Overlord Level [Episode 16] Patch Updates

CABALists! We’re one patch closer to Force Gunner Update! As a pre-patch update to the highly anticipated Episode 17, we are sharing with you the Overlord Patch Update.


Overlord Level has a corresponding Overlord Points that a character can use to learn or gain Overlord Mastery or added abilities.

What is Overlord Level  (OLV)?

  • Overlord Level is the additional ‘level-up’ after a character reached level 200.
    (That means after you reach the level 200 max, you will stop gaining EXP and you will start gaining OXP instead).
  • Starting Overlord Level = 1 and Maximum Overlord Level = 100.

What is Overlord Experience Point (OXP)?

  • OXP cannot be gained through quests
  • OXP won’t affect the Mission war rankings
  • If you use an item to get additional EXP (like blessing beads), you will also get OXP from that.
  • Gained OXP will also be displayed on the system message.
  • OXP bar is added below EXP bar

What is Overlord Point (OP)?

  • Overlord point starts from Point 1 to Point 9
  • When your OXP reaches the target value:
    • OP earned
    • OLV increased
    • Earned points can reach up to 411
  • At Overlord Level 2 up to 20, you get 1 Point
  • At Overlord Level 21 up to 30, you get 2 Points
  • At Overlord Level 31 up to 41, you get 3 Points
  • At Overlord Level 42 up to 61, you get 4 Points
  • At Overlord Level 62 up to 71, you get 5 Points
  • At Overlord Level 72 up to 81, you get 6 Points
  • At Overlord Level 82 up to 91, you get 7 Points
  • At Overlord Level 92 up to 94, you get 8 Points
  • At Overlord Level 95 up to 100, you get 9 Points

Now, you can use these OP or Overlord Points for training Overlord Mastery!

What is Overlord Mastery?

Overlord Mastery is where you gain additional abilities by exchanging your points.

  • Two Categories of Overlord Mastery
    • Each category affects attack power and defense power.
      • Attack
      • Defense
  • How to access the Overlord Mastery UI
    • Shortcut Keys: Shift + V
    • Cabal Menu > Overlord Mastery

Skills | Overlord Points

  • 14 Attack Mastery abilities
  • 14 Defense Mastery abilities
  • Total stats increase in Overlord Mastery is displayed in ‘Mastery Information’ on the right side of Mastery Window
  • Price for Mastery initialization: Force Gem 100 each

Attack Mastery

Defense Mastery

Total Stats Increased in Overlord Defense Mastery

  • HP Up = 200
  • Resist Critical Dagem = 20%
  • Ignore Accuracy = 250
  • Ignore Penetration = 40
  • Resist Knock Back/Down/Stun = 10%
  • Resist Skill Amp = 15%
  • Defense Rate = 50
  • Damage Reduction = 25

New! Ignore Critical Rate Resistance

  • The new force code that can be acquired from Overlord Mastery
  • Ignore ‘Resist Crit. Rate’  is the ability to increase attacker’s Crit. Rate by reducing the enemy’s Resist Crit. Rate


NOTE: This changes will take effect alongside the OXP or Overlord patch.

Changes on Blessing Beads

Bead users are going to love the 30%-100% additions to Blessing Beads!

Blessing Bead – Superior

Option Before After
EXP Up 25% 100%
Skill EXP Up 100% 200%
Drop Rate Up 0% 30%
Box Drop Rate Up 25% 100%
WEXP 25% 100%

Blessing Bead – Plus

Option Before After
Drop Rate Up 25% 30%
Box Drop Rate Up 0% 50%
WEXP 25% 50%

Blessing Bead – Supreme

Option Before After
WEXP 0% 75%
AXP 0% 50%
Box Drop Rate Up 0% 75%

Blessing Bead – Ultimate

Option Before After
WEXP 0% 100%
AXP 0% 100%
Box Drop Rate Up 0% 100%

Improved Request Result Display (Crafting)

  • The new crafting result information (displayed on the lower right side of the UI) will be:
    Request count | Accumulated Success Count | Accumulated Fail Count
  • Tool tip activate when mouse over ‘Request result’ showing success and fail count for the last crafting trial
  • Initialization of accumulated count

Increased Quest EXP

  • EXP earned from scenario quests of level 191 to 199 increased from 5 to 10%
  • EXP earned from Henkoff’s Daily Mission  V to XIII (Level 191 to Level 200) increased from 1% to 2%

Improved ‘Meritorious Medal Evaluation Cancel Order’ Item

  • It is now possible to use the items at once in UI
  • Class 1 will be checked as default and cannot be unchecked
    • Checked list for other classes will be saved automatically
    • ‘Quantity’ will present maximum number of available items

Changes in Legend Arena

  • Additional rewards for season rankers
    • Tokens rewarded to rank 11 to 20 (5 each > 7 each)
    • Tokens rewarded to rank 21 to 50 (3 each > 5 each)

Other Changes

  • When the list is too long on a dungeon entry window, the list will be displayed as tool tip.
  • Item price display which exceeded 100,000,000,000 alz in personal shop will not overlap with the prize next to it
  • 2 minutes spare time after dungeon complete has been removed
  • Boss monsters on the field of Senillinea have been upgraded
  • Required amount of quest item for completing the quest ‘Shadow of Resentment’ in dungeon Abandoned City has been reduced from 10 to 5 quest items.


  • Equipment comparison is added to personal shop
    • Shortcut key: Alt + Mouse Over
  • Convenient functions are added to Cash Inventory and Special Inventory
    • Mass receive to inventory
    • Alt + left click to open UI
      • It is also possible to type the number of items to receive the desired quantit
      • Total item count (maximum value) is the default value in receive UI
    • Receive to inventory
      • Ctrl+ left click to receive selected items only
    • Link to chat window
      • Ctrl + right click to link the item to chat window (not added to the special inventory)
  • When mouse if hovered to ‘Use Mercenary Active Buff’ on Special Skill UI, description for party active skill of summoned mercenary will be displayed
  • Additional monsters will be spawned in the middle of Senillinea

[Costume] Dracul Armor

Image Credits to Dandiely


  • Palladium gears are now added to Legendary Cube of Abandoned City
  • Fixed error in Achievement Birthday with Cabal
  • Fixed error to display the description of party active skill in mercenary icon
  • Fixed error that cause some drop items not to be seen in certain circumstances
  • Fixed error that make it possible to skip some quests in Abandoned City


  • Fixed error not to gain abnormal Mission War scores if the player did not terminate the client after end of previous war
  • Fixed error that caused the kill, death, and rank info to be initialized when the player join/leave the party during Mission War
  • Fixed error that Capella Gladiator gets Bringer Title as ‘Storm Bringer’ (Should get ‘Luminosity Bringer’)
  • Changes in score related to Mission War
    • Tiera Gloriosa
      • Raised the scores by 1.2x higher
      • Raised PVP scores
    • Memoria Chrysos
      • Raised the scores by 1.6x higher than now on PVP attack and defense
  • New icons for ‘Guardian of Wealth’ are added to GPS of Memoria Chrysos
  • Changed Mission War information window
    • In lobby, the ID list displayed in score info (in member list window) will be arranged to character level
    • In lobby and Mission War field, the ID list displayed in score info (in member list window) will be arranged according to scores