Hey CABAListas! If you know someone who hasn’t been playing lately, now’s the perfect opportunity for them to go back to Nevareth because we’ll be giving away in-game items especially for them!

All CABAL Online players with inactive accounts (those who didn’t access the game in the last 90 days as of August 11 , 2011) are eligible to receive in-game rewards. The event will start after the scheduled server maintenance on August 11 , 2011.

If an inactive gamer doesn’t have a character in his account anymore
Blessing Bead Plus (4hr)(Account-Binding) 5 pieces

If an inactive gamer has a character that’s level 100 or lower in his account
Blessing Bead Plus (4hr) (Account-Binding) 5 pieces
Expiring Equipment [Full Set] (Weapons, Armors, and Rings)

If an inactive gamer has character that’s level 101 or higher
Blessing Bead Plus (4hr)(Account-Binding) 5 pieces
Astral Board – K red [10 Days] (Account Bind)

Please note that the following conditions also apply:
– Each account will be rewarded only once
– Event reward will automatically be inserted into the Cash Inventory
– Items will not be transferable
– If a user deletes a character before the event, he will be considered as a user with no character

So what are you waiting for? Tell your friends to log-in to their accounts and rediscover Nevareth!

Note: Details and Mechanics are subject to change without prior notice

Equipment Rewards: