Hey Cabalistas! Herald Lucius here to bring  my first in-game interview! Si eLy01!
IGN: eLy01
Character class: Force Blader
Level: 180
Guild: Insurrection
I like this guy because he’s sort of like me. Dashing at debonair! Mas Pogi nga lang ako. Hehehe!
But enough of me. Here’s the interview! Enjoy!
How long have you been playing CABAL Online:
Well, let’s see since November 2008 pa ko, haha!
D pa ako matanda ah! Medyu lang.. You can say na ako eh ung next generation after the Beta Players.
Tsaka you know what they say.. “with age, comes wisdom”
Im not saying n aim categorizing myself as one of the “wise” players ah,
Kasi when you say it that way, parang ang hangin naman ng dating ahihihi!
Ito lang masasab ko, “iba ang marunong sa magaling” and at this point eh masasabi kong andun ako sa “marunong” stage.. there is more, MUCH MUCH more to learn in this game
Why do you like to play CABAL Online:
I’m currenly working right now, ehehe no longer a student, and Cabal Online is my “escape from reality”.  You can say cabal helps me unwind.  With my line of work, hirap maka hanap ng opportunity na mag vacation leave.  So, without cabal, I wouldn’t have my stress reliever! Kaya don’t take Cabal away from me! Haha!
Favorite Place to Level:
fave spots ko ay Wiggle Leaf area ng Green Despair at ung Golem area ng Port Lux.  Why? Ako kasi ung player na medyu soloista.. sa mga aforementioned spots, yakang yaka mag solo since the damage is sakto lang and the mobs are plenty.. More mobs more XP!
Favorite NPC:
I would say “Deighton” the romantic old man.. Hehe! You could say na I’m one of those “hopeless romantic” type of guy that would really give heaven and earth for the girl of his dreams.. Yun na yun, let’s not elaborate. Haha!
Most loved CABAL  character, why:
Is there even a need to ask? Of course si “poisonivy1”, my IRL girlfriend.. My IRL love.
Believe it or not, this is her first online RPG.  Di naman kasi talaga siya gamer, pero now macacategorize ko na gamer na din siya.. ehehe! Since minsan kahit galling siya work at pagod na pagod, di pwede na di siya mag online kahit mapuyat pa siya.. Haha!
Plus, she loves to dress up her character, parang Barbie doll daw kasi dami available customes dito sa Cabal Online kaya nagustuhan din nya..
Maybe this says a little about my taste in women, I like those women who really dress up (medyu kikay bah) rather than those “bahala na kung anu masuot” type of girls (boyish).
Most challenging quest:
Wahaha! Eh di yung “tyrant ring” quest.. For me baka it’s even an “impossible” quest
Pero yan naman like ko sa Cabal Online eh, you can never be “the Best”, with all the updates and stuff, you would always strive to be better than who you are right now since meron  ka pa tinatarget na makuha, d pa tapos ang Cabal life mo.. Maybe, it never will end
Most hated mob/dungeon boss, why:
Aw! Eh di si Merga! Hanggang ngayun wala pa akong RING nya! Hahaha!
Most hated PvP opponent:
si maldita1, isang MFS.. 20 lvl gap namin pero talo pa din ako sa PVP 🙁
For some reason kakaiba talga damage ng mga MFS,
even more “makati” than wizards.
kahit na di na uso now ang MFS dahil sa lumabas na un mga trans skills ng FS, still it’s a class of shielders that should not go extinct.. There are potentials to these group of individuals who dare survive the changes of the game
Favorite party members, why:
I bet na mga 90% ng tanungin mo ng ganyan, Wizard ang isasagot ehehe!
poisonivy1 ang aking first choice siyempre for obvious reasons..
dahil with a WI as your buddy, you can go anywhere and do anything sa game.
Dungeon ba? Wiz po.  War ba? Wiz po.  Pa level ba? Wiz po.
And my second choice ay Warrior, more specifically si Ellamae of AirForceOne and JannoGibbs of Preatorians.. Ok ang galaw ng mga taong ito, be i dungeon or be it at war.. a FB-WA tandem is almost unbeatable
Any Crushes:
NPC Yuan.
Oks cya kasi parang maldita ang isnabera.. Not the type na kayang bola bolahin ng boys.. Hehe! and of course added bonus un sexy un damit nya! LOL
Tips for newbie players:
Play guys.
Well, that’s my tip.
Why? Coz with a high level character you can manage to get everything.
Honor would come since high level characters will be difficult to pawn in war
Items would arrive since high level characters can certainly go with dungeon raids kahit walang set.
What do you think is your greatest achievement in cabal?
To establish my name in my server, just because I am eLy01.
Yup madaming iba na nakikilala kasi mayabang,
Meron yung mga iba kilala kasi gaganda ng gamit,
Meron yung mga iba kilala dahil sa kasikatan ng guild,
Meron yung mga madami beses na din na awardan sa events.
Ako kilala ng karamihan as, “ahh si eLy01, yup kilala ko”
No titles, no distinct personality.
Just me.. plain and simple.. eLy01
Shout out to other players and friends:
Live your life and live your cabal life.
Me, pag I’m online, I am eLy01, the force blader.
Just keep it that way. Ok lang un “career” mode, pero wag yung “sa buhay” mode.
Mahirap yan. Haha!