp

* Already applied stats will be automatically combined by above rules

● Pet Max Level and Slot Extend

A. Changed pet max level to 20 and divided by sections

– Pet Level 1 ~ 10: Normal Section (Phase)

– Pet Level 11 ~ 20 “New”: Covenant Section (Phase)

B. Expanding pet training slot to maximum of 20

● Pet Training Cost Changed

● Pet Training Stats (Options)

A. Pet Training Stats differ in stat (option) types and possibilities.

B. Pet training stats and possibilities in ‘Covenant Section (Phase)’

● Pet Sleeping Kit Changed

– Pet Level 1 ~ 10 Normal Section (Phase): Use Pet Sleeping Kit (Normal)

– Pet Level 11 ~ 20 “New” Covenant Section (Phase): Use Pet Sleeping Kit (Covenant)

● Pet Training UI, Pet Inventory UI: Divided to Normal/ Covenant

● Combined Pet Untrained UI

A. Right Clicking any of Pet Untrained Kit, Pet Untrained Kit – Option Selective and Safety Kit will activate Pet Untrained UI

B. Select untrained item and choose desired phase (normal/covenant) or option

● Pet Options only obtainable at covenant phase added

A. Option Types

i) Ignore resist Critical DMG

ii) Ignore resist Skill Amp

B. Above two options can be obtained in covenant phase of the pet training

C. Details

i) The options only apply when the resist value is above 0, value does not apply below 0

ii) Options only applied in Mission Battle or PVP

● Pet Covenant Phase related Achievements Added


2) Game Loading Screen & Channel/Character Selection UI Changed


● Changed loading display to a simple circle bar type

● Changed Log-in screen, Server/Channel selection UI

● Character selection screen

A. Relocated the system message to the upper center from left side of the screen

B. Added display of chosen server by the player

● Character Creation Screen

A. When creating a new character, player will choose the battle style first and move to the next screen for appearances setting

B. Added/modified the character movement animation and videos by battle style

C. Changed displaying character’s gear to Archridium when creating a character

● Added BGM On/Off check box to the bottom right side of the log-in screen


3) Cabal Graphic Engine Improved

● Option – Preferences – Graphics ‘advanced display effects (For Optimal/recommended system requirement)’ Added

● Below will be improved for checking ‘advanced display effects’

A. Shadow improved

i) Display new objects (land, ground objects, etc.,)

ii) Divided the preferences up to 8 levels (originally 5 steps)

● Notes

A. The changes will apply after restarting the client

i) Unchecking the option during the play, the system will use the original rendering

ii) Changing the option will ask for client restart

B. Default will have the option ‘unchecked’

● Advanced display effects option added to the launcher graphics – preferences setting


4) Event Agent Yul NPC Modified

● Appearance modified

● Relocated the NPC to Bloody Ice

● Dialog Bubble will appear during event period

5) Honor Medal System Added

● Only usable by confederative characters of Honor Rank(grade) 20

A. Once confederative character accomplish Honor Rank(grade) 20, the character will achieve Honor Medal grade 1.

B. If the character has already accomplished Honor Rank(grade) 20, the character will achieve Honor Medal grade 1 when connecting to the game (for once).

● Related UI and icon added

A. UI Open: Short-Cut (Shift + M) or in menu ‘Honor Medal’

B. Medal icon added to the character information UI

* Icon may differ by the nation and the honor medal grade

● Distinguish the title by Confederative Captain / General / Commander / Hero

● Medal grade will rank up as the Honor Medal score gets higher

● Honor Medal Scores

A. Honor Medal Score is based on the points earned in Mission War (Lv.170 ~ 200)

B. Potion of Honor Medal

i) Available at : Port Lux grocer Hampric

ii) Price : 500 AP

iii) Effect : Medal Score +120

iv) Usable Condition

– Honor Rank 20

– Honor Medal grade “Captain” (Unable to use it on other grades)

● Slot Unlock

A. Lock icon will display on locked slots

B. Only able to unlock the slots within the grade

C. Each grade will have maximum slots of 4 / 6 / 8 / 10

D. Unlocking slots will require Chaos Core and Divine Stone

● Options

A. Able to select option from the opened slots of the Honor Medal grade

B. Option given randomly when clicking the slot

C. Given option will differ by the current Honor Medal grade

Ex) HP gain value is 3 when Honor Medal of Captain grade 1, HP gain value is 30 when Honor Medal of Captain grade 30

D. Applying option will require 100AP + 100WExp (for all options)

E. Honor Medal options and values

● Reset Honor Medal Options

A. Players can reset the Honor Medal option given in each medal grade

B. Players can reset the Honor Medal option using Force gem and the number of Force gem required differ by grade.

● Honor Medal Option Chest added

A. Usable Condition

i) When sealing the Honor Medal Option

– It is only usable by confederative character of Honor rank 20

– Have at least 1 option with available option slot

ii) When using the sealed Honor Medal Option

– It is only usable by confederative character of Honor rank 20

– Item with same grade of the sealed option

– Item with open slots of the sealed option

– Option slots of same category must be empty before applying the sealed option

B. Honor Medal Chest Name and Color

i) Honor Medal Chest: (Stored Medal)

ii) Change the Honor Medal Chest color to match the Medal grade color

C. Stored Item’s Tooltip will display the sealed option and icon

i) Option value will display based on the applying character’s medal grade

* In other words, the option value differ for characters of a different medal grade

ii) “Cannot Apply” tooltip will display (option will not display) if the character cannot use the sealed options

D. Item category added to the Agent Shop : Unbind/Seal – Honor Medal Chest

6) New two “Apocrypha” Dungeons Added

● Illusion Castle Underworld “Apocrypha”

A. Entry Information

i) Entry Level : LV.190 +

ii) Entry Item

– Item Name : Illusive Apocalypse “Apocrypha”

– Available at : Remote Item Shop (Short-cut Key: N), Grocer Deighton in Bloody Ice

– Price : 4,500,000 Alz (*Can be localized)

iii) Entry Location : Lake side(171, 175)

iv) Maximum players allowed : 3

B. Dungeon Information

i) Time Allowed: 15min

ii) Dungeon mission reward : 7DP

iii) Other Dungeon features including ‘dungeon booster’ are same as Illusion Castle Underworld Dungeon

iv) Dungeon Clear/Fail

– Clear : Defeat the final boss and obtain the Legendary Box

– Fail : Fail to clear dungeon within the time limit

v) Drop Item

– Archridium(Normal) Equipment

– Palladium(Normal/Epic) Equipment

● Illusion Castle Radiant Hall

A. Entry Information

i) Entry Level : LV.190 +

ii) Entry Item

– Item Name : Apocalypse of Other Dimension “Apocrypha”

– Available at : Remote Item Shop (Short-cut Key: N), Grocer Deighton in Bloody Ice

– Price : 4,500,000 Alz (*Can be localized)

iii) Entry Location : Lake side(171, 175)

iv) Maximum players allowed : 3

B. Dungeon Information

i) Time Allowed: 15min

ii) Dungeon mission reward : 7DP

iii) Other Dungeon features including ‘dungeon booster’ are same as Illusion Castle Radiant Hall Dungeon

iv) Dungeon Clear/Fail

– Clear : Defeat the final boss and obtain the Legendary Box

– Fail : Fail to clear dungeon within the time limit

v) Drop Item

– Archridium(Normal) Equipment

– Palladium(Normal/Epic) Equipment

7) Craftsman’s Palladium Item Added

● Craft added

A. Equipment: Weapon/Helmet/Body Armor/Gloves/Boots

B. Craft Material

– Equipment with 2 slots x 1

– Shape Cartridge (Highest) x 1

– Quartz Core (Palladium) x 45

– Disc for each part of Equipment x 21

– Force Core (Crystal) x 19

– Upgrade Core (Crystal) x 19

C. Craft results with item option

● Craftsman’s Palladium Equipment Categories added to the Agent Shop

8) Extreme Upgrade Seal Stone Added

● Extract Extreme Upgrade Options applied to the item and save(seal) à apply

● Types

A. Extreme Upgrade Seal Stone (Normal) : Seal Stone for Lv2 Extreme Upgrade

B. Extreme upgrade Seal Stone (Master) : Seal Stone for Lv3 ~ 6 Extreme Upgrade

● Total 4-Types of Seal Stone: One-Handed Weapon, Two-Handed Weapon, Armors, Bike

● Extracted seal stone can be apply to any equipment regardless of their grade

Ex) Option extracted from SIGMetal equipment can be applied to Mithril grade equipment

● Seal Stone drops low rate at Legendary Box from DX Dungeon Premium (Normal/Elite)

● Items unable to use/apply the Extreme Upgrade Seal Stone

A. Unable to seal the option

– Item with Extreme Upgrade level of 0 or 1

– Periodical Item

– Item unable to equip due to Extreme Upgrade failure

B. Unable to apply the sealed option

– Periodical Item

– Character-Binding Item

– Item unable to equip due to Extreme Upgrade failure

– Item with Extreme Upgrade level of 1 or higher (※ Item with extreme upgrade options)

– Item which has lower maximum extreme upgrade level than the sealed level

Ex) Extreme Upgrade lv6 Seal stone cannot be apply to SIGMetal equipment(0/3)

9) AP Saver Request Recipe and Material Item Sales Added(Request Recipe deleted on GLB services)

● AP Saver Request Recipe

* AP Saver can be used when the character has less than 700 AP

● Material Item added to the NPC Shop

A. Item Name : Saver Force

B. Sell NPC : Port Lux’s Craft Merchant Chloe

C. Sell Price : 1,000,000 Alz (*Can be localized)


10) Enchant Safeguard Improved

● Enchant Safeguard related information added to the enchant UI

A. Safeguard select option and apply option added to enchant UI

B. When Safeguard is registered and applied, the ‘applying’ message will display

C. Clicking ‘register’ button will automatically register the safeguard

● Normal Enchant

A. Enchant Safeguard can be used for normal enchant level 16+

B. Required Safeguard count for each enchant level

* Same amount will require when enchanting with Enchant Token

● Chaos Upgrade(Enchant)

A. Chaos Safeguard for each Chaos accessories added

i) Chaos Safeguard prevents destruction of Chaos Items during upgrade

ii) 5 Types of Chaos Safeguard

– Chaos Belt / Chaos Talisman / Carnelian / Arcana of Chaos / Arcana of Laws

iii) Request Recipe Added

iv) Related Categories added to the Agent Shop

– Upgrade Items > Chaos Safeguard > Chaos Safeguard – Chaos Belt / Chaos Talisman / Carnelian / Arcana of Chaos / Arcana of Laws

B. Chaos Guardian Essence

i) 5 Types of Chaos Guardian Essence

ii) Possible to obtain above items from Eternal Chaos Arena – Treasure Chest of Eternity

iii) Related Categories added to the Agent Shop

– Craft Items > Enchant Safeguard Material > Chaos Guardian Essence(Chaos Belt / Chaos Talisman / Carnelian / Arcana of Chaos / Arcana of Laws)

C. Required safeguard count for each enchant level

* Enchant token cannot be used for Chaos Safeguard

D. Already existing Chaos Safeguard can be used at any type of Chaos Items


● Divine Enchant

A. Enchant Safeguard(Divine) added

i) Safeguard prevents enchant degradation of Divine Enchant lv6 +

ii) Request recipe added

* Divine Purification Scroll drops from Legendary Box – Illusion Castel Underworld ‘Apocrypha’ and Unpurified Divine Essence drops from Legendary Box – Illusion디바인 정화 스크Castle Radiant Hall ‘Apocrypha’ with High Chance

ii) Related Categories added to the Agent Shop

– Upgrade Items > Divine Enchantment> Enchant Safeguard (Divine)

B. Required Safeguard Amount for enchant level

* Required amount same for High, Highest Item

11) Combo Timing Difficulty Lowered

● Modified Combo difficulty change level

● Combo success related broadcasting message changed from 15 combo to 30 combo.

 2. Corrections/Fixes

1) Saint’s Forcecalibur owner related error fixed

● Error notes

A. Displayed information of previous owner when ownership didn’t change

B. Ownership information not changed when deleting character/guild or changing character name

C. Ownership information not displayed in mission wars

i) System message showing owner name and owner’s guild

ii) Display the location of owner in Map

● Improved notes

A. Receiving Saint Forcecalibur ownership information time changed

i) Before : When Vikalitan of Golden Sunset is summoned, When Saint Forcecalibur owner appeared (looted)

ii) After : When Saint Forcecalibur owner appeared (looted), when owner information received

B. Reset Saint Forcecalibur ownership information changed

i) Before : When Vikalitan of Golden Sunset is summoned, When Saint Forcecalibur owner appeared (looted)

ii) After : when owner information received

C. Separated reset ownership information time and receive ownership information time

i) Before : at start and when ownership is reset

ii) After : at start and when ownership changed

D. Saints Forcecalibur ownership change time modified

i) Chacter name, nation, guild name

– Guild Name : Create, Delete, Join, Quit, Name change

– Character Name : Create, Delete, Name change

ii) Character Nation : When setting the ownership, only check for possibility (in mission wars, nation information of owners check when entering the channel)

iii) Delete related DB when ownership changed

2) Fixed the error of Abyss Thenes Wienelander in Tower of Undead B3F – not moving after certain pattern of attack

3) Fixed the error of certain boss monster’s pattern in Senillinea

● Enthiud

A. Problem of not performing certain attack patterns

B. Patterns will now activate after certain time has passed

C. Enthiud Attack Pattern (3 types) : Right attack / Stand-strike attack / Fly-hammer attack

● Giant Wolf Leader

A. Not properly performing the self-buff “increase evasion”

i) Self-buff condition/requirement doesn’t fulfill, not performing patterns based on time order

ii) Giant Wolf Leader’s attack pattern(4 types) : shoot / warp / air-spin attack / debuff attack

B Changed the self-buff of increase evasion to debuff character decrease 500 accuracy for 5 second

i) Display debuff icon above character’s head

ii) Debuff related message changed

– Before : Giant Wolf Leader is getting faster

– After : Giant Wolf Leader reduces character’s accuracy with dazzling movement

4) Fixed the on and off error of Force Archer’s BattleMode 2 motion

5) Fixed the error of pet option not displaying at applied order

– When training pet linked in chat, the two options seem to be applied when clicking the link while slot is spinning

6) Fixed the error of camera not shaking at certain situations

● If the skill is activated before previous skill’s FX is finished, camera doesn’t shake

● Force Gunner’s Sunset Missile, Strom Blitz, Revenger skill combos

7) Fixed the error of displaying different ownership period when item from cash inventory is linked to chat

8) Fixed the error of epaulet obtaining achievement name and condition displaying the previously owned epaulet

9) Fixed the error of unable to sell item in NPC Yul shop due to item holding

10)  BattleMode2 Attack Option Added

● Added option to select 1st ~ 4th hit motion when Sword Type Class activate BattleMode2

● BattleMode2 Attack Option UI added

A. Display the UI when Sword Type Character (WA/BL/FS/FB/GL) activate BattleMode2

i) Attack Option Control Feature

– Repeat the chosen attack motion phase.

Ex) If player choses 2nd hit motion, the character will only repeat1st and 2nd hit motion

– chosen attack option automatically saved

ii) Can chose from 1st to 4th hit motion

– Force Shielder only has up to 3rd motion so related UI will only display 1st to 3rd hit motion option

iii) Default UI location is bottom mid screen. Players can change the UI location

– UI’s current location is automatically saved

B. UI will disappear when BattleMode2 is finished or de-buffed


11) Pet Safety Kit Usage(use of method) Changed

● Divided to Normal and Covenant section

A. Anima Gem will be create when safety kit is used in Pet Untrained UI.

B. Created Anima Gem will only have the options from chosen section (Normal/ Covenant) and will only apply to the same section

C. Only options of chosen section (normal/covenant) will display in Anima Gem

* Use Safety Kit based on the sections

– 1~10 lv Anima Gem and Pet: Use the sleeping Kit of the pet’s level

– 11~20 lv Anima Gem and Pet: Use Pet Sleeping Kit (Covenant)


12) Some Drops / Extraction and Others Changed

● Black Board

A. Drop removed from all fields

B. Drop added on several dungeons

– Lake in Dusk / Ruina Station / Tower of Undead B1F / Tower of Undead B2F / Volcanic Citadel / Forgotten Temple B1F

● Hard Shell, Sticky Red Liquid drops changed

A. Drop removed from several fields

– Port Lux / Port Ruina / Undead Ground / Forgotten Ruin

B. Drop added on several dungeons

– Forgotten Temple B1F / Forgotten Temple B2F / Forgotten Temple B2F (Awakened) / Forbidden Island / Forbidden Island (Awakened) / Altar of Siena B1F / Altar of Siena B2F / Illusion Castle Underworld / Illusion Castle Radiant Hall / Maquinas Outpost / Tower of Undead B3F / Abandoned City

● Familiar Mineral / Silver Jewel / Powerless Core

A. Drop removed from several fields

– All field above Port Lux

B. Items available at craft merchant Chloe’s shop

– 30,000 Alz each / total 3,810,000 Alz for 127 count

● Disc (Lv.2) drop removed from Port Lux and Port Ruina

● Increased chance for Material Core and Quartz core when extracting Archridium / Palladium equipment

● When extracting item, extracted item (count 1/5/10/20 possible) chance increased for 10/20 counts

● 2 Slot item chance increased when crafting craftsman’s weapon and equipment

3. Changes

1) Beads effect changed from Character to Account (Character Bind -> Account Bind)

● Details

A. Before: Beads (Customizing/Item) only applied to characters

B. After: Beads apply to all characters in accounts within the server

● Changes made to the beads already being used

A. Remaining time for same type of Beads will be added

B. If same type of Beads but different % were being used, only the highest value of Beads will be used. (Beads with lesser value will be removed)

C. Expired Beads are removed (during Maintenance)

● Note : Bead Item Information

2) XP Increased for some Eternal Chaos Arena Monsters

3) Option – Preferences – Graphics ‘advanced display effects (Graphic Engine Improved)

● Option – Preferences – Graphics ‘advanced display effects (For Optimal/recommended system requirement)’ Added

● Below will be improved for checking ‘advanced display effects’

A. Shadow improved

i) Display new objects (land, ground objects, etc.,)

ii) Divided the preferences up to 8 levels (originally 5 steps)

● Notes

A. The changes will apply after restarting the client

i) Unchecking the option during the play, the system will use the original rendering

ii) Changing the option will ask for client restart

B. Default will have the option ‘unchecked’

● Advanced display effects option added to the launcher graphics – preferences setting


4) Force Blader Buff for BattleMode1 use method changed

● Changed buff to immediately apply without requesting the server

● Changed buff to apply without mastering the below skills

A. Magic Cannon Lv.20

B. Stone Cannon Lv.20

C. Aqua Cannon Lv.20

D. Wind Cannon Lv.20


5)  Tower of Undead B3F (Part2) Some Boss Monsters modified

6) Changed auto attack to continue while activating the instant cast skills

7) Completing ‘repeated request’ items will automatically received

8) Event Agent NPC Yul modified

9) Changed HP recovery of Training Dummy from 0 to 100,000 per 2 sec

10) Pop up message related to deleting all messages in the mail box changed

● Before: When checking “Ask no more” in the mail delete dialogue, the message will not pop up until client is restarted.

● After: Deleted the check box for “Ask no more” so the message always pops up.

11) Only maximum of 3 sound of same kind can be casted at a same time

* Sound of different kind can overlap at the same time

12) Changed the tool-tip message condition about unable to enchant divine level upgrades on rare grade and upper grade items

● Changed tool-tip from “unable to divine upgrade” to “Divine Upgrade (0/15)” on Rare grade items with less than 15+ upgrades

13) Changed name color of AP saver with more than AP 701 saved to Orange

4. Added Features

1) Force Gunner Battle Style Change Added

● Added Force Gunner to the list when using the Battle Style Change Kit

● Item use result

A. Change to Force Gunner Battle Style and BattleMode

B. Sword type essence/blended runes will automatically change to magic type

C. Provide Force Gunner Skill Book Package

2) Agent Shop “Potion > Elixir” categories added by elixir type

– Elixir of Experience / Elixir of Skill / Elixir of Training / Elixir of Honor

3) New Costume Added

● Space Costume

● Snow Star – Weapon Costume – Chakram

5. Mission War

1) Fixed an error displaying ‘Remote Shop’ message when using ‘Remote Request Cart.’

● Changed Message: You cannot use remote request cart in Mission war world

2) Mission War Channel related server manager UI improved

● Changed the status value in channel property window

– ON/OFF → Open/Close

● UI improved for displaying the channel Open/Close


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